• Sturdy clipper with slight deficits  

    Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer Nomad / battery-mains operation / stainless steel knife (Personal Care)
    The Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer is comfortable to hold, even though the surface has no ribbing. The accessories such as a small cleaning brush and a small vial of oil can be accommodated in the bottom of the charging station. The clipper comes with t
  • Top taste and tolerability  

    HERBALIFE protein bars peanut chocolate flavor 14 bars 490g (Personal Care)
    Got over a week away for free on the Tour Transalp these bars. Have no exaggeration about 50 pieces of it consumed, because I have the bars of everything OFFERED best tolerated and they are quick and easy to eat what is during the most important cycl
  • Taste not outstanding!  

    BB Genics High Protein 91 - the highest quality, from MilcheiweissŸ, whey protein (whey) & EieiweissŸ, Vanilla, 750g, SP-EW0211 (Personal Care)
    Overview of my review: 1 Effect 2 flavors 3 Ingredients 4 Others 5 Conclusion I am an amateur athlete protein shakes I take off and after exercise. The first I'll start with the effect of shakes, as these are the most difficult to assess. Who is an a
  • SPA for home  

    Medisana MCN shiatsu massage seat cover, black (Personal Care)
    SPA for home. More need not be said, however, one can not both functions at the same time as the neck massage for smaller people is from a height of 1.75. But no problem then can you have to stop first the neck and then massage by positioning itself
  • The first and only fat burner for me!  

    Body Attack LIPO 100,120 capsules, 1er Pack (1 x 102 g) (Equipment)
    First, the initial situation: I would like to bring about a reduction in weight, have also been made with the appropriate training and proper diet a lot. Now I wanted to with LIPO100 accelerate the whole bit. Review: Today is the first day after the
  • Class protein powder made in Germany  

    SygLabs Protein 85 Plus Chocolate - 1000g (Personal Care)
    For years I practice weight training and accordingly I have pretty much tried all major brands once. What is important to me? No soy ingredients, no no-name manufacturers and no sugar (low-carb). Otherwise the components, especially in the field of a
  • Good really helpfull  

    Beurer MG 145 Shiatsu Massage Cushion (Personal Care)
    My history: Damage to the 5th and 6th cervical vertebra due to long hours - many years of PC activity. What I still do. Always headache symptoms due to tension of the neck muscles. Therapy with massage / thermal and power - headache and tensions away
  • Beautiful Box Mod makes what he intended.  

    Tesla Metal Box Mod 60W in Silver Original (Personal Care)
    Use the Tesla for my Aspire Atlantis. And GT2 for my typhoon. Both with 05 Ohm coil. Display is just right and not too cluttered. Unit fits comfortably in your hand. Is also nice that you can charge the battery in the device. Would it back Buy. There
  • No lumps, delicious in taste  

    Fit Fox Express Premium Whey 100 percent Classic Shake, protein shake, Classic Vanilla Cream, 1er Pack (1 x 1 kg) (Health and Beauty)
    My husband goes to the gym regularly and therefore also drink protein shakes. Normally, he relies on 91% in those shakes. 100% is because even a small difference in which he thought that the shake is there certainly taste totally disgusting. But that
  • One of the best body shaver  

    BaByliss E837E multifunction trimmer 10 in 1 W-tech (Personal Care)
    Hi, I use the gäret both the beard and the body shave. Cut beard comes with standard attachment (without any additional attachment) fine and fast (about 2 minutes for the complete delivery beard). If you need a precise length of the beard there are t
  • Finally a meter on which you can rely  

    Panasonic EW-BU15 blood pressure monitor for the upper arm (Personal Care)
    I will measure my regular blood pressure hypertension suffer. So far I had only one device for the wrist, so I thought, that's enough. But far from it, the measurement results were so different that I've decided to look for a reliable device out. The
  • Very funny for the fan  

    Paper + Design 00189 printed toilet paper King Football (Personal Care)
    I am often invited to watch football and have taken the role as a souvenir. The laughs were on my side, and the football game was also good
  • Medical examination at the doctor revealed - Vitamin D is still too low after about 3 weeks of taking higher than recommended  

    Peak Vitamin D, 180 tablets, 1-Pack (1 x 90 g) (Health and Beauty)
    The tablets you can take, but do not seem to really make this something. Have you shown my health care and well, more than a smile was not to elicit her. To me, this shows unfortunately, I will switch to brand products or just buy Vitamin D from the
  • Good toothbrush, but  

    Philips Sonicare HX6730 / 33 HealthyWhite sonic toothbrush 2. handpiece, Frost White (Personal Care)
    the life is rather limited to the time until shortly after the warranty! Our two handpieces are gone within two months broken, coincidence? We already use the Philips for many years, the last more than five years have done their service. Then we have
  • Ideal for short to medium length beards.  

    Remington MB6550 Vacuum Beard Trimmer - powered lithium (Personal Care)
    I use the trimmer now for over a year on a regular basis two or three times a week. I stop short of my beard on 6-9mm and for the device is ideally suited. If I wanted to wear a slightly longer beard, the device would not catch all the hairs. I have
  • Razor burn? - Ade !!!!  

    Philips RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet & dry shaver (Bart Tyler and nose u. Ear hair trimmer) (Health and Beauty)
    User review for Philips SensoTouch RQ1187 / 45 Senso Touch 2D wet and dry shaver I have enjoyed myself advertised as a tester in the test campaign of Philips Senso Touch RQ1187, because I have a very sensitive skin shaving. Razor burn was so far with
  • Perfect Reisefön  

    Rowenta CV3312 travel hairdryer Nomad Elite /1.600 Watt (Personal Care)
    Even though most hotels now provide a hair dryer, they are nevertheless of highly variable quality, making the hair drying into a gamble. In this respect, a good and reliable Reisefön that is known, a reasonable investment. The Rowenta Nomad is one s
  • Good price in the bundle  

    Somat 10 XL Bundle Pril, 1er Pack (Health and Beauty)
    The all in with no tabs are convenient and the included in the bundle bottle Pril is inexpensive. A good deal in my opinion.
  • very good support stocking  

    ". Medical Elastic class 2 (23-32 mmHg) Great quality UNISEX compression stockings OPEN" (XL (Height: 158-170cm), Beige) (Health and Beauty)
    he is of good quality and really great to wear. You hardly notice him. I wear it at night and have found that one quickly gets used to the feel. Then he just sits in the leg and is like as if he is part of a - not at all disturbing.
  • ATTENTION: Wrong Product Description ... this product is with sucralose and aspartame do not !!!  

    CANDEREL refill scrap 500 St (Personal Care)
    This is, I believe, already the third dealer who offers the Canderel Refill with sucralose and not, as advertised, with aspartame. Tastes clearly bitter and unpleasant than aspartame, not recommended. Use aspartame for over 20 years every day and hav