• From XXL a bit small  

    XXL Körnerkissen - Neck Pillow - pillow Wellness - Wohlfühlkissen- Large Heat cushion with collar - filling purified wheat - in different colors (red) (Health and Beauty)
    Fits up Dress size XL, above could the "vest" be a bit bigger, also about 1.90 Height is the "vest" a bit short. Otherwise, they served their purpose and it is comfortable to use the pillow, while you can also move.
  • Reliable oredntlicher epilator from Braun ... home  

    Braun SE 7-561 epilators Silk-épil 7 Legs and Body, Wet / Dry (Personal Care)
    As my problem area clearly are my legs in terms of hair, I have tested the good piece there in "wet" mode. The application is very simple and the same catchy without extensive training in the manual. In the wet-shave the "pain" :-
  • Soft bristles  

    Fantasia shaving brush pure badger, Havana plastic handle, height: 9.5 cm (Personal Care)
    The first few times using I was a little disappointed, because the bristles are very soft. But that's what helps it to foam up the shaving cream properly. I'm saving by nearly half of the foam, which I need with a stiff brush. Clear recommendation.
  • Steam, vapor and steam again ...  

    Delta Clearomizer Set in silver - Original Joyetech (Personal Care)
    The Delta 23 is already a real Klopper and makes triple-coil evaporator (and the corresponding Watts reserves on the unit) powerfully much steam. The workmanship is good and I bought it because of its robust construction. Airflow works beautifully. T
  • Excellent deal and good reputation  

    Brown Face 80 - Refill Pack with 2 brush heads - Specially designed for the Brown Face cleaning brush (Personal Care)
    Very good service and deal privileged as well as communication, excellent deal and reputation And continue to deal in the future.
  • Great woman razor - but certainly very good shave 1  

    Gillette Venus Breeze razor SPA (Health and Beauty)
    We tested the razor from my wife: Especially when shaving with a woman, it may happen again now and that when using an ordinary razor, the skin itches behind, is dry or you do intersect, because the skin is much more sensitive. When I had the Gilette
  • Sphygmomanometer Top  

    Sphygmomanometer upper arm Original Boso K1 shock protected virgin Warranty + double head stethoscope Blue stethoscope Doppelkopfsttehoskop Tiga-Med (Personal Care)
    The blood pressure monitor is Top processed very precise and super good. The stethoscope is however nix. Since one should rather buy something sensible, unfortunately these are then however no bargains.
  • super finally get some help and the support  

    GC Ex, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, fat burner diet, and appetite control (Personal Care)
    Hey so I'm so excited about these pills of appetite away, attach itself makes the tired feeling I have often felt equal to WC's as otherwise the body is dehydrated and have more energy !!! Will continue to test and report back on occasion wish all go
  • to good use but cautious  

    Eyekepper Borderless Tinted reading glasses with satin metal frame +1.25 (Personal Care)
    The shipping was very quick, the glasses are otherwise easily and well. The only drawback are the brackets that the "hinge" are also very thin. If one remembers the bracket carefully to open / close all likely to be good, otherwise they could ce
  • Stylish plaited in a jiffy  

    BaByliss TW1000E Twist Secret (Personal Care)
    I love plaited. Frequently I braid my single thin streaks in her hair. For the grandiose plaited how can they admire about to Instagramm, dexterity me sadly lacking. When I discovered this iron, I was therefore very curious. To not do wrong, I first
  • Not worth money  

    Wilkinson Sword nail clippers with nail catcher in chrome, 1er Pack (1 x 1 piece) (Health and Beauty)
    after about 6 weeks of use crumbled the part into its individual parts. I can not recommend this nail clippers. A proverb holds true: Who dime, buy twice.
  • Great food supplements  

    Fit Fox Express - Premium L-Glutamine amino acid powder, 500g can (Personal Care)
    I'm not a high-performance athlete and as a woman also not out to train me excessive muscle packages. Nevertheless, I've tried the amino acids L-Glutamine powder and am quite pleased with it. Just after the cycling (in mountainous hinterland) muscles
  • Very convincing! 2  

    Omron BF212 body composition monitor (Personal Care)
    I knew the Omron brand already coming from several other healthcare products in our household for use, such as a sphygmomanometer. Accordingly, the expectations were very high. First, after having inserted the batteries (4AAA) I noticed that the bala
  • Practical all-rounder with lots of accessories  

    Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet & dry shaver (Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    Philips introduced me to the here-called set free product trial offers, because I wanted a razor that meets my numerous claims. I myself wear a mix of sideburns beard and full beard. I wear-free part of my cheeks and the neck, the rest will be clean
  • Device runs great, unfortunately, does not work, the data transmission  

    Medisana MTX Upper arm blood pressure measuring device including USB cable (Personal Care)
    I am somewhat ambivalent as regards the Medisana blood pressure device. First, the function: In my opinion, the Medisana correctly (comparison with an old blood pressure monitor + an arm cuff) measures The Medisana had the most stable and most credib
  • Prima spatula,  

    Plastic spatula (Personal Care)
    To ensure the complete and for hygienic use. Vo especially for Geischtscremes. Most data is as much at the bottom of Cremtiegels left because you have to think of something to get the Rester out. Earlier meisst wars a toothpick, o-ä. because there is
  • Noticed zero effect!  

    NADH + Ginseng - The energy pill of Stars. From Nobel laureates recommended (60 capsules) (Health and Beauty)
    Featured media, much advertised and - at least in my case - completely useless! Schade, again less hope than when. Should still be people who are helped.
  • Professional device for a reasonable price  

    Philips Series 9000 HC9490 / 15 hair trimmer (professional Engine) (Personal Care)
    Who takes the HC9490 / 15 in the hand, already knows that he has not a cheap device on here. The stainless steel appearance and haptics is really first class. No gaps, no creaks. It is as if one is a high-tech electronic toys the league in front of h
  • PARKER 99R - So be it.  

    Parker 99R Super Heavyweight Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor Butterfly Open and Shark Super Chrome Blades (Personal Care)
    Now have tested the 99R and am full of praise - very gentle, yet thorough, great feel. Tested with a "Supermax" Sword - wonderful. Not quite as aggressive as the Feather 800, I usually use - the handling, the size and the weight are sensational
  • Air Wick Life Scents Freshmatix Max Refill  

    Air Wick Fresh Matic Max Life Scents Refill - Enchanted Garden, 2-pack (2 x 250 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    The scent I liked not so good, but since one can change. That the case is now black, has me again very much. It does not stand out.