Better than some expensive device

Better than some expensive device

Philips Satinelle Epilator HP6401 / 06 with shaving head (Personal Care)

Customer Review

I had an expensive epilator same brand brought me (Philips HP6570 / 00 Epilator SatinPerfect) when my first Satinelle was unfortunately broken. I immediately noticed that the SatinPerfect is not nearly as thoroughly as the Satinelle.
I have now (after half a year of trouble with the more expensive unit) brought me this Satinelle and am finally happy with the result.
He depilated quickly, thoroughly (even the shortest hairs!) And when it is already accustomed painless (we know hopefully that epilation is doing only the first few times hurt - ie at "beginners"), it is also quieter than my Age Satinelle (and about as loud as the SatinPerfect). The design is appealing, and this to me is not so important in an epilator.
The only drawback: The shape is wider than the SatinPerfect, he is so not quite as comfortable in my hand. (I have very delicate hands, which may therefore be a problem which have not most people)

Before accesses expensive devices, you should try the Satinelle, he is worth the money and expensive equipment can put in your pocket.
Who puts on a thorough and fast epilation value should access.

Fragile! 3 January 12 22 Rank: 1/5
August 10
Boost 1 Rank: 5/5
December 16
At this price ... 5 Rank: 4/5
May 21
Quality 88 Rank: 4/5
November 24
Decue 1752 Rank: 2/5
February 5

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