Book offered, not yet read

Book offered, not yet read

The First Rasta (Paperback)

Customer Review

Book purchased following the viewing of the film of the same title, directed by writer Helen Lee. Informative documentary on the history of the Rasta movement and in particular one of its "creators", the one who brought the tribal way of life as a means of self management, Leonard Percival Howell. People misunderstood the Jamaican history, it is nevertheless one of its protagonists. Having conditioning Rasta philosophy and values ​​of this movement in reggae, this portrait of LP Howell portrays a man adventurer, revolutionary, but also modern. However, subjectivity on the issue, in my opinion it lacks a critical opinion on the "excesses" of Rastafari today, blending modern musical actions, subject to the hype, with values ​​and old ideals, if is ancestral. This review is based on the film, not the book that I have not yet read.

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May 9
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November 26
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October 17
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June 8
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February 10

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