• The paint is top of the exhaust, the paint does not flake.  

    Mipa - Mipatherm SPRAY black to 800 ° C heat resistant (400 ml)
    Mipa - Mipatherm SPRAY black to 800 ° C ************************************************** *** Texture-coating ***************************** The paint can be after thorough shake very well apply to metal it has a high opacity. Haftung- temperature re
  • nice and long  

    Motorcycle multifunctional cloth tube scarf scarf scarf many colors (Pirate Flag (+ Fleece))
    The cloth is very nice, especially because it is so long. It can attract so and it raises so many folds, so that the neck is really around "sealed", no draft is more approach (of particular importance at the rear of the neck). I use the clo
  • Not recommended - absolutely not reliable  

    XXL Tech KWP2100 NX200 Can Bus Diagnostic Scanner OBD 2 German (Automotive)
    Unfortunately, you can assign no less than a star. This device works completely unreliable. I tried it on various cars and am really not satisfied. Would like to give back, but is probably not possible because I was on vacation in the meantime and ha
  • TOLL ............... 6 82  

    15L oil drip tray plastic tray plastic tray 53x 40cm
    A truly robust and sufficiently large drip tray for all kinds of work on the car because Resistant to chemicals such as gasoline, motor and gear oils, cooling water etc. Thanks to the flat design well suited for motorcycles ...... Well, for all that
  • Good burner for a small price!  

    EVOLUTION D2S Xenon bulb 35W 4300K ​​with e-registration (2 per set)
    The burner in accordance with the description and adjust as hoped in my A8. The brightness is much higher than that of the year-old burners, which were built with me. You only have a slight yellow tinge which at 4300K ​​color temp. was to be expected
  • Not suitable for adapter  

    AEG 97136 Compressor KD 7.0 - with digital printing code and shutdown, LED illumination, 12 Volt, max. 7 bar / 100 psi, incl. Accessories (Automotive)
    I had not bought it mainly for dressing-down by car plug. Wanted to inflate so the cellar my bike, but with the adapter for standard electrical outlet does not work this device. Too bad so I might send him back.
  • Lacher and strange looks ...  

    Steering Wheel Cover Sheepskin claret
    ... Are no exceptions to this plush steering wheel cover. ;-) But since I'm over it! I find it funny and my hands have it in winter toasty warm and fluffy. At first it was a bit strange because it seemed to me too fat, but I have me but then very qui
  • Good Oil  

    Liqui Moly 1264 Lawnmower Oil SAE 30 1 liter (Automotive)
    Spend this Einhell LE-PM 2014th Running smoothly so far. Thanks to the level indicator on the bottle you can fill even very precise amounts. Super straight for lawnmowers is the pullout from the bottle Einfüllverlängerung - so not a drop bib. Clear r
  • Good early blanket for little money  

    Dino 130037 trunk protection blanket Universal (Automotive)
    For the low price a really good early blanket. I use it for an Audi A3 (3-door). It's something big, so it is not quite smooth on the floor. But this is not so bad. On the sides it could be a bit higher for my taste. I use them because I often have a
  • Very good and valent USB car charger  

    1byone® Powerful 4-Port USB Car Charger SMART (9.6a / 48W). Usable for almost all popular Apple and Android devices. Quick charge multiple devices with automatic device discovery !! (24 month warranty) Color: Black (Automotive)
    This 9.6 amp USB charger from 1byone® has everything you could want from a device of this type: Quality workmanship Small and compact Stylish Appearance Very good charging performance Will not even lukewarm after two hours Smartphone battery no longe
  • Light top. Life Flop  

    OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER H7 halogen headlight bulb UNLIMITED 64210NBU-HCB + 110% more light and + 20% whiter light set of 2 (Automotive)
    This lamp can be described relatively quickly. Bright light, long range. But after six months (15,000 km) already blown. I only drive in the dark or poor visibility with light. Who the greatest importance to the light and not laying on you life shoul
  • Scrap 63  

    Holzkugel cushion
    Unfortunately not keep the very thin plastic strings and the good circulation has decomposed after about 2000 km drive route. Schade, 20 years ago I had ever such a thing, which had securely held 30000 km.
  • Smells unusual. but good!  

    California Car Scents perfume box for the car. Fragrance: Newport New Car (new car)
    I bought this product because I was curious and "Newport New Car" sounded the scent very interesting. Today I opened the can and placed in my car. I must say, it smells a little unusual (the scent reminds me a little of the former home of m
  • Not like the picture!  

    Blinker CATEYE, black, short, glass tinted, E-mark.
    The indicators are not as toned as in the picture, what you see on this product! They are, unfortunately, not tinted, thus correct the description no piece! Just as the picture! Unfortunately, only 1 star! Have they returned? However, If you're looki
  • cool helmet!  

    Vintage motorcycle helmet with goggles Wehrmacht helmet (M 57 / 58cm, black matt)
    Who due to the specific shape of this helmet with national pride can not handle (which is us, unfortunately, constantly and sugeriert in any situation), which should keep his hands of it ... you have to declare from time to time already, which is why
  • Super! 354  

    Unitec 84724 Reifenmarkierstift liquid white, waterproof (Automotive)
    Good pen to retighten the writing on tires and thus to make again "bright"! I used it on my scooter! Worked great! Gladly again! LG!
  • Price performance winner 1 1  

    Castrol EDGE 5W-30 5L (Automotive)
    I have been driving for 30 years and used VW Castrol motor oil with high mileages of Turbo. Since all VW workshops in the same oil barrel container (3-4 max) customers in a Oil Change fill and require bolder way still ca 28 that is a true usury. That
  • ideal opportunity for storage  

    Eufab 16408 bicycle wall holder (Automotive)
    Unfortunately, the manufacturer can not as accurate with the packaging of its screws and so we had to really perfect service from Amazon endeavor, because in the first delivery lacked all screws. In the second delivery of the screws bag of cardboard
  • Does what it should completely satisfactory!  

    Liqui Moly 1264 Lawnmower Oil SAE 30 1 liter (Automotive)
    Used oil from Liqui Moly in my 16 year old lawn tractor with Briggs & Stratton engine (11.5 hp model 28D707). Previously, I had used a common 10W-40, SAE 30 works of Liqui Moly, however reliable and the oil level remains above the seasonal consta
  • Class device !!!! 10  

    iCarSoft i810 OBD2 diagnostic equipment CANBus Universal for all vehicles handheld diagnostic device
    Could today the unit to three vehicles testen.Auslesen works perfectly, failure analysis outstanding, clear fault no problem (even going as fast with an original Gutman unit of Peugeot) Extensive Funktionen.Man but should in any case, the manual thor