• Bluetooth Headset for little money  

    NavGear Universal Bluetooth Headset BTH-200 for motorcycle helmets (Electronics)
    The delivery took place "in a flash". The clear box was opened quickly and the goods well packed. Laid out on the table the components are to be sorted quickly and the function of each object is self-explanatory. But what I immediately noticed:
  • Garbage, unstable  

    Audio Project A105 - Set of 4 Entriegelungsbügel car radio suitable for VW Audi Mercedes horizontal slot Ford (electronics)
    Does not lock (Audi A3 8P bj05) After several attempts, painful hands and bent Entriegelungsbügel I've given it up and threw the pieces into the garbage. Absolutely unstable. Drive now for audi dealers because there are at least quality
  • works beautifully in Lg g3  

    CHOETECH stage wireless charging mat 3-reel more storage for Nexus 5 Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 1020/920/928 MOTO Droid Maxx / Droid Mini, LG G3, TC Droid DNA, HTC Rzound, BlackBerry Z30, Pentax WG-III camera, Samsung, Google, LG, HTC and other Qi-enabled mobile phones and tablets (AC adapter not included) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Have the LG G3 and had no problems with the charging Stadium Qi. Put it into the wall outlet and thought at first, na ding broken because the blue LED is off. Only when I put my phone on it, I learned that it only lights up and the permanent. Best co
  • Deducting a star  

    EasyAcc Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Case Bags Wallet Case Flip Cover Case Skin Case Leather Protector Case with Stand Function Premium for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (PU synthetic leather, Black) (Electronics)
    The cover is quite good. When the magnetic-flap something just had more, then yes five stars would have been possible. Otherwise, I am happy with the product.
  • Practical set, a bit too expensive  

    Jumpers set, 140 pieces (Electronics)
    I have the jumpers on both plug boards, as well as prototype boards where I solder. They function properly on both boards, only more length gradations were fine. And the price is well, but they are just practical. but they'll buy again
  • Music in the ... no ... on the ear  

    On Ear Stereo Headphones Bluetooth foldable wireless for HTC One M9, Motorola Moto E, Samsung Galaxy S6 and more, GOgroove Bluevibe DLX, White (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    A really smart, unobtrusive-subtle part you hold with the GOgroove Bluevibe DLX Bluetooth headset in his hands. He is also collapsible and even has a hard shell case that fits in his delivery. Only one device can in this price range there are also in
  • Fast delivery and the thing does what it is supposed  

    TomTom High Speed ​​USB Multi-Charger (Optional)
    namely, it must at the same time my iPhone 4s and invite my TomTom and provide power and also then is still the cigarette lighter free ....; A dream came true gggggg; IPhone is loaded quickly ....
  • Does what it should and is keeping the promised 100 Mbit  

    CSL - 10m TAE connection cable router DSL / VDSL | RJ45 Western plug to TAE-F plug | VDSL | DSL | suitable for direct connection of DSL routers at the telephone socket | Twisted Pairs for effective protection against interference | 10 meters | (Electronics)
    I bought the cable, so that I can put away a little from the telephone line connection to the router. At first I had great concerns as it was a very affordable option and also relatively unusual length. The cable is in my home in operation and is kee
  • Yamaha RXV477 AV receiver (5.1 channel, 115 Watt  

    Yamaha RXV477 AV receiver (5.1 channel, 115 watts per channel, HDMI, Airplay, Internet Radio, USB, DLNA, Dolby TrueHD) (Electronics)
    On 03/24/2015 get rarely used and now the receiver is defective which is not so great. In the manufacturers' addresses to which you can send the order Rep. Yamaha is not listed ... and now? Great: - ((
  • Good equipment, not only for beginners  

    BlackBerry Leap Smartphone (12.7 cm (5 inches) touch screen, 8 megapixel camera, 16GB memory, 10.3.1 BlackBerry Blend) gray (Electronics)
    First anticipate what disappointed me on this unit: The processor could be a little faster. I also took advantage of Passport and Z30 and you could tell that there was something more is under the hood. The good news is already sometimes a bit sluggis
  • Defective original charging cradle after 2 weeks  

    Samsung EP-BR750BBEGWW charger black for Samsung Gear S (accessory)
    I have to agree with my outpost! After 14 days, the charger is broken. An outspoken Fehlkonstruktion because both Halteklipse are made only made of thin plastic. And since I can run the clock up to 2 days with a single battery charge (some users crea
  • remained loyal to the brand  

    Case-Mate Tough Protection Case for HTC One M9 Black (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    I had at that time 4 years ago about my first cell phone case from CASEMATE ordered. His time for the Desire HD from HTC. The mobile phone is me unfortunately the one time or another fallen down on the job, but thanks to the casing can be seen none o
  • For panoramic and movie recording with sound not so good  

    Mantona Turnaround 360 panoramic tripod head with 1/4 inch thread for time-lapse and Interval photo recording (optional)
    As in the product description, the suitability for panoramic landscapes is mentioned, I would like to mention at the outset here that I this tripod head that the principle of a egg timer imitating slowly in front of him is ticking, and rotates around
  • Make Super for the handbag  

    Crumpler Banana Bowl - S - neoprene camera bag - Silver - BBO-S-003 (Electronics)
    My Olympus Pen E-PM2 fits in perfectly with 1-2 additional lenses and accessories. It if even one or two additional separation pad would be doing would be nice. Wertig processed and with good protection under normal use, this bag great value for mone
  • Comfortable to wear and excellent sound  

    BeoPlay H3 powerful In-Ear Headphones Silver (Electronics)
    You start directly with a WOW. The headphones come very stylish therefore, in its own little box. This alone looks very high quality, so that they are often used directly as storage, even out slides with leather. The handset itself are characterized
  • CSL -. Mini USB DVB-T Stick with battery  

    CSL - Mini USB DVB-T Stick with battery |. Receivers / Tuners | Freeview receivers for Android devices from version 4.03 | micro USB port (for charging the 240mAh batteries) | free iDTV Mobile TV App | available without an internet connection ( no data costs) | automatic tuning | MCX connector for antennas | ultra compact design / ideal for transport (only 13g light) | for smartphones (OTG-capable) / Tablet / PC / Notebook | Samsung / Sony / HTC / Motorola / LG / Nexus | Color: black (Electronics)
    CSL -. Mini USB DVB-T Stick with battery fits perfectly. The reception is quite good and the Grade 3 class easy installation. Fast setup and super Play. Can I recommend.
  • Not quite as good as the original  

    COMAG COMAG SL 40 HD remote control / HD25 (Electronics)
    In my old remote unfortunately a few of the more commonly used buttons (eg Silent key) have started to react badly. Ie. You had to push much more strongly. So I borrowed this ordered as a spare. Now in this the contacts are probably still okay for th
  • The "Mercedes"  

    Skink Pinhole Pancake lens 18mm Classic Starter Kit for Micro 4/3 MFT (Electronics)
    Had the "Sunrise" and the "Holga" pinhole. Both are not bad. Buys this coinciding with the 100 My pinhole plate suits the MFT sensor size. Incredible: you get almost right sharp and high contrast photos. Processing: super. All-metal mo
  • Good workmanship, but only for the smallest cameras!  

    Novoflex BALL 19P tripod head (electronics)
    Have the part purchased and wanted to take on trips. Had but notice that this part is good only for the very small cameras. Even for bridge cameras, it is much too small. This one should know if one is interested in this tripod head!
  • Very affordable bracket for the Lumia 1520  

    kwmobile® Vent Mount for Nokia Lumia 1520 with precisely fitting tray + charger - Do you want your phone to the navigation device. (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    In price - performance and feature excellent holder for the ventilation grille - mounting, both upright and transversely mounted. Quite good, secure grip bidder "mount system". Recommended, function-compatible product.