Book fun but disappointing (intellectually)

Book fun but disappointing (intellectually)

It's (really?) I decide (Paperback)

Customer Review

American book 100% with its strengths and weaknesses:
Highlights: concrete (packed with experiences and anecdotes), bright, simple and readable
Weaknesses: theory, questionable and
The author claims to "Economist" but his book is a book of psychology of decision and influence. A question of words? Not just because the author ignores the discoveries made in this field by his colleagues, which led him to apply for "dark forces" influencing the decision. Yet these forces "irrational" have nothing mysterious: it is a part of the needs, desires, emotions and values ​​(internal forces) and the environment (external forces). In other words, this book is silent on three interrelated disciplines of his subject: psychology, communication (mostly non-verbal) and sociology.
More seriously, the author claims to be scientific, but his book is ideologically oriented: it shows that our decisions (economic or not) are not rational, in contrast to economists postulate (Anglo-Saxon?). Either. But he regrets it and goes on a crusade against the irrationality (decisions), accused of every evil ... Yet psychologists have proven that without emotion, NO decision is possible ... (whose rugged part of brain corresponding to emotions has been damaged or removed can not make ANY decision). There are 2 decision circuits, the shortest is the emotion and the longest is that of reasoning (and arithmetic), which contradicts or (mostly) confirms and justifies the decisions taken by emotions before ... The last resort of the decision is the emotion and not the calculation or reasoning. For decide is to choose, prefer and want.
The author therefore tries to save the rational soldier supposed to bring us the efficiency and good decisions. But nothing and no one has shown that decisions made by the intellect circuit were better than those taken by the emotion circuit. for example (the author): when choosing a drink or meal in a bar, we are influenced by what others before us ... And those who are influenced in this way are less satisfied their drink ... But this is to forget that the people satisfied with such other requirements (eg the need to belong). The author is therefore mistaken when he says to be influenced is a mistake or a bad decision ... He isolated a factor at the expense of all others (there are at least 12 types of needs).
Last critical, almost all experiments were conducted on American students (and therefore the wealthy class), sometimes reduced staff ... What about the validity of his experiences?

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