Best motorcycle game ever!

Best motorcycle game ever!

Moto GP 2013 - [PC] (computer game)

Customer Review

One thing first, I am a total fan of MotoGP and even amateur racer, so I judge about the game certainly different from someone who was not so much to do with the matter.

It's the best bike game since Tourist Trophy on the PS2 for me. The SBK series, I found also good, but in MotoGP 13 of the compromise between fun and realism is best managed.

What I like:

- The sound! I do not know what some people do, but with a good sound system does my Honda already at idle almost one ear orgasm;) The bikes all sound really authentic, alone raises the ever fun.

- The graphics, I also think that some good and although I can understand complaining about lack of details away from the track, but not really bother me tuts. Who looks because there already go? My concern is about driving while just browsing on the track and the bikes and look very good.

- All 3 classes and almost all the drivers and teams present what more could you want?

- Clearly noticeable difference between different bikes, Honda in MotoGP is like in the real world the best overall package that Yamaha scores with minimal improved handling, making them on a few routes better than the Honda which is Ducati difficult to drive and it crashes frequently, etc. etc.

- The realism, I find it very successful, here are some examples:
translated to the bike very short one is when accelerating out of corners out at an advantage, but at the start it may be that you do wheelies wild and so first loses a couple of places.
I drive with separate brakes, thus can be spectacular pure drift in turns and also stabilize the bike on corner exit if needed.
Setup changes are quite noticeable and even necessary since the default never really fits.
Opponents fall from time to time.
Bumps make themselves (often uncomfortable), this is because there are really a couple of nasty places.
The adjustable traction control is great, I fit this often during the journey to but go mostly to funds, best Kopromiss.
I could go on much longer on list realism, but basically you can state that it is super implemented without it by too much Realimsus is frustratingly difficult again as in SKB. It's still a game and not a simulator. One just has only the gamepad as control and I think the compromise super. And easy it is not. I play MotoGP on the PC, if I followed Gran Turismo 5 games on the Playstation, it seems to me ridiculously easy in front compared to MotoGP. The times as a guide.

- The replays look good and I look for a race win very happy to, plus there is also a point of criticism, see below

- The levels of difficulty are okay, if I "real" game on I need a track that I know very well and has to be genuine highly focused to win. That's how it should be. In "hard" go the victory much easier by hand, ideal to Frustfrei short to gamble a race. Central and easily I use no longer, if you are reasonably proficient, then absent any challenge. Ideal if you play the very first time.

Enough praises, because where there is light there is also shadow, even the points that I do not find here so great:

- Strange timing, when I go to the difficult qualifying stages, it may be that overhauled on the track a motorcycle and I did not really manage to stay me off, though my lap times are faster. Strange, but now not so wild.

- In Highlight replay my bike often travels without a driver through the area, this is embarrassing, and could have been yes times can patch

- I'd like to drive a race on "real" more than 100% distance, but because you have to go to the limit so that one definitely from time to time involuntarily descends, often through no fault, you will be happy namely rammed times. But you can only max. Set 6 immediate repetitions, regardless of whether you go 3 or 30 rounds, I think that should be adapted to the race distance.

- Even without all the driving aids the bike keeps above a certain modem speed at wheelies easily in a specific location, so it is no art to ride wheelies, I do not know what that is.

- It would be great if you could change the setup not only, but Retract new parts, it was even on the Playstation 2 in advance of an elderly MotoGP title

- Otherwise I think it would be great if you could something meaningful Retract as historic motorbikes, for example, the older 500cc two stroke etc. also there used to advance

- Therefore no real long-term motivation in this sense, I usually play only 1-2 GPs and then listen to again, the Level takes sometime nothing

- On some routes, the AI ​​is much stronger than on the other, I do not think that my driving skills so much varies depending on the route, so is rather unbalanced by Game ago

- The control can not be adjusted! that is really annoying! I play with a PS3 pad on the PC using the analog sticks. But it is sufficient for about 1/3 of the way to completely go in skew and thus everything seems extremely wobbly, you have to touch the stick slightly and off we go in deep angle. There should be setting.

So that's first, Conclusion:

Best motorcycle game ever, though still in some points with small weaknesses.

Ride on!

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