Blue blood, royal blood?

Blue blood, royal blood?

7 The blood of kings, Volume 1 (Paperback)

Customer Review

This is the substance of this book. First book moreover Regis Goddyn. And bam, an excellent book and more.

Hard to say if it is a Doeuvre or no leader. 7 pounds must leave at the rate of 2 per year (it is the author who says he has put himself as a great pressure), and will really only in 1 or 2 volumes if its plot takes the road or not.

In any case, it must be emphasized several points rather cheeky for a first book.
As some commentators have pointed out, the first 200 pages enjoy a surprising pace. It is very active, little description. Orville, the protagonist is presented in action and we discover as and holding and outs of the "plot". And again, one feels, the author does not tell us everything.
Quite simply, it is outstanding, at the foot of the letter, or the author does not nod supported us (like, "did you see my character, he has seen nothing") but leaves us thinking . For once, the linearity of the plot leaves us no chance to anticipate the long term and in fact a strong point of this book.

The discovery is total: the plot is very upscale, low-agreed characters.
Atalanta has, in addition, had the good taste to make us a beautiful edition

In short, a series which I soon attack Volume 2 (when my wife has finished) and I can not wait to have between hands.
A book that gives me a taste for fantasy, for his audacity. Nevertheless, I expect to get their hands on High Kingdom, Volume 1: The Knight and Pevel The book and the sword, Volume 1: the path of the wrath of Rouaud.

Because it is nice in the hand. Rank: 5/5
January 25
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December 3
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