Bridge camera with many thoughtful features and Gimmmicks but also a few weaknesses

Bridge camera with many thoughtful features and Gimmmicks but also a few weaknesses

Sony DSC-HX400V digital camera (20 megapixel, 50x opt. Zoom, WiFi, NFC) (Electronics)

Customer Review

Two things I would like to anticipate my review:

First, it concerns with the Sony DSC-HX400V a so-called "Bridge", ie an SUV of the cameras, a cross between Pocket Camera (for snapshots) and SLR (for the ambitious hobby photographer or professional), therefore I am going in my review up exclusively focused on the needs and expectations of a bridge and not like in so many other review that a SLR.

Secondly, although I am a quite ambitious amateur photographer, but I realize it decided in this review to do without me as far as possible to any technical jargon, because it just is a camera on the Sony DSC-HX400V, which addresses people that are not really deal in more depth with photography, but on vacation, trips, festivities and free time would like to shoot high quality photos without having previously attended a weekend seminar about photography.

What then already brings me to the point of commissioning. Theoretically, it is enough to already pre-charged battery and a SD memory card to insert and off you go. About one, in my opinion, something getting used to because easy nested menu needs, the memory card will eventually formatted yet fast and who likes presents should sensibly white also still the same, the menu language and the date and time, connecting the camera to coincide with the local WLAN, search network Security Key Enter finished. Wherein the input of the safety key can gestallten something enervirend depending on key, because the DSC-HX400V has no touch screen and you have to click through the individual characters tedious. For entering a 10-digit numeric character string but then sometimes take a minute to complete.

But now the most important thing the handling in daily use, the DSC-HX400V is a short click on the entry Stop Button immediately ready for operation. It has a lot of individual special modes which are selectable via a rotary control. Depending on which mode is selected, some settings must be made manually, which can be stored in whole or in part, in the future, depending on the mode.
The most interesting, at least for the inexperienced photographers the opportunity should however be "Auto" mode, in which take place all the necessary settings for the shooting conditions automatically. Although one here depending on the subject even once can choose different modes, including portrait, panorama, nature, sports, animals (you know, rarely sit still for a shot), beach, snow, fireworks, night, twilight, etc. to name a few to name.
Since the camera will shoot both an animal and a Sport mode features in which multiple photos per second, even the sake of completeness, that the modem speed a photo sequence and Verarbeitungf also in normal mode läst nothing to be desired (here at any delays (I has seem to remember that a Vorrezensent has some regrets this) always the memory card Achillsferse) used.
Of course, the DSC-HX400V also has a video function, which delivers amazingly good movies that do not need to hide behind those of digital Spiegelrewflexkameras in terms of sound and picture quality. On the contrary, the filming of digital SLR 1000, be - class of the Sony DSC-HX400V placed loosely in the shade.

What then also brings me to picture quality, this it can be quite loose touch with the SLR of the lower middle class. However, the image quality is in everyday life mostly still a lot better than a reflex, because since the DSC-HX400V above mentioned depending on the selected program does all the relevant settings.
So even my 4-year-old does not make good shots, especially since the DSC-HX400V also has an extremely impressive image stabilization so even belong blurred images of the past by children's hands.

The built-in GPS receiver operates reliably and accurately (albeit with slightly reduced even in buildings where many even Navis known to have reached their limits) and allows each image zuzuweißen its recording location. Of course, the sake of completeness, that all the for whatever reason do not want to be able to issue the GPS function that.

The image transfer via WiFi and NFC funktionier perfectly, with the transfer of several images or a video sequence on the home computer or television, of course, works faster via USB or direct readout of the memory card and in the case of the TV via HDMI cable. But just for the transfer of individual images to the WiFi, and NFC transmission is ideally suited directly to the printer or on mobile phones or tablets.

Really negative falls on only that Sony needs to be charged as actually common in cameras in this price range, no separate charger for the battery mitliefert but the battery directly via USB or mains plug in the camera. That means it is not enough to buy a spare battery, but you buy sensibly also the right external charger to what then yet again drives up the price of the camera some Euro higher. While holding the battery, depending on use and whether the dispay is really activated for a day use, but then required according to Sony 230 minutes to get back to be fully charged. Which means for a city break in the day is the evening then vinegar with the snapshots. Because one battery so can not invite external and easily operate the camera with the geladennen replacement battery further, but the cam is required for charging the spare battery. Or you again invested some Euros and buys next to a matching replacement battery even a matching external battery charger. This is particularly well therefore annoying as Sony now each built almost in every Cam another battery with speztifischer size, with the result that batteries other cameras, also from Sony, so you do not fit and in any case is obliged to a spare battery to lay besides charger.

For completeness, it should be mentioned that a 50-fold optical and 100X Clear Image Zoom listen on paper gigantic, and you theortisch a fly 100 meters still can so easily recognizable photograph on a church clock, but this just only pure theory and assumes that the fly does not move and especially also that no Milimeter moves itself, otherwise the fly from inside the viewfinder and the image or despite eigentlichl bombastic stabilizer mercilessly blurred ....
Here would have been less is definitely more.

The Sony DSC-HX400V digital camera is the ideal camera for those who are looking for an unpretentious camera and equally want to make both quality beautiful shots of buildings and landscapes, which certainly a SLR hold a candle to the image quality, as well as razor-sharp snapshots.
For alljene who like to experiment etc with aperture, focal length, interchangeable lenses, and not only the photos but also the process of photographing photograph per se is not recommended by the Sony DSC-HX400V digital camera.
In fact, the DSC-HX400V deserves a full five stars, for the unspeakable "Battery policy" (see above) by Sony but there is one star deduction.

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