Best street racing game for PlayStation 2!

Best street racing game for PlayStation 2!

Need for Speed: Most Wanted (Video Game)

Customer Review

The story - yes, here there is a story! - Of NFSMW is ever surprisingly good (for a racing game). The game begins where most games stop: the race with Razor, the final boss. Nifty jumping back and forth in time tells you, you get a meteoric rise you so far by what. Short, playable races prepare you for the fateful meeting in which you're trying Razor remove his sleigh.
However Razor is not necessarily a friend of fair play. And you're beaten, robbed of your car and left when police lining. After your release you need to start your new racing career, you preliminaries blacklisted police at # 1 and Razor a draw once and for all from the market.
NFSMW is pretty fast. It's perhaps not as quickly as in the "Burnout" series - so you can sometimes blink briefly, without being involved in the same accident - but the pace is definitely high enough. So you can it really boards on the open road or let the sparks fly with a narrow shortcut. In any case, you are allowed faster than the police.
In "Most Wanted" there is also light, roads and police. The NFS series has been transformed from an obscure racing game at night in a wonderful thrill of speed and can easily keep up with GT4 or the WRC series.
The police missed the racing scheme some nice gameplay twists. As in "Hot Pursuit 2" you are persecuted by every police car that your rage becomes aware. The chase draws something more patrol cars are added. Man chasing you, ramming you and following you with a helicopter. You can try to be faster or suspend the cops by you hurtling through scaffolding, gas stations or water tower racks. IHC bet if you look back to the dilapidated green Minna, you will feel like you "A Smokey and the Bandit".
But NFSMW also contains features that are unique gameplay purposes since. Like rock stars "Midnight Club" series you can move freely, stop at showrooms or challenge other speed freaks you in vast areas. If you have the relaxed driving around enough, you can jump or even save your score just above the menu to a race, a chase or workshop. In order to win the game a lot of points in terms of its ease of use. Especially when one seeks only one fast lap, which is extremely convenient.
No online mode available (why four stars)
Despite all this, it remains a Plfichtkauf !!

as the original, just ok Rank: 5/5
February 19
IN FLAMES anno 2014 Rank: 5/5
September 6
liked this article Rank: 4/5
December 21
super sterilizer Rank: 5/5
May 9

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