• Use trousers  

    Bleu Six bags motorcycle pants motorcycle armor jeans pants reinforced by aramid protective lining
    've Bought two of these pants. The first impression was good. The pants look "normal". Not very nice but do not fall to a "motorcycle pants" and are therefore relatively unproblematic to wear in everyday life. The sizes I would be
  • Stable and practical  

    4x wall rim lock rims tree tires's shelf Wheels wall mount wall bracket
    I bought two sets for the installation of two sets of tires in the garage and dowelled to the wall. The whole thing is quite unproblematic, sits stably on the wall and the tires are wonderful tidy. The no foam padding causes not much, but at least th
  • Microfasertuch rounder  

    ALCLEAR 950,008 ultra-microfiber cloth rounder Maxi for almost all surfaces High cleaning power, 25 x 40 cm, White, Number 1 (Automotive)
    Also limescale in the bathroom went off effortlessly. Another advantage is that you einspart.ohne the Reining means problems I clean my bathroom, shower and sink of the morgentlichen competitions of children. in the car, the fixtures and mirrors an e
  • Unfortunately not recommendable!  

    Kunzer WK 1010 Hydraulic car jack 2.25 tons (Automotive)
    I admit the jack back just the second time and will definitely not order it again. The first jack was unfortunately totally warped, was virtually only on 3 wheels. However, it had already convinced me how clean and sensitive hydraulic works. But it i
  • Power not quite what I want.  

    Standard 12mm carburetor with electric choke, Gurtner replica, Peugeot Buxy, Speedfight; Kymco Dink, Agility, Top Boy; SYM Jet, Mask 50
    I can adjust what I want, however, changes to the gas nothing. Unfortunately, only 3 star for the article would have been super price here!
  • ATTENTION: tow rope does not have TÜV / GS / DIN Seal / examination  

    APA 24730 towrope Din 76033, up to 2500 Kg (Automotive)
    Product image advertises TÜV / GS / DIN Seal / examination (status 03.14.2015). Amazon (no MarketPlace) of sent items from APA, however, has this quality labeling NOT. Neither on the packaging or on the rope / shackles. Visually still blue and white
  • The perfect complement to the charger  

    CTEK 56263 cigarette lighter cable (Automotive)
    This Kabeel is the perfect complement to the charger CTEK MXS 5.0. The connector fits to and with the plug for the power socket it overnight charging or trickle charging for long idle times no longer a problem. No installation and removal of the batt
  • Perfect fit and sound  

    Baseline Connect double ISO radio bezel, anthracite-black (Electronics)
    The frame makes a final and stable impression. He is fit and can be on the upgrade of the original radios used without difficulty. As Einbautip: use the case for the new radio only in the new framework, since this is how the brackets for mounting muc
  • Works ... 111  

    iFoxtek® Mini Bluetooth OBD 2 Car Diagnostic Scanner / Diagnostic Scanner / diagnostic tester for all OBD II vehicles known manufacturers Version 1.5 Sent
    ... With: - OBD Car Doctor - Torque - Piston - Carista ... Not with: - Force (shame because I bought it) Bluetooth application absolutely free of problems with PIN 1234 (code is not in, but after 0000 so the second most common pairing Code). Pairing
  • Good average.  

    Yatour Bluetooth module for BT Yatour Interface AUX Interface Adapter USB SD MP3 (Automotive)
    On the steering wheel remote control, I still have to do without, though the speakerphone works perfectly, but the audio quality of music it is miserable.
  • Delivery 6 1  

    iCarSoft i810 OBD2 diagnostic equipment CANBus Universal for all vehicles handheld diagnostic device
    Article has already convinced me of the box as it is processed. To my surprise, is also a pocket in the price available. Product is well made and has detected the error on the vehicle immediately. The article to my surprise was delivered very quickly
  • ... Unconvincing ... 14  

    2 piece H15 XENON SPECTRUM BLUE 7500Kelvin 15/55 Watt 12 Volt PGJ23t-1 version
    My assessment relates purely to the product, by no means the seller. Unfortunately, it is as with all products of this type, which are offered as a substitute for the conventional H15 lamps. Daytime running light whiter than the original bulbs but wo
  • 5 stars 26  

    OSRAM XENARC NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED D1S XENON headlight bulb 66140XNB 70% more light 1 Stückin the folding box (Automotive)
    What can we say about this product? Perfect, old out new pure and everything was great. Better it is hardly still.
  • Automatically charge the battery  

    CTEK MXS 5.0 car battery charger with automatic temperature compensation, 12 V (Automotive)
    My old (40jährig) charger no longer wanted, a new was needed and the choice was the MXS. 5 And the choice was very good. Clamping to the cigarette lighter and an electrical outlet. About the dial to select the desired charging program and relax. Afte
  • Miracle cure  

    157073 presto Ceramic Spray, 400 ml, (Automotive)
    It was time. At our new car (Sandero Stepway II) had to be changed on the Reifenv winter to summer. The front tire sat firmly on the wheel hub, however. Have some sprayed on it to rust remover. With loosen screws Drain jack has not helped. The brute
  • Simple icebox for long distances  

    Mobicool 9103500788 G26 AC / DC Thermoelectric Cooler for car and power outlet, 25 liters Energy class A ++ (Automotive)
    I use the cooler for about half a year. Traveling in the car as well as at the outlet at home or in a hotel, etc., it has fulfilled its task. Positive: To use cooler in it as well as to the socket without adapter - - By prior cooling the cold remains
  • Good parking aid for retrofitting  

    Vega R4S parking aid with an acoustic signal transmitter and including 4 sensors in black (a. Sounder, black) (Automotive)
    The parking sensor was installed in a Hyundai i10 Installation without dismantling the bumper! Small service instructions for the Hyundai i10 Year 2008.: Supplied with a suitable drill attachment is included. One should look behind the bumper, so you
  • ORIGINAL VW Radioausbauwerkzeuge went SUPER SO ;-))  

    Watermark WM-9730 Removal Tool
    well, so I can make the original VW radio together with CD players expand on my recently acquired VW Polo 9N (Bj.2002) without trouble. the slots were incidentally vertically and it has also verhakelt nothing with me, or read again difficult to remov
  • Size matters  

    CTEK MXS 7.0 Battery Charger (Automotive)
    Tips charger, have been thinking whether I should buy this or the next weaker. Now that it's there, I'm happy with any charge that it comes as a bit faster.
  • ok 44 1  

    SONAX Xtreme Rim Coating NanoPro 02361000 (Automotive)
    What in the description might be missing is information that these rims sealing is unsuitable for anthracite or matt rim. I unfortunately had to after reading detailed notice on the back. A brief note would have been beneficial. Did it not therefore