Best racing game for Playstation 3

Best racing game for Playstation 3

Grid Autosport (video game)

Customer Review

Codemasters has once again made every effort to bring a solid, comprehensive racing game on the PS3. It will probably be the last race type game for the PS3.

Personally, I find the game very well done.
It offers a lot, whether it be Formula 3, long-distance events, Touring & Streetcars.

It is precisely in these disciplines, each to show his best and win the race.
The whole concept is in my opinion very good.

The multiplayer is also very good and well designed reasonable.

In this game you have long joy, so I can also highly recommend. It is a class mix between arcade and simulation.

Highlight is the great damage model and the many different cars.

Disappointed me one and only the cockpit. The is still very angular and lifeless designed.

Conclusion: strong buy recommendation.

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