• smells very good my taste  

    California Scents 7027 car air freshener, Verri Berry (Automotive)
    Have I done under the driver's seat and with the Fußklimaanlage the smell distributed nicely in the car :) Everyone goes into my car noticed this immediately and even if I ride down you can smell it already window
  • super 505  

    BMW E46 + E90 ALU PEDALS SET + footrest for switching truck M LOOK
    The pedals are well-made and can be adapted well to the pedals. When accelerator pedal one has however come up with something to fix the screws. Otherwise you have to expand it, and that's not easy.
  • Caution 15  

    Weksiuk AP00184BK OBD 2 cable Black
    Bad and cheap device, no description here, and handling is questionable hear from and say otherwise expensive watch on the controller fun
  • BMW 330D  

    LM 5128 Engine System Cleaner Diesel, 300 ml (Automotive)
    At first I had doubts about whether it which brings. I have noticed the resources of Moly at my local dealer. Then I checked here, what it is and bought a can. My tank was initially 1/3 full and I have the means into tilted, fueled and later complete
  • Is ok 12  

    Radio installation kit for BMW E46 from model year 05/1998 (iris + adapter cable + 2 Antenna Adapter) # # 0007S3
    So I got the e 46 as Coupe and unfortunately the frame does not fit properly. Had a bit of work on it. Now it sits. Shipping was fast. The cables are super.
  • Foot bent - star deduction for Amazon  

    Unitec 10911 U Bock Professional (Automotive)
    Unfortunately, the part was originally packed with Bent on foot. Since this can not be a Transprotschaden, the defective goods should not have been sent out. Therefore 2 star deduction. Return, I will not, because I need it urgently. The foot can I b
  • Better than expected! 20  

    OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER H7 halogen headlight bulb UNLIMITED 64210NBU-HCB + 110% more light and + 20% whiter light set of 2 (Automotive)
    Because of my low beams broke down recently, I was forced to sit down with the issue low beam apart. What do I need fÃ'r a pear, how can with my car (Golf V) be changed? After some research and some back and forth (due to but partly false recessions)
  • Good light output, already defective unfortunately after six months  

    OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED H4 Halogen headlight bulb 64193NBU-HCB + 110% more light and + 20% whiter light set of 2 (Automotive)
    The light output of bulbs I was up last super happy. It is not completely white but the color is already close. Here is down and defective one of the bulbs already after half a year. This should not happen with the price. Given that my previous bulb
  • The rescue of high-gloss plastic casing  

    SONAX Scratch 03050000 (Automotive)
    My expensive Sony VAIO All-In-One-PC came out of repair with completely zerschrammtem housing back. The high-gloss black plastic housing (in "piano lacquer" look) looked as if it had been repeatedly pushed along the ground and processed in
  • Top taillights  

    Dectane RB18 taillights BMW E38 95-02 red / crystal (Automotive)
    The rear lights are really top quality. The installation went smoothly and the lights fit properly. Compared to my old tail lights, which are now even now 20 years old, my 7 Series now looks from behind like a 7 Series facelift. I can only recommend.
  • Best idea, execution flop!  

    Büse braces with zipper Men
    the idea of ​​integrating braces incl. double zipper on his trousers so that then the jacket can be paired yet, deserves absolute respect. Yet offer the whole at a very attractive price, is almost exemplary. However, the length adjustment of the carr
  • Perfect fit 21  

    febi 19971 cabin air filter (Automotive)
    For Mondeo bought, the filter was used in few minutes. The quality I would put at least equivalent to the original part, absolutely precisely, the lateral seal is assured with a foam strip. Will stay with this filter.
  • Light yield good color well  

    Philips X-treme Vision + 130% H7 headlight bulb 12972XV + S2, set of 2 (Automotive)
    Got the Xtreme Vision bought because it was advertised with very white light. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed. The light output is indeed okay but the bulbs have an absolute yellowness. Has not much to do in my opinion with a white light. Previo
  • easy operation  

    Michelin 92,417 Jack Stand Set, 2000 kg lifting capacity (Automotive)
    So to make a long story short .. they are reasonably well I personally use them to set up around the rear axle of my sport quads it just fine! Price performance is very good.
  • Stable and well made, but ... CAUTION ...  

    Car Cigarette Lighter Double Power Distribution 12V socket 10,5x5x4cm NEW
    ... On the back stand out the threads of the two "contact screws" from the two outlets. It is one small nut rotated (both were not firmly). Neither of which are covered! The problem is that there is a passage between the "+" so -
  • Very good 328  

    4x Ratchet strap tension belt with ratchet lashing 800kg / 5 meters to EN12195-2 quality color yellow incl. 10x edge protectors Edge protection, iapyx®
    All my expectations have been met for the price. Can be handled easily and keep even with proper Baltic storms everything reliably together. We attach a beach chair and garden furniture so.
  • ALCLEAR bestowed customers with positive review!  

    ALCLEAR 5713050M Set of 2 Professional Hand Polishing Pad 130 x 50 mm with all-round handle bar for waxes, polishes, paint cleaners, blue (Automotive)
    The Schwam used several times. Bin partially satisfied. The thing me is very disturbing the review. It is bestowed by the company when Amazon releases here at least a 4 Sternige rating. This distorts the real review. So what is totally wrong and unfa
  • Never something else  

    Meguiars Endurance High Gloss Reifenglanzgel, 473ml (Automotive)
    I have had many tire shine sprays and foams. Most times (ie 8) could be his tires so 2 times Edit and after a week of fun was over. You have to shell out for usually 9.99 to 12.99. The gel of Meguiars costs 2-3 euros more, but you get it many times m
  • ARMOR ALL 31735L Universal  

    ARMOR ALL 31735L Universal Active Foam Cleaner, 500ml (Automotive)
    A spray that is able to solve even stubborn stains so that they can be removed completely from the fabric with appropriate treatment. An examination of the substance for colorfastness is highly recommended.
  • Would I Buy 4  

    Tuningart 787 stainless steel bumper protection
    The protective film is a bit cumbersome from, align and off sticking I'd rather have done for two, but nevertheless, the results are impressive!