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  • Very good 139 2  

    Sacré Charlemagne (MP3 Download)
    1 download on Amazon. A little tricky at first. Once understood the process very easy. Corresponds exactly to the listening extract. full song. Its very good. Not disappointed. I'll start.
  • Super 1880 5900  

    Wings (MP3 Download)
    it was long since I wanted to put that song in my repertoire that is done, very beautiful voice, I wish him a long and very successful career
  • perfect! January 1231  

    The integral (MP3 Download)
    Very happy with this integral. Possible to listen to my 33 laps .. then finally, I can listen to all the songs that I loved when I was little my children !! I am delighted and my children .. too!
  • Beautiful album on April 1  

    It's pouring (MP3 Download)
    I love this so particular style of play, it's impressive, congratulations to Martin this sequel, it's a success, the duets of this CD are very nice guitar François Sciortino blends perfectly with that of Martin, thank you for our ears, strongly there
  • A very good band!  

    Ember (Radio Edit) (MP3 Download)
    I have heard this title on Youtube and I was hooked on ... I love this band! They make beautiful music!
  • Very Successful First Test  

    Conchita (MP3 Download)
    Conchita Wurst, became a known name around the world, following the overwhelming victory in Eurovision 2014. This person since some consider a bearded transvestite, which is actually a drag queen who plays to character in public and artistic sphere.
  • perfect 1 6204  

    First Love (MP3 Download)
    I had trouble finding. But I managed. I have managed to download music. Everything works perfectly.
  • Music in line with the film - to see and listen.  

    The Age of Adaline (Original Motion Picture Score) (MP3 Download)
    This film is beautiful. They managed to portray the life of Adaline through a century while maintaining the contemporary over "their" lives. The music does the same. Congratulations.
  • visualization and breathing  

    Relaxation therapy: Breathing, visualization ... (MP3 Download)
    I always have a hard time projecting myself in the visualization but with a little practice I will get in the coming days
  • Excellent 259 50136104  

    Vulnicura (MP3 Download)
    Better than ever, bewitching voice, unclassifiable music, electro pop, classisante and delightful. Bjork makes its way to power against all
  • Protest song  

    Dear Mr. President (Live From Wembley Arena London, England) (MP3 Download)
    Who says the Protest Song was outdated? The singer Pink proves with this indictment against the policies of President George W Bush pledged that the song is not exclusive to the 1960 -1970.
  • a sound that sounds good: °  

    The wave (MP3 Download)
    Finally the music that resonates :) Fed up copiers and other pseudo artists finally a way that tears :)
  • I love !!!! 232  

    Marry You (MP3 Download)
    This is Bruno Mars, it can only be fantastic !!!! I have already the album, "juke box" 'containing treasure and many other delicious either listen loop titles.
  • Fingers crossed  

    Egeria (MP3 Download)
    We tend to praise an artist very soon in March 2 sounds, but it really has something to do great things. I do not like rap, but forced to note that this is a great sound, and "Nique clones Part II" and "We'll see." I hope he will succe
  • Unpublished not to be missed!  

    Hidden Gems [+ digital booklet] (MP3 Download)
    FINALLY! Finally, a group of artists who had the good idea of ​​bringing in an album that includes previously unreleased or demos, "B-sides", the B-side or unreleased tracks from albums that have appeared in countries foreigners. Fans of the gro
  • A musical anachronism  

    Remember (MP3 Download)
    While the lyrics are beautiful but that style of song to Mireille Mathieu or Ginette Reno is completely outdated. No wonder that with this song France has finished 25th of 27 in the Eurovision Song Contest. Lisa Angell has talent but is a singer root
  • I'm happy  

    SOS (MP3 Download)
    I have received this single and currently it still works no problem I did not complain am ca take pleasure
  • Definitely a hit!  

    Heroes (MP3 Download)
    The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 Måns Zelmerlöw had few successes to its credit in Scandinavia and Poland (Cara mia, Brother oh brother). Its Heroes title promises to be one of the summer hits in Europe. This song is really catchy dance
  • in joy  

    In joy (MP3 Download)
    gorgeous orchestration and interpretation are superb and quality. Congratulations Glorius, continue to delight us !!!! thanks to you we can express our joy of believing.
  • Nostalgia ..... 21  

    A Sign Of Time (MP3 Download)
    I already had this CD but with the vagaries of life I had lost so it's a pleasure to hear it again. In addition, as is a download I rediscovered at As he was downloading. Short but fun !!