• Storage in red lips  

    Display Support Lipstick 24 Compartments Transparent Acrylic Organizer Makeup Cosmetics (Health and Beauty)
    Display / storage has a red lips (or others) enough hard plastic. I received it in excellent condition, there were no breaks during delivery. My lipsticks fit into the compartment. I am satisfied with the product, especially the price.
  • Products meeting the expectations  

    Zanussi Electrolux Aeg Set of 8 large wheels for basket of the dishwasher (Kitchen)
    Products meeting the expectations. The wheels fit perfectly to my Vogica brand dishwasher. I am satisfied with my purchase.
  • very disappointed 312 1  

    Universal rotating glass tray for microwave 245 mm (Kitchen)
    not universal Beware of bumps under the tray me it would not fit because of ca and they could not see their size photo So my ca cost more expensive to send him back to England! as originally tray
  • Set of 2 filters Origin Whirlpool SBS002 ...  

    Set of 2 filters Origin Whirlpool SBS002
    I ordered a cartridge on another site but probably not as bad manufacturing to place. This is perfect and well placed in the bottom of my refrigerator American wirpool. Life complies with the instructions in the manual.
  • Perfect to replace the old 1  

    Water Filter Term 12 Months KDF Compatible LG Refrigerator Water Filter, Can Replace BL9808 / 3890JC2990A / 5231JA2010B / 3650JD8050A / Composition
    Very little water is clear before using the cartridge. a neutral taste without chlorine. and replaced once a year (or 5000litres)
  • Met my fast attentes.Envoi  

    Universal kit for American refrigerator water filter (+ hose connections + filter)
    True to the product description and much cheaper than retail prennant. My American fridge to 8 years and twice the fitting cartridge / pipe flooding the cuisine.Avec give this more suitable valve closed after some risks if very fast utilisation.Envoi
  • Filter my fridge  

    Water Filter Term 12 Months KDF Compatible LG Refrigerator Water Filter, Can Replace BL9808 / 3890JC2990A / 5231JA2010B / 3650JD8050A / Composition
    Nickel, water has a better taste than the original filters. I repeat for sure. I recommend it despite its slightly higher price
  • Good troubleshooting 1  

    TecTake Mini washing machine 2.6kg Camping & wring 2 kg, studio and small parts
    True to the description, this product serviced and sticks to the functions of the descriptions. A tool that works and which I have no complaints!
  • For a bath  

    Floureon® 600ml Ultrasonic Cleaner Professional Digital Display Stainless Steel
    I received this well packed parcel. Unfortunately, I see no difference with my silver jewelry. It shines a bit more but I have to repeat the maneuver several times. The product is found in Belgium and is very expensive I think.
  • microwave 3  

    Severin MW 7809 Microwave 700 W 17 L 30 Min Timer White (Miscellaneous)
    Very good value for money delivered in 48 hours with two days in advance. I wanted a microwave that can fit in a niche 32 cm deep. There is little and it fits perfectly. Rapidly warming dishes. Simple and convenient operation beautiful design. Only s
  • Good quality and price. 1  

    Bomann 738870 Freezer Silver A ++ (Miscellaneous)
    Freezer works well and is well-priced Including free delivery. Only one criticism - it's a bit noisy. Apart from that - fine.
  • not suitable 1 4  

    Bauknecht cake plate / sheet metal enamel baking / scratch / also compatible with many brands (Whirlpool, IKEA) 45x375x20 (see "Product Description") (Others)
    I had my greatest displeasure return the plate because it was not adapted as indicated in Whirlpool oven.

    I wanted to replace my anti overflow ring fryer, no complaints about the quality, but not (perhaps have I failed to install ???) to install, I broke the ring without have installed and I now use my fryer without this ring.
  • malfunctions and Brandt "conspicuously absent" ...  

    BWT3610E Brandt washing machine 6 kg 1200 rev / min A ++ White (Miscellaneous)
    The washing machine stops 1 times 2 Rinse while this was not planned ... The customer service and claims service Brandt are unreachable.
  • An excellent extra fridge  

    Minibar Klarstein Design Mini Fridge 2 Shelves Wine Cellar Refrigerator 48 Litres Black Compact Silencer (Miscellaneous)
    Preamble: I received this gracefully, against an objective opinion to write on Amazon. Delivery: by UPS, very flexible and very accommodating. Jai had delivered the fridge in a house in the countryside, I métais dadresse deceived and I not there néta
  • Good replacement 4 1  

    ROBLIN - METAL FILTER ALUMINIUM 458.5 X 195.5 M / M - 13MC051
    I have a hood Roblin for 16 years and it was necessary to replace the filter. Exact dimensions but beware, changed the lock mechanism: we must tinker and drill a slot in the hood. Not easy, but doable.
  • Good machine 6  

    Hotpoint LFK 7M124 X FR Dishwasher 44 dB A ++ Silver (Miscellaneous)
    Silence is golden! That is my first remark. With an open kitchen that is very significant. The usage is pretty simple. No regrets.
  • Super 1880 4133  

    SODIAL (R) synchronous motor AC 220-240V 4W 4 RPM CW / CCW € š oven microwave (Kitchen)
    thanks to this article I could repair my microwave which I was asked no less than 150 euros for repair so I say bravo
  • coal brush engine  

    Pack of two brooms electric motor brushes for washing machine AEG 899645425577, Bosch / Siemens 167517 (Miscellaneous)
    Excellent, very fast shipment, repair the washing machine in 10 minutes. I am relieved to have found the fault and for a low price. Avoid a big budget to buy a new machine. It is like new and 15 years
  • Good product but complicated delivery  

    Haier DW12 TFE 2F Dishwasher Freestanding 60 cm Covers: December 49 dB Class: A (Others)
    very good value, I was looking for a simple and cheap dishwasher, it works great and makes the work required, easy to install and use, practical interior storage The only downside is the carrier, delivery between 2 and 5, I finally had the 13, after