• Not again ..  

    Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry blade, 3 pieces (Personal Care)
    but that's probably the fact that I prefer epiliere. Shaving is so soon for naught, because you can keep off and then at the price as the purchase of a reasonable epilator definitely worth it. but now the product: I was disappointed because my skin h
  • No professional unit, it shows  

    Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer Nomad / battery-mains operation / stainless steel knife (Personal Care)
    The hair trimmer was delivered in his usual quick time and was generally well packed on a large sheet of paper can be found in many languages ​​all possible precautions. The actual operator's manual consists of a series of images that are pretty easy
  • The brand's top  

    Jojoba Gold - 100% pure cold-pressed oil - 100ml (Health and Beauty)
    Do this every night on the skin and in the beginning I had pimples and then are gone. Now I get a clear skin. I combine it with apricot kernel oil. Currently I have a beautiful skin.
  • Smaller, sleeker travel hairdryer with a lot of power  

    Rowenta CV3312 travel hairdryer Nomad Elite /1.600 Watt (Personal Care)
    This travel hairdryer Rowenta not only looks good, but also brings tidy despite Mini size performance and is the ideal companion for the holidays. Pro: + Very gringe, compact size with foldable handle + Light weight + It fits comfortably in your hand
  • Went back, not for me!  

    Yoga mat Ecopro Diamond violet (Personal Care)
    The mat was zurück.Warum immediately ?: -I Had immediately upon receipt times practiced a game of it: while / after that I had the feeling that my hands stick like honey! So the Ultra Grip I had on hand and foot, slipped something I'm still the dog d
  • Gentle but thorough wet shave  

    Gillette Venus razor with 2 blades (Personal Care)
    In addition to regular epilation I reach in between, if it is to go faster, sometimes a wet razor. So far, the always went with cheap (disposable) razors very good. Still, I was curious how the Gilette Venus is so. First of all, I have a little to fi
  • small, very small for a scale, but it works  

    Omron BF212 body composition monitor (Personal Care)
    First falls on the scale is very small and with shoe size 45 feet are already very excited about. But but the scale fits into every shelf. At first I thought that the size is a problem, but with repeated use you arrange with the size because the stat
  • Practical ideas, but not convincing  

    Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer Nomad / battery-mains operation / stainless steel knife (Personal Care)
    This trimmer has a unique feature a practical charging station, in the bottom you can still hide brush and oil bottle. Very practically solved! Otherwise he is rather plain, therefore, what must be a disadvantage, with two towers and a distance adjus
  • "... Ups! Where is it out the hair?!?"  

    Remington i-Light IPL6750 Prestige infinity light cartridge (Personal Care)
    Answer: way it is, thanks to Remington i-Light Prestige! Granted, getting there requires patience, time and a little bit to be "strong" ... But it can eliminate unwanted single hairs or even larger areas of hair in the long run! The width o
  • Smoothing instead remove  

    Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi, elec. Callus (Personal Care)
    I have not much cornea, but some pressure points which I would like to remove this device through the daily wearing of safety shoes uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the device is not really strong enough, the cornea is actually smoothed away rather than
  • Practical hair trimmer 1  

    Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer Nomad / battery-mains operation / stainless steel knife (Personal Care)
    Hello! The Rowenta TN1410 hair trimmer is meticulously crafted and it fits comfortably in your hand. The two plastic attachments fit quite neatly on top of the hair trimmer and it can be easily up and down slide. The setting is selectable from 3 to 3
  • Recommended test strand, note exposure  

    Khadi Herbal Hair Colour Middle Blond (Personal Care)
    After several attempts, I am now very happy with this hair color! My own hair color was once blonde, now a lot of gray exists. There blond gave me the color Khadi no problems, I dyed any test strand and blonde equal to the whole head applied the new
  • I do not know why it works, but it really works!  

    OPC capsules - OPC grape seed extract plus vitamin C, needed 2 months, now available as Value Pack with 2 months free OPC, including free e-book: (Personal Care).
    Have gearde the second can be ordered. Actually, we are in "health claims" and "well-being-Ooptimierung" the intellectually very skeptical ... But our experience shows that stress, for whatever reason, help 2 capsules a day. One mornin
  • I'm mutated into a biogas power plant  

    Champ Muscle Protein 90 Shake Chocolate, 1er Pack (1 x 810 g) (Health and Beauty)
    Taste is ok, solubility (with long-life milk) with a shaker well with a spoon stirred not so good. Inhaltssoffe: see Rezesionen the Hobby.Chemiker, -Ernährungswissenschaftler and Co. perhaps a Personal. or general problem with this product: If I take
  • Abundant colorless  

    1 kg Colorful Trommelstein Blend 1 kg approx 130-180 stones about 1 to 2.5 cm, for example, rock crystal, rose quartz, citrine, agate, amethyst, sodalite, Jade, Jasper, among other things. Auron (Personal Care)
    The resulting stones are relatively pale and Mostly colorless, pale pink or pale purple and hematite. Green, brown or blue stones are clearly in the minority. Even some stones are chipped. I'm not so excited right.
  • Sweet-smelling blades refill pack to high price  

    Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry blade, 3 pieces (Personal Care)
    In addition to regular epilation I reach in between, if it is to go faster, sometimes a wet razor. After I like to classic disposable razors have used otherwise, I am now the Gillette Venus forfeited models because the blades with the Olaf moisture p
  • I'm totally excited !!!! 1  

    Silk'n Glide HPL hair remover (Personal Care)
    Even as I unpacked the Glide, I was thrilled. It looks good, feels good and is great in your hand! So it started: First read the -very understandable geschriebene- manual, make preparations (shave beforehand) and then we go. After the first treatment
  • Way more torn  

    Pipedream, Icicles No. 47 (Health and Beauty)
    The shape is ideal for beginners. I am not but I wanted to consciously "No one. Small" because I wanted to wear the plug permanently. When standing or walking is also possible without any problems but when sitting much too wide foot pushes extre
  • For a time, quite well.  

    Grundig HD 2509 sports and travel hairdryer 1500 watts (Personal Care)
    My wife and I used the hair dryer is not very common. So we are a bit disappointed that (a shovel) is stopped the fan a bit and caught in the heating of the hair dryer's. This led to the immediate shutdown of the device. Unfortunately, out of warrant
  • What fun: D  

    NMC Daisy Dare Doggystyle Doll (Personal Care)
    Did this "toy" bought as a birthday gift. It hit like a bomb. Have this doll also attracted clothes because if she is naked but seems a bit frivolous. Unfortunately, this doll had not survived the day, but I also do not know if it was not too ha