• Why is there something cool now?!? :)  

    Flesh Heater - This heater brings your Fleshlight to temperature! - Easy to use with automatic shutdown (Personal Care)
    We find the total class. My husband had previously always preheated in the warm water, because the trunk otherwise got a cold shock: D The Flesh Heater takes 4 minutes and then the rubber bride is ready. The Heater is very well made. No edges and not
  • Pretty small, super power, but narrow  

    PROTANK mini 3 Kanger BDCC 1.5 ml glass tank, removable DripTip, KangerTech, e-cigarette (Personal Care)
    Did the PROTANK Mini 3 is the third solution in the program, so I can steam a taste lasting sometimes without permanent decanting etc. He is slightly narrower than normal round battery and its socket and Driptip quite long. Füllhöhenbedingt, the tank
  • force reduces  

    Braun Oral-B Electric Toothbrush TriZone 600 - Limited Design Edition (Personal Care)
    Have this toothbrush now for 2 years in use. At first I was very satisfied. The battery has held about 1.5-2 weeks. Meanwhile, power has quite subsided and I feel that the battery is no longer after 2 days has the force required to thoroughly clean t
  • Pillows a bit bulky, shave a little slimy  

    Gillette Venus Breeze Razor (Health and Beauty)
    I simply find it convenient to have the shaving gel right on the razor, I looked forward to a new experience with the Venus of Gilette. The shaving itself proved really quite pleasant. Legs, knees and armpits shaved wonderfully, but I guess in "curve
  • Zewa Velvety  

    Zewa Soft toilet paper "The velvet" yellow, 8 rolls (Personal Care)
    So I was very disappointed with the quality and quantity. Similar products in the same price range offer a lot more for your money Since it is from the name ZEWA se another usual. I would not buy it again. :-(
  • Not for small hands  

    Rowenta CF8360 Hot Air dry brush Multi Glam / 4 Papers / Ionic function (Personal Care)
    The Rowenta CF8360 Hot Air dry brush is nothing is there processed for little hands in the handle a hair dryer with up to 1200 watts of power. Before buying you should know that all attachments are firmly attached, the round brushes can not be rotate
  • Not identical with Image  

    Sangenic 25055 0030 6-pack refill cartridge for napkin twister Sangenic (Personal Care)
    I have now bought the item for the third time. The first two times it was exactly as shown - individually wrapped in foil 6 range. Now the third time the goods arrive in the box and the roles are unsealed. Still see no difference, but had seen a spec
  • For me, the "expensive" no alternative ....  

    Gillette Venus Embrace blades, 4 pieces (Personal Care)
    because here I get small pustules after shaving and I have cut me. Unfortunately you have here or there before small pimples on his leg, what I notice when my blood on the calf runs along after shaving. I epiliere definitely continue. It's worth it i
  • Highly soluble, tasty, good ingredients  

    SygLabs Whey Protein Professional Chocolate - 1000g Dose Whey Protein (Personal Care)
    I have tested the variety vanilla and am very positively impressed. It's important for protein powders that there are as few ingredients, the fat content is not too high and the protein content is at least 75%. All this is the case here. A well solub
  • Keuchheit for men  

    Xiaomai High quality silicone penis cage for long wearing comfort Black (Personal Care)
    So I get the part today and can not understand why other men this part so commendable. I think the idea for this great, silicone is also great just I had to disassemble the part after half an hour again. Because probably my penis is too big for the 3
  • Pillows a bit bulky, shaving slightly slimy  

    Gillette Venus Breeze razor SPA (Health and Beauty)
    I simply find it convenient to have the shaving gel right on the razor, I looked forward to a new experience with the Venus of Gilette. The shaving itself proved really quite pleasant. Legs, knees and armpits shaved wonderfully, but I guess in "
  • Good, but not for the face  

    SOS Micro Silver Cream (2-pack) - To care for eczema and dry skin (2x100 mL) (Health and Beauty)
    Enthusiastic about the silver cream from another manufacturer, I wanted to test whether a drug product as well. I do not have extremely dry skin, but rather very sensitive acne / rosacea skin with dry patches. My face liked the cream does not, the sk
  • Cheap imitation  

    16 pcs (4x4) E-Cron® brush. Oral B depths cleaning / FlossAction (EB25-4) replacement. Fully compatible with the following models of electric toothbrushes Oral-B: Vitality Precision Clean, Vitality Floss Action, Vitality Sensitive, Vitality Pro White, Vitality Dual Clean, Vitality White and Clean, Professional Care, Triumph, Advance Power, TriZone and Smart Series.
    The brush heads are made of very cheap plastic. Grasp itself like pure chemistry China. The fit is also insufficient, the heads sit very loosely to the brush and fall while brushing just once from. The bristles themselves are partly just too long so
  • intensive and versatile but expensive  

    Baldini BioAroma lavender fine, 1er Pack (1 x 5 ml) (Health and Beauty)
    Since the BioAroma is also suitable for human consumption, I'm willing to pay accordingly for quality. 128,00 EURO for 100 ml of course no chicken feed even if you use only one or a few per drops needed. Unfortunately, my drop opening is too large, a
  • Good-quality device in innovative presentation  

    Philips Series 9000 HC9450 / 20 hair trimmer (motorized combs) (Health and Beauty)
    My old hair trimmer was replaced for some time and so came to me the Philips Series 9000 HC9450 / 20 hair trimmer just right. Interestingly, the function of the motorized combs, which is really handy thing, especially the memory function. This allows
  • Class device, even if it has small hooks.  

    Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet & dry shaver (Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    By Philips I got the Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senseo Touch 2D wet and dry shaver for testing. Even if my product is provided free of charge for testing, my opinion is neutral and honest! Since I am female, my father but the Philips brand like very much, I
  • Set on its own claim failed.  

    Medisana BS 440 Connect body analyzer scale Including HausMed coupon code (Personal Care)
    Before this scale, this marvel of technology've bought, I have carefully studied all the reviews and have come to the conclusion that the proportion of connectivity problems is reassuring small for such a product. The scale was shipped fast within on
  • Gillette Venus Breeze razor  

    Gillette Venus Breeze Razor (Health and Beauty)
    Actually, I use rather shaving for men, because I was so far the shave "clean" and free of injury - but "Learning by doing" so the Gillette Venus Breeze razor tested. The Gillette Venus Breeze razor came as a bundle consisting of the &
  • Very good carbohydrate source  

    Myprotein Instant Oats Tasteless, 1er Pack (1 x 5 kg) (Health and Beauty)
    I opted for the ground oatmeal, because I can not eat normal oatmeal for breakfast because of the mushy consistency. The oatmeal are very finely ground and the powder dissolves very well in liquid. It also form lumps (as eg egg white powder sometimes
  • Clearly easy to handle, however,  

    Medicator, pillbox, pill box, Pill Box, Pill, weekly dispenser, 7 days from M & H (Personal Care)
    Can not tell you how it is when you have spaces or can not move his fingers properly I. At the price is definitely try it and possibly to fail then, not connected to huge losses. Finally, the product can be given away, all the people are and once sic