Blood, sweat and tears for the perfect remote control

Blood, sweat and tears for the perfect remote control

Logitech Harmony 555 Universal Remote Control (optional)

Customer Review

The experience with the Harmony Remotes go so far apart on Amazon. While a minority describes that they could use their remote control already after a single 20 minutes configuration, speaks of the majority that an hour-long establishment of fineness is required which also requires exact knowledge of the processes of electronics.

Well, with me piled the remotes, remedy was needed in any case. Since I've done rather worse experiences with Univesalfernbedienungen in the past, it then had what his quality in any case. Due to the fact that you can put on the keypad of the Harmony functions for different devices (eg DVD look Play, forward and rewind, etc. buttons for the DVD player, the volume buttons on the Dolby system and aspect ratio of the TV) fell my choice on a model of this series, specifically to the 555er model. If actual hours of work would be required, I would accept, after all, I know about my myself with the processes and the motivation of a perfectly controllable system is indeed enormous.

So then so was the remote control two days after your order with me. Software I downloaded me even directly from Logitech, so everything was ready for connection. It turned out that all of my devices were found in the database. Good cheer, I went to work ... everything seems to be quite simple ...

Not at all. Unfortunately, I was then still employs around 7 hours for an absolutely perfect setting. Those who argue that enough 20 minutes seem to have either a) very easily controllable devices, b) a total of only 3 units, c) or are satisfied that there are so just go.

Unfortunately, fine adjustments are needed again. Time is an example: The first feature refers to an interplay DVD players, televisions, Dolby Digital system. So you summarizes the instructions and after the third fine adjustment then it works out "the state" (all appliances are made in advance). But yes it can also encounter a situation where one wants to change look from watching TV on DVD. In this case, the TV is already on. This then has the result that this variant is not set at the correct channel. Once that was achieved then came other niceties about how the the sound of the TV is indeed still on, although the yes is to come only from the plant ...

Do not get me wrong. The remote control is absolutely awesome, but only reasonable set, which I think really works only with "blood, sweat and tears". Subjectively, I would still give it five full stars, the work paid off. Lens I admit but then four. Everyone who is not ready to operate for hours tweaking, or so not familiar with the matter, should be preferred to continue to deal with several remote controls.

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