Book indispensable and enjoyable to read

Book indispensable and enjoyable to read

Introduction to Medieval Philosophy (Paperback)

Customer Review

For those like me who are looking for a gateway into the mind of medieval fascinating period, profound but often dirty from gougnafiers and charlatans, do not miss this book because this is a work absolutely must!

The author is a historian and philosopher. He gives his vision of the history of philosophy throughout the book but drip not weighing down the About the contrary in this way it enriches and gives us the ropes on how to enter the the spirit of our ancestors that time.
Although it is a short book, through a chronology of intellectuals from medieval times, the author takes the side to talk to the authors and so this technique it gives us a vivid picture of the intellectual life of the Middle Ages which, ultimately, makes you want to read each author presented in the text (if possible)!

The history of philosophy Kurt Flasch is not a formalin jars exhibition containing aborted monsters of philosophical thought as is often the case, but on the contrary it is a real machine to go back time in which the author with the love that animates the authors who count, puts us in the heart of the philosophical discussions of the real Middle Ages and thanks to the historical context.

We have on one side a Western Christian thought which rebuilt after the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and wants, with Charlemagne, assert against Byzantium despite very weak political and economic means (there must be 100 clerics who can read and "a book costs a farm" !!).

The other a wealthy Muslim middle east who does not know of economic difficulty and had access without harm or disruption to the ancient writings including the huge Greek thought ...

But Islam as the Western Christianity have no own philosophical tradition and they sattellent each, at different times and with different means, to build their thinking on the Greek and the internal discussion born of this effort of accommodation of religious thought with philosophical thought.

We are fascinated by the strength and intellectual openness that drives the intellectual of the Middle Ages: the sincere desire to understand or to safeguard order and the force expended in developing tools that allow the art of thinking (7 liberal arts ...).

The West will turn to the middle east ("Arab"), not because of any weakness to think or fascination with the supposed greatness of Islam, but just as honest intellectuals are turning to intelligent colleagues who are fortunate enough not to have the works of antiquity which they desperately need. For behind the Arab author that the West is looking the true Aristotle or Plato for which there is very little work translated into Latin!

Kurt Flasch we are far caricatures describing the ancestors as rude idiots. Instead, through material or political elements of the time, the historian and philosopher helps us to enshrine the reflection in time and geography, avoiding anachronistic comparisons with the modern yet is so fond. Kurt Flasch allows us, the traveler, to immerse ourselves in the problems of our illustrious masters to all and we already find the seeds of the philosophies that follow ...

In short, a must-have for those who truly interested in philosophy or in the Middle Ages!

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