Best racing game ever !!

Best racing game ever !!

Drive Club - Special Edition with Steelbook (Exclusive to - [PlayStation 4] (Video Game)

Customer Review

For all who are even just halfway interested in this game or it was, indeed should have now really got around that there was at the game's release over weeks and months, massive server problems, and thus no online gaming was possible. Only it is then, unfortunately, always the case that when there is something to complain about, the people come crawling out of the woodwork in droves, with praise, however, is used sparingly. For this reason, I have now decided to submit a -Of my sight the game justice becoming paean.

First of all - my nutty friends, this game have not yet risen, but frankly I'm waiting still that they do it then with whom to form a club. Therefore, I can not say for online mode certainly is but also fantastic and now should work properly.

Drive Club is absolutely amazing !! I have always love racing games, and finally, finally see these so real like never before, what the gameplay increases for me especially in this genre enormously! For me, Club Drive absolute reference in is currently possible graphics and neither Project Cars, and certainly not Forza Horizon on the X1, the game can graphically hold a candle! The cars are reproduced to the smallest detail and see both from the inside and especially outside unbelievable good and hammer out realistic! Likewise, the routes. Even where there is nothing, absolutely nothing to complain about! Only among the spectators along the course, the level was not maintained. But who cares please?

Available to you are many beautiful routes in Canada, Chile, India, Japan, Norway and Scotland, which can be run in both the single-player Tour mode, as well as in free play, as well as in online mode. Who is ready yet to jump 25 more flakes, is still considered the Season Pass with several new vehicles, tracks and designs >> absolutely worth it, if only because of the Lamborghini Expansion Packs. However, the individual expansion can also be purchased separately.

It divorce always the spirits whether simulation or arcade is better - like almost everything that is in life a matter of taste. All I can say - I have been brought to me every Gran Turismo, have it gambled 3 hours long and then never touched again, cause I fande sterbenslangweilig! Drive Club, however, since the publication I zocke already over and over again and it still makes lousy fun, actually even more than at the beginning, because it is better and better with each passing update, and because by unlocking new cars / designs / Trophies simply given an enormous long-term motivation.

And was so right at the beginning, any criticism - Evolution Studios provide for months from all fantastic job and have the game patched to successively for me best racing game of all (previous) times!
Weather effects, repeat mode, driving physics, playable vehicles ... the game is now from start to finish absolutely amazing and I would strongly recommend to anyone and put your heart. Now, if at some point the new Mustang GT would still playable, would Drive Club finally fulfilling my dreams racing game!

Practical, lightweight Rank: 4/5
August 12
Super 1880 3169 Rank: 4/5
May 29
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September 22
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August 5
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August 16