• White is hot - twääääng!  

    Everyday Solutions 97599 Baby bottle temperature band Set of 2 - The Innovation from Sweden (Baby Product)
    My first name is Everyday, my surname Solutions. I have a twin who is just, I do not know who came first. In any case, we are an innovation from Sweden. Very much we can not, but that does not matter - we are still expensive. I'm trying to do my job
  • Since the transition makes to the toilet properly Spas  

    Tomy Y9943 - The First Years Disney Baby potty (Baby Product)
    Our small place the pot really great and since then we have it your first choice in the bathroom. The applause at the press of the lever is nicely done, is used more often with us. Does not sound as described in Andren recessions too loud or kräzig.
  • Dummy Chain with name  

    Schnullerkette with names, owl, flower, girls, pink (Baby Product)
    Great sweet chain, I can only empfehlen.Gefällt me ​​very gut.schöne colors it true a gift and have very nice gefreut.Super
  • Madeleine Sust  

    Music Mobile funny bees Baby music mobile music box music clock asleep (Baby Product)
    In itself, it is made very cute but the melody is too loud and sounds pretty blechend of which is a shame.
  • Overall a great baby shoes!  

    Soft leather baby shoes with tan suede soles for boys newborns to 18-24 months (Baby Product)
    We are satisfied with the booties! Delivery arrived on time, even more than indicated something to say! Shoes see, do not stink, sitting at super baby foot and not lost when crawling. Unfortunately, the color rubs (white with stars) through the crawl
  • Super happy! 23  

    MAM 665 424 - Original Silicone 0-6, double (Baby Product)
    Top goods. Was right on the next day there. What I find very useful is the storage / transport box that can be taken at the same time to sterilize. This is handy when you're time to visit grandma and both Schnullis fell down. Just a little water in t
  • Does exactly what it should 8  

    Children Storage network storage mesh pocket for sand toys beach fashion (Baby Product)
    We use this bag in the bathroom for storage of the tub toy. It is very pleasant to just throw in wet clothes and dry them well ventilated there by itself. (The bag hangs over the tub, ends up so that water dripping there.) The colors are pretty stron
  • Not our case. Unfortunately.  

    Marsupi baby and child carrier, the compact abdominal and hip carrier, anthracite / anthracite, ingeniously simple (Baby Product)
    Did I wear the due he ordered reviews. Goes back for: Is rather more gray than this beautiful blue in the picture. The Velcro convinced us as well as the midwife not .wirkt unsafe and has determined not long life Applying the wear alone was possible.
  • super Sabberschutz  

    Pack of 5 Lovjoy girl Bib (baby products)
    The bibs sin very pretty to look at and absolutely fit for purpose. Even if the bib is up soaking wet, underneath everything remains dry, very great in a drooling, zahnendem child.
  • only muslin  

    Aden + Anais lighter sleeping bag for summer Gr. M-XL, tranquility solid rose from Bambusfasermusselin (Baby Product)
    We have a Schwitzbaby. She was always too warm at night, that's over now. She sleeps a lot easier now and the sleeping bag feels so soft and will get softer with each wash.
  • Temperature detection could be better  

    Everyday Solutions 97599 Baby bottle temperature band Set of 2 - The Innovation from Sweden (Baby Product)
    As the package with temperature bands came to my house, I have one of our baby bottles filled with water. However, while I have checked with the baby bath thermometer temperature. The thermometer showed a temperature of 40 ° C and the tape has not di
  • Emily  

    Whorl snail "Emily" plush gift for baptism or birth Windeltorte (Baby Product)
    For our grandchild, the mother was very happy about it. This diaper cake is Emily, a pity that at the plush doll that looks very cute, the name Emily is not embroidered. Would be perfect, because the child is also Emily. Nevertheless full purchase re
  • Beautiful cup for small hands  

    Translucent LDISHC190 cup / Dish Cup melamine Wildlife - Turtle (Baby Product)
    My Little (10 months) is doing exceptionally well with these cups. They are light enough that it can keep itself, small enough that it does not sink in, keep the dishwasher and survive even smaller drops (eg from the table onto the laminate). For lar
  • Not a perfect car, but ok for the price  

    Knorr-baby 883 945 sports car Buggy Joggy S, Black (Baby Product)
    The Joggy S Knorr gave me visually very much on the internet. With its three wheels, it looks sporty. Most especially the pressure approached me there. After a long search for a nice stroller / jogger then I decided, to be ordered here. It was very i
  • Perfect slip bag  

    Babybay slip bag with strap slot (Baby Product)
    A perfect slip bag of Babybay. Very well made. We use it in the car, because it is also provided with a belt slot. The substance attaches pleasant weich.100% cotton speaks there for sich.Ebenfalls the soft jersey lining. A soft-sensing material that
  • Pretty much trouble for quite a little milk  

    Chicco Manual Breast Pump including baby bottles wellbeing and silicone nipple (Baby Product)
    My sister has tested this breast pump and found it actually quite good, and you can not compare an electric breast pump. The silicone paper is great pumping designed thus quite pleasant. Of course, the effort is a point which can be a manual breast p
  • Just great! 65 1  

    Chicco rocker EasyRelax (Baby Product)
    We have searched without results in stores for a good rocker with no-frills. Then we have found here this rocker and are thrilled. Workmanship and quality are very good for the cheap price, the adjustment of the backrest is easy to handle and keeps t
  • Super baby carrier.  

    Marsupi baby and child carrier, the compact abdominal and hip carrier, anthracite / anthracite, ingeniously simple (Baby Product)
    It fits really well, looks chic and is easy to create. There is also a pocket / bag going to carry it when you just do not need. All in all we are very satisfied! We have attached a photo of the package, which would make it certainly easier to find t
  • Snooze Sack  

    Snooze Sack Simply baby summer sleeping bag 1 Tog - Owls - available in different sizes: from birth to 6 years (baby products)
    Have this slumber bag bought at the exchange to our Alvi sleeping bag. Now after about 2 months, I do not want to give him here. He is washed up to 60 degrees and ends up before the Dryer if it has to happen quickly. Still looks like on the first day
  • Good quality, only washable up to 40 ° C  

    Babybay slip bag with strap slot (Baby Product)
    This baby sleeping bag has a fairly good quality and feels fluffy. With 46cm length and 32cm width not only toddlers fit into the sleeping bag. Children under 75 cm should have no problem. What I find unfortunate, you must wash it only with a maximum