Between Heaven & Hell

Between Heaven & Hell

RECYCLE: The garbage disposal simulator (computer game)

Customer Review

After about 9 hours of play and 20 Lets Play consequences for game "Recycle" now say a few words to the game from me ...
We know, alas, not where to begin the game is all the same in other respects Top unfortunately really terrible.

Positive aspects
The basic concept is really okay for all interested in the activities of waste collection is Recycle a good successor for garbage disposal Simulator 2009. The mixture of the Selbstätigkeit and the management / Economic aspect is well managed, depending on the type of player you can decide whether you prefer all routes want to drive yourself or whether you prefer the "window" of all controls and coordinates.

Negative aspects
When I found out that the developer "Actalogic" behind the project stands I was not skeptical after the debacle from Agrar Simulator 11/12 for no reason, however, I was hoping that one from the mistakes of previous titles learn something but well ...

It does not try a fact nice to talk the game has many Bugs..zuviele! If you alone to look at the release day looking back where you could not even start the game because system files missing then that's fine so ne thing ... positve one can mention here the least here in the Steam forum on the issue has been gnawing and there are many to help on this problem was.

Unfortunately, this mistake was not runterzog the only of the game next divesern crash game there were still problems with the overload of graphics cards (partially GPU workloads by 98% and 80 Gard temperature) which was dissolved approximately after a brief response from the developer as "Yes 1x the file with Notepad ++ open the line looking and the number from 2 to 0 sat ready "because I think more honest why is an acute problem could damage what Grafikakrten not immediately beoben with a hotfix or why it is not noticed the unwinding thickeners?

After a patch about 2-3 days after release the first blunder were beoben including the crash and several teething Unfortunately, there is currently still bugs the game in some places simply unplayable make one of them for example would be the garbage trucks, the "waste places "to empty auto Polit not" delete "so you have to dump again extracting the empty (!) garbage truck so you can load a different type of waste ...

Recycle is not the ton as one or the other says but you can not even praise to heaven or try everything's nice to reden..Fakt the concept behind it is really good & further expandable you realize yes it prospects of such a Game is simple but the implementation needs to be better werden..wenn it hides all rough Bugs & disaster on release day you have a solid game for happy prospects. You can at this point to say ... dear developer team of "Actalogic" testing the games previously thoroughly (!) Learns from the mistakes of previous games such as the Agricultural Simulator and makes it better is otherwise euere name sometime only for "Trash simulations "and that should not be the goal.

Finds spelling errors may keep.

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