• Price / performance is very good, small weaknesses  

    Walimex Pro circular polarizing filter 82mm tempered (Accessories)
    My better half ordered the 77er and 82er, have briefly tested today. The 82 turns quite stiff, with a little oil was not the better. The kleinre turns significantly better. The polarization itself is 1A. Focus: In '82 I have a minimal blur that does
  • Without Panorama function (Wizard)  

    Canon EOS M3 system camera (24 megapixel, APS-C CMOS sensor, WiFi, NFC, Full HD) Kit incl. EF-M 18-55mm IS STM lens, black (Electronics)
    Hard to believe that this camera a panoramic support is lacking. My previous Canon cameras have this, although you had to the individual photos even with the Canon Tool together, but the result was perfect. I have extra long been waiting for this cam
  • The "Zoom" for photography  

    Raynox DCR-150 Macro Conversion (Electronics)
    Browsing the internet I came across time and again on photos from the Macro-area that I found exciting and took me to want to try sometimes. For the simple "try it" were my Macro lenses but a too high investment. Almost by chance, I was awa
  • Who tinkers like to get something decent  

    Walimex 500mm 1: 8.0 CSC lens (67mm filter thread, Telephoto Lens, Lens) for Fuji X bayonet black (Accessories)
    Given of 129 euros Purchase price incl. Fuji adapter you have to be skeptical. After leak door of customer reviews I immediately removed the screw that is for sharpness at greater distances otherwise hindrance. They can be found under the wide rubber
  • wester  

    Nikon Coolpix S33 Digital Camera (13.2 megapixels, 3x opt. Zoom, 6.9 cm (2.7 inch) LCD display, USB 2.0, image stabilized) White (Electronics)
    The camera is in super dry. Quick ramped up, good color sharp photos. In water not tried, now come on vacation. Strong buy recommendation.
  • Finally a flash below 100 € which is fully compatible with the A77.  

    Metz MB 24 AF-1 Sony flash (optional)
    After a long search, I finally found this flash for the A77. It is fully compatible with the A77. TTL is fully supported. The flash also comes from long with 2 AA batteries. Am fully satisfied. Strong buy recommendation!
  • Samsung NX500 (from the perspective of non-professionals)  

    Samsung NX500 system camera (28 megapixels, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen display, Ultra HD Video, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS) incl. 16-50 mm Power Zoom Lens (Electronics)
    Before I get to the actual part of my review, the following briefly a few words. I am an absolute amateur photographer. Not a professional, not an expert, no one of the 100 cameras already calls his own. I also have no experience with other NX camera
  • Well suited for voice recordings  

    Walimex Pro lavalier microphone (lapel length 120cm, incl. Clip) for smartphones (Accessories)
    Again and again, there are situations where you need a good microphone to his Smartphone, which is not incorporated directly. A good example here would be the smart phone as a voice recorder, without the part that you have to keep all the time on the
  • Walimex Pro Lavalier Microphone  

    Walimex Pro lavalier microphone (lapel length 120cm, incl. Clip) for smartphones (Accessories)
    The Walimex miniature condenser microphone with omni weighs around 17g and has a decent processing. The pin clip is sturdy and the clip is seated very firmly. In addition to the microphone, including cable, also is still at a second clip, a second wi
  • Too big for the Samsung NX3000  

    The original Gecko Covers SLR Camera Bag Colt Bag Universal Bag Medium, Blue / Blue - Suitable for DSLR SLR, compact cameras, digital cameras such as the Panasonic Lumix DMC - G5 - Sony NEX 3N, Sony NEX 5TL, Sony NEX 5R, Sony NEX 6, Sony Nex 7, Ricoh GX (Accessories)
    Pocket acts of good quality and would have also retained, they would be for smaller. For users who might have other objectives this, it may be better, but too large for the body plus lens. But I do not buy myself a small camera that I then have to lu
  • Does it work with Canon G7x  

    Lookit Premium - Brand Battery NB-13L (1100 mAh with INFO CHIP) for Canon PowerShot G7x, Canon PowerShot G7 X, Canon G7x, Canon G7 X, G7x, G7 X (Electronics)
    The price of the original battery for the Canon G7 x is an impertinence. This battery is convenient and works properly with the Canon G7x. Have additionally ordered me a battery of another manufacturer, also in the lower price range. I'm very satisfi
  • good handle  

    6x Savvies screen protector Sony Alpha 58 (SLT-A58) Protective Film (Electronics)
    To protect the screen of the camera perfectly adequate. Overall, slightly smaller than the display itself, the film can be very well attach. Although it in the first attempt should fail to apply the foil straight, they can be removed again and apply
  • Olympus M.Zuiko 75-250 mm  

    Olympus EZ-M7530 M.Zuiko Digital 75-300mm 1: 4.8-6.7 Lens II (Micro Four Thirds, 58mm filter thread) black (accessories)
    No, I did for 6 months and the 75-300 II lens, but it is my opinion only to 250mm reasonably usable. The lens I already posted, it was unfortunately not done anything, because it is supposed to be OK. Up to 150mm, the image quality is very good, good
  • To play and probiern  

    Dolder X-Pro Series Slim neutral density filter ND 1000 - 77mm - 77mm ND (Electronics)
    A filter is always an additional glass front of the lens. Depending on the quality of the image can be influenced, of course, more or less negative. But whom do I say this ...? I ordered the ND filter because I want to play a little with long exposur
  • Super 1190  

    Rollei Sportsline 60 Digital Camera (5 megapixel, 8x digital zoom, 6 cm (2.4 inch) display, image stabilization, up to 3m waterproof) green (Electronics)
    Have the camera for Brazil bought. She has done really beautiful underwater images. However, she sucks the batteries empty as nothing. So they hold out no complete dive. This sucks a bit, therefore deliver even a star.
  • Very useful but not quality - Gopro makes it better  

    Sony AKAHLP1.SYH lens cover for HDR-AS100 Underwater Action Cam (Camera)
    This part is a must if you want to run the Cam without Geäuse. This is the Cam still more compact and lighter and to get everything off (battery etc). Who runs the Cam without this protection or protective housing is very fast risk that the lens gets
  • Wonderful all-around lens  

    Sony E-mount 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 lens black (Accessories)
    One thing first, I did it at an alpha 7 in operation. When I bought my A7 in December I confined myself then only on the body because I allowed myself to be put off by the many bad tests and field reports, the objective concerning. Why do I have now
  • Defect 12  

    Ayex Timer Remote Release N3 etc. for Canon EOS 7D, 5D Mark II, 5D Mark III. (Accessories)
    I was sent a defective device. Have it tested on 3 different cameras and even again after seen an error to exclude the internet on my part. After that I have 2x the seller contacted and asked for advice. In the answer I'm still waiting. Why did I the
  • Green spots in the viewfinder  

    Olympus E-M1 OM-D system camera (16 megapixels, 7.6 cm (3 inches) TFT LCD display, True Pic VII processor, Full HD, HDR, 5-axis image stabilization) body only (Electronics)
    A very excellent camera! If only the green spots in the viewfinder would not !! For many years I photograph mainly wild orchids - worldwide. Various models of NIKON have proven themselves and never fails. But over time the Geschleppe is too much to m
  • A top light set  

    TecTake® 2 x Professional Photo Studio Studio lamp Incl. Bulbs Studioset ALU Studio Lamp Tripod Photo (Electronics)
    A really good super built Lampenset with a good bright studio lighting. The absolute value for money. I am very pleased. Use it here as a plant lighting with an LED lamp plant. The leaves of my Pachyra be huge! I did not expect. My recommendation to