• Great woman razor - but certainly very good shave  

    Gillette Venus Breeze Razor (Health and Beauty)
    We tested the razor from my wife: Especially when shaving with a woman, it may happen again now and that when using an ordinary razor, the skin itches behind, is dry or you do intersect, because the skin is much more sensitive. When I had the Gilette
  • Absolute magic bullet  

    Unger Unger's Liquid 1 l (Personal Care)
    I use it on the one hand for window cleaning and on the other hand to clean the glossy front of my kitchen and closet doors. In both disciplines, it really is the absolute panacea, in conjunction with the Unger Squeegee and washer unbeatable. Everyth
  • Industry Leader  

    Shaving Factory 100 Feather Stainless Steel Double Edge Safety Razor, 1er Pack (1 x 1 piece) (Health and Beauty)
    With razor blades there are major differences with regard to their durability and sharpness. This Feather blades are the top in both cases for me. Since twinge and tears nothing when shaving.
  • Scrap - significant measurement differences  

    Sanitas SBF 48 USB diagnostic scale, glass-silver (Personal Care)
    I had a simple bathroom scale, but I bought it because I wanted to observe my body fat percentage over a longer period because of my sport. In addition to the weekly fat measurement I weigh my weight daily. Here, the faux pas! Firstly, my weight is a
  • Great egg!  

    Shots Toys Vibrator Egg with 10 speed levels, with remote control, large, pink, 1 piece (Personal Care)
    The egg does what it should and that very well;) It is not noisy at all, at least not when it carries in itself (which is also the meaning of a vibrator egg is). Therefore, it is very well suited for a quiet, public places. The vibration levels bring
  • Tastes verkohkelt from 20W  

    InnoCigs subtank OCC Clearomizer Heads (5 Pack) for subtank evaporator - produced by KangerTech (0.5 Ohm)
    The second from the packaging verkohkelt determines a Fehlproduktion.Hatte the problem with these heads not previously tasted at 20 W. Now I have eight pieces, I hope it gets better.
  • Venus won me some time  

    Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry blade, 3 pieces (Personal Care)
    I've been using a comparative test in the last year totally like the Venus. Even before I was a fan of Venus, but sometimes could not bring me, because the blades are too expensive. The Olay blades I use generally. Maintain the legs nicely, collect a
  • Oma's Rumpelkammer  

    Heitmann Gall Soap liquid, 4-pack (4 x 250 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Who still recalls Grandma's advice, who knows with gall soap can combat suspicious spots. We learned from a woman in our environment that you used liquid gall soap. Knew so far only the solid form. So sought product ordered uuuuuunnnnnd ??? We are to
  • Great Product But why only one star  

    InnoCigs eGrip e-cigarette kit in camouflage - produced by Joyetech (Personal Care)
    My appeal to manufacturers, the E-Grip is a great device even de only one star because the article has two major mistakes, 1x battery that is not replaceable, it is going empty inerhalb of 1 hour, and takes 2 hours to back is charged spare battery wo
  • Effective, but loud, trembling and without light  

    Philips HP6523 / 02 Satin Soft Epilator (Health and Beauty)
    Included with the Philips HP6523 / 02 includes not only the actual device five essays for different purposes, the appropriate charger, a cleaning brush and a sufficiently large storage bag from unattractive plastic. A proper instructions, in which th
  • Good shaver no frills  

    Gillette Venus razor with 2 blades (Personal Care)
    Shaver there are now with all possible and impossible Accessories and various extras. This comes out almost any case. The only thing that he has "on top", are an indicator strip, which a visually communicate (they discolor), when the blade
  • Class massager for face and nails.  

    PIXNOR P2016 facial cleansing brush 7-in-1 facial massager (pink) with 7 brush heads (Personal Care)
    I ordered the equipment mainly because of the many essays. Why? Because I have another device, in which only two of the brush attachments cost much more than this whole set. Directly at the beginning why I draw from a star? The barrel is not very "ro
  • Philips Wet / Dry Elektrorazur QR1187  

    Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet & dry shaver (Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    Philips Shaver 7000 Series RQ1187 When I opened the package, my first impression was astonished at so great a sleek shape and design the machine, my 2nd impression came when I held it in his hand, his shape fits the hand well, and its weight of 163 g
  • Perfectly fitting Original Parts  

    Braun T1010 / 2020 Replacement caps for Braun ThermoScan thermometer, 200 pieces (Personal Care)
    These caps fit exactly to the Braun ThermoScan thermometers - at least in my case it was at the delivered goods namely to exactly the same packages that the device also inserts when buying. So exactly the same, that the inscription "Not for Resale&qu
  • Very skin-friendly and thorough shaver  

    Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet & dry shaver (Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    My father (53) and I (24) to use the Philips shaver now since 2 weeks. We are both very pleased with the shaving performance of the rotary shaver. We both have a very strong beard growth, yet the result is (except directly on the larynx, which in my
  • beeps, further measures  

    Digital Basalthermomter (Pink) for cycle control helps ovulation of BabyMad - Flexible tip - ideal for oral measurement (Personal Care)
    It measures just okay and I think! However, it beeps, but continues to measure. Do not listen to the beeping and hold 2 minutes Measurement Time, then plonk müssts. Only I would like to hold a beep, the works ... That plus the capabilities I have not
  • Color looks totally different :-(  

    Meralens Seraphin contact lens care products with no strength, 1er Pack (1 x 2 pieces) (Health and Beauty)
    Ansich superlens, but who as a cool color expected as the image may forget, I have medium brown eyes and for me it looked dark green from bah .. quite funny like an alien Here: /
  • Small, lightweight, convenient and very good value for money  

    PIXNOR P2016 Portable 7-in-1 facial cleaning equipment Brushes for Women & Men - deep cleansing of the skin - Natural Anti-Aging - Microdermabrasion Cleanser Set - exfoliating dead skin cells - Stimulate collagen - Beauty Care Massager Facial Massager (Pink) (Health and Beauty)
    + Scope of delivery: - Cleaning device - A set of essays (seven pieces) consisting of: 1. Rough polishing plate: for removing blemishes 2. Soft latex sponge: to massage the eyes and cheeks 3. makeup sponge: For massage and skin cleansing Prevent to m
  • Spontex sponges source  

    Spontex sponges source Midi, viscose, fine pores, suitable as tile, car and blackboard eraser, 10 pieces, 135 x 90 x 37 mm (Personal Care)
    What a magic when the sponge rises. For cleaning ideal. It is very durable and of good quality. The purchase can be recommended by me only.
  • Beautiful fragrance distribution, low noise and smooth, switchable LED lighting  

    Soehnle 68056 Aroma Diffuser Milano Plus, white (household goods)
    I already have a small diffuser in the kitchen are, with whom I am very satisfied. Ultrasonic generate a very delicate mist, which distributes the added essential oil in the chamber. The Aroma Diffuser of Soehnle I now use in the room and he is in ma