• Deletes known airbag failed Gölfen  

    Autodia KWP2281 SX45 diagnostic device for reads and erases the engine and automatic transmission ABS Airbag (Automotive)
    The part is self-explanatory to use, also makes high a solid impression. I've used it to read out errors in my golf 4 cabrio the side airbag well known and clear. In addition I have dealt with the battery disconnected the plug under the seat with con
  • Geiler Sticker  

    King Kerosin - Sticker - Ride Like Hell
    what can you say to him got on my helmet glued and adjusted by using the hair dryer to the curves, what can I say, everything worked great, no problems.
  • Linda  

    Backrest dirt protection + useful storage net Children holiday car driver's seat
    Unfortunately bought too late after our little one has gone with his shoes neatly at the back ... but still not too late. Am satisfied with the purchase. Value for money is ok. Installed quickly and easily. Super also the power up to stow toys or pac
  • Looks Top, but small problems.  

    Number plate light TUV-Free
    I have my Audi A4 Avant B6 times indulged in what, LED's for the license plate illumination. The installation was a little difficult but to create it, does not fit 100% accurate but who looks just as accurate if it "mm" exactly is installed
  • I do not like it  

    Steering Wheel Cover black leather red Universal
    The Steering Wheel Cover see on the photo more beautiful. In real it is quite thick and disturbs, even when driving. Visually, it also gave me did not like
  • Undercover at the North Pole  

    XXL reindeer costume Auto Rudolf reindeer costume Car Red Nose Reindeer Car Costume 45cm Katjas Dreamland
    It took a while, but now accept the other reindeer me and my old Trabant as one of them ... Dancer was in the beginning more than skeptical, but with whom I had a bottle of mulled wine or other the red-nosed Rudolph Schluckspecht quickly to my side ,
  • Very good Baff  

    Motorcycle multifunctional cloth tube scarf scarf scarf many colors (black fleece)
    Hello everybody, I wanted to remove myself from the traditional scarf, because I was tired of the constant winding shop and a scarf is also significantly thicker of the bond ago, which often collided with jacket etc. In addition, a tubular cloth offe
  • Does what you want!  

    SET: 30 T-branch connector + 30 tabs (each 10x blue - red 10x - 10x yellow)
    Have this cable thieves needed for installation of a dashcam, reversing camera and rearview mirror monitor. For zusammenklipsen I needed a Baggenzange because simple hand strength is not sufficient. But if you are one, they hold bombproof. They could
  • Super product, amazed!  

    ALCLEAR 5713050M Set of 2 Professional Hand Polishing Pad 130 x 50 mm with all-round handle bar for waxes, polishes, paint cleaners, blue (Automotive)
    First of all I want to say that I've been thinking long me to buy this product. Fortunately, I did it, following I want to present the advantages and disadvantages of the product brief + Are great in the hand + Super suitable for growing as polish +
  • Super ceiling 3  

    Fast Delivery. The dog blanket is great for the price and just fine. While it lacks the holes to strap but not everyone buckled in.
  • very convenient  

    Cartrend 7730056 Rims Tyres with stand protective sleeve to 225 mm tire width (Automotive)
    Weight - lightweight, ease of installation, stability good price - very good. Unfortunately not händelbar when the wheels are on it, but unfortunately you can not have everything. Still recommended
  • Best Car Wash Sponge  

    SONAX Multi sponge 04280000 D / GB / F / NL / I / E (Automotive)
    Use only wash this sponge for car. The rough side of a great insect remover, the sponge takes a lot of water and is not as strong as this 1 Euro - Dinger
  • Proper eye-catcher!  

    Gas, Grass or ass Sticker (White) Size: 20.3x10cm decal, stickers, die cut,
    Quality default everything is great & the sticker is also great moderately perfect for the rear window or on a 3-door for the rear wheel. It's a real eye-catcher and he makes her a lot. The price is more than justified and I am happy that I bough
  • Great accessories with tiny quirks  

    Büse braces with zipper Men
    For my textile pants Büse I bought these braces. They fit just fine on the zipper of his pants. However, there are two things that stood out to me. First, the braces could be better adjusted in length. With my height of 1.70 m do not be put right. Bu
  • Stützradhalterung  

    Filmer 36446 U-bracket for jockey wheel holder 2 pieces (Automotive)
    The holder has arrived quickly and was neatly packed. The processing was also good and without defects. Mounted was all in approximately 5 minutes only the thread could have been a little longer (70 mm support tube) otherwise to only recommend.
  • It has never been so easy ....  

    Vgate iCar 2 EOBD OBDII WiFi WLAN OBD 2 Car Auto Diagnostic Interface Android iOS Windows (black - black)
    Class adapter - was recognized with super iOS - iPhone or iPad - both no problem - reading and encoding worked great. Unfortunately, my BMW (E91 / BJ 08) two controllers were not recognized. Thus, I can not turn off no seat belt reminders. Possibly e
  • Purchase recommendable 1  

    VDP aluminum rail carrier L Roof Rails 90kg TÜV / GS VDP195549_peu_c TÜV / GS
    The aluminum profiles of the carrier are stable of good quality. In addition, with comparable features, a very good price / performance ratio. I therefore recommend buying you.
  • Good interior cleaner  

    SONAX Xtreme Car Interior Cleaner 02212410 (Automotive)
    I have tried to spray on the cushions, and the interior and at the bars. It smells very pleasant now. I scrub stains on the door bar for years, had suddenly disappeared. The internal cleaner has very convinced me, where can I find the purpose cleaner
  • Directional well and looks great!  

    Original Audi air freshener scent Gecko red 000087009B floral fragrance
    At first I was a bit skeptical even about the price. The Gecko has convinced me by his appearance and his scent. I am very pleased. Although it might be somewhat more favorable in my opinion
  • Gehee]  

    Fairy Tail Swing 2 Mascot Figure Keychain - Gajeel Redfox
    Everything was great! Quality top, fast delivery (abroad) but was worth it. Gajeel dangling merrily on my keychain around: P in about as long as a toothpick. slightly smaller, perhaps! Gladly again!