• Wonderful sticker  

    Mural wall stickers butterflies 3 piece motif 3 (Baby Product)
    Super Fast Shipping! I have already bought these butterflies in red in my third room and now even for another room in lilac. Glue super, look great.
  • Marius  

    [Manito] New Sunshade / Parasol for pushchair, stroller and car seat, wide sun protection, UV-Cut, universal and easy installation (Baby Product)
    We can only recommend this sunscreen. We have long sought a right sunscreen for our Maxi Cosi Mura 4 plus stroller and tried various umbrellas. The original umbrella of Maxi Cosi was us with clip too expensive (60). The sun protection can be mounted
  • Nasal Aspirator, total toll  

    Angel-Vac Nasal Aspirator siblings package Nasal Aspirator Vacuum Cleaner (Baby Product)
    It reads always terrible and many are afraid that the sucker violated one or formally pulls the brain through the nose. However, this is unfounded, because the sucker penetrates deeply and not by its construction, the air flow is correspondingly adju
  • Beautiful Strampelsack  

    Babybay slip bag with strap slot (Baby Product)
    A really pretty Pucksack, the boys and girls like to wear. The material is nice and soft and cuddly, the bag stinks when unpacking hardly Chemicals & best of all: it must in the dryer! He also falls slightly larger than the Babys, which can be bo
  • Very solid! 1  

    BabyBjorn Babysitter Balance Soft rocker (baby products)
    Finally a product whose Rezensierung really makes sense since there is mainly on security matters. We have the rocker now half a year and are very satisfied! The processing of all components is without any defect. The cover is easily removable and of
  • Even baby unit can be operated with batteries / accumulators !!! Unfortunately expensive!  

    Philips AVENT SCD560 / 00 DECT baby monitor (temperature sensor, lullabies) light blue / white (Baby Product)
    Are very satisfied with the baby monitor, there are now about one year in use. What stands nowhere in the product description: the baby can operate with batteries (4 pcs AA.) Are operated! According to the manual, although only in the event of a powe
  • mobilie  

    Bieco 23-021096 - 3D wood beetles Mobile (Baby Product)
    is a present for a friend because they are a baby but all in ordnung.von the size it is also good
  • where is the reflection? ?? nowhere! !!  

    Gesslein 91042 Weatherproof with reflectors (Baby Product)
    Reflectors? Haha. ..! So honestly, I would have bought this weather protection for the reflectors and not to protect my child from the rain, I would have returned this weather protection immediately. Because the only two reflectors which are tuned, t
  • Beautiful cup for toddler  

    Translucent LDISHC191 cup / Dish Cup melamine Wildlife - Birdie (Baby Product)
    My son (10 months) loves his "beep" -Tasse. Unfortunately, I have recently thrown accidentally on the tile floor and she jumped. In the violent collision she was allowed the well! So I ordered a second cup of the mail, although we also have
  • Super price-performance 17  

    Hauck Viper V12 joggers (Baby Product)
    We have long been looking for a cheap but high-quality buggy Desk and Co., because the stroller it is too bulky. Finally, we ended up with the model of Hauck and are more than satisfied. The delivery went very quickly in the Prime, the very next day
  • Impeccable, but old model  

    Strollers fur bag / footmuff Model CORTINA (Baby Product)
    The leather bag is great and the skin soft and cuddly. However, it concerns with the supplied fur bag to an old model, the logo on the supplied leather bag does not correspond to the figure and the outer fabric is matte, as the new model. It remains
  • The Best 7 2  

    MAM 692 680 - Perfect Night 16+ (Baby Product)
    My daughter has no other pacifier taken as the from mAM and loved him dearly. Now she no longer needs him. The weaning was no problem. Great thing about this pacifier that he is not fat between the teeth, only a very narrow, very sturdy! Strong buy r
  • High-quality bag that does not look for "Diaper Bag"  

    Casual Diaper Bag Green Label Urban Bag, New Design (Baby Product)
    First, let me emphasize that the bag is not yet been used. This review will therefore take place on the basis of the assessment. The bag looks high quality finish. From the outside it looks not like a traditional diaper bag. That was one of the main
  • Do what it is! 69  

    BabyBanz Baby ear protection, 0-2 years, with an extra soft headband (Baby Product)
    We have ordered these headphones in pink for our 4 months old daughter as we take you on a wedding reception there and a DJ will play. Headphones smell first Rubber - but this is nunmal processed and flies again. The headphones fit our daughter, ever
  • Ruter's little helper for small  

    MAM Baby Products 666 698 Bite & Relax Phase 2 (Baby Product)
    So our little there has been much easier with the "teething", she grabs every now and then even more likely than before to her pacifier. Therefore serves a purpose and is great as always processed, MAM up
  • Delivers what it promises 79  

    Wall Decal Shop - 100 luminous stickers - stars - Fluorescent Wall Stickers - In the darkness bright! (LP-100S) (Baby Product)
    I have the luminous stickers used to glue a paper lantern, as he is often sold at IKEA. But the amount was sufficient. After switching off the light from the stars shine and to look very cozy. To provide a wall covering with the asterisk course you h
  • Unfortunately, scratching the fabric under the arms, if you have sensitive skin  

    HOPPEDIZ® Jacquard Sling incl. Carrying instructions (Baby Product)
    Unfortunately scrubs the fabric under the arms, if you have sensitive skin. Since this was unfortunately to notice only after prolonged wear, and the cloth is then used so, we can not send it back, a great pity. It really is not just being cheap.
  • Good quality but Relatively small  

    Julius Zöllner Nestchenschlange 180 cm (Baby Product)
    This nest from Julius Zöllner is nice! But I would say That It Is Relatively small for a baby bed 140x70 ... It could be a bit more heavy too as it does not have anything to fix it. Tissue is good, color is fine, quality is good.
  • Unreliable!  

    Everyday Solutions 97599 Baby bottle temperature band Set of 2 - The Innovation from Sweden (Baby Product)
    My husband has dubbed the band as pretty pointless. I would like to join after the trial period. The idea of ​​a color-changing strip for baby bottles I find first quite well. Have the same system in our Breilöffeln (it will not stain the tip when th
  • Verena Pfeiffer  

    ONE4all 1 + 7 WHITE Configuration playpens, flexible baby gate, Playpen (Baby Product)
    I'm so pissed !!! I'm building on the playpen, so an incorrect production ... All connecting rods do not fit! Everywhere I have the knife rework (because as a woman I have no emery at home), I have already pinched two fingers in the push rods in the