• A must for the OM-D E M10  

    Olympus ECG-1 handle for OM-D E-M10 (Electronics)
    As the title suggests, a must! Although I have rather small hands, so far from shoveling coal, the little Olympus wins with the handle clearly feel to the touch and operability. Especially when larger and heavier lenses such as the 12-40 / 2.8 TOP PR
  • handy and not sensitive to Fetfinger  

    RAVPower® Luster 6000mAh External Battery for Smartphones and Tablets, black (Electronics)
    This RAVpower Power Bank is available in three colors. I can come to test me the black. It looks very classy and the piano black finish is completely insensitive to fat fingers - I've never experienced. On the back of the battery all the technical da
  • Everything as stated, great value ;-)  

    Baxxtar Action Dual Charger for GoPro Hero3 battery and Hero3 + (1180mAh) AHDBT-201 AHDBT-301 AHDBT-302 (2x battery plus dual charger with USB cable) for all editions (electronic)
    The batteries and charger are simply good and very handy. The battery life is the same as with my GoPro battery. I'm very satisfied!
  • One of the most attractive smartwatches currently  

    LG Watch Urbane W150 Silver (Electronics)
    I am an avowed watch fan and call a dozen of the little baby, across all price ranges, my own, most of them with mechanical movements. The concept of "SmartWatch" I was somewhat skeptical because I could see no real benefit in a combination of c
  • Unfortunately mangehaft  

    . CSL - 7.1 USB Gaming Headset including external sound card | Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound | about 1,90m cable | PC Gaming Headset comfort "Sledgehammer" | cable remote control / external sound card | Noise Reduction | Color: Black / Red (Electronics)
    One can already say with the headset "What costs nothing, is nothing" - The appearance on the product photos a convinced yet that there might be a quality product. If you have the headset but first in hand, you realize that not so high quality h
  • Good protection with satisfactory appearance  

    Spigen ® protective sleeve Samsung Galaxy S6 Case NEO HYBRID [Metallized buttons] - Case Samsung Galaxy S6 / SVI, BUMPER STYLE Cover - Satin Silver [Satin Silver - SGP11320] (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    For a plastic frame that looks quite high-quality and visually appealing. Nevertheless, plastic is just plastic. The Case-own buttons are integrated into the frame and have a good pressure point, but jiggle and solve already made with light pressure.
  • 10 pack for good price  

    Industrial battery 9V - 10er Pack - (Accessories)
    Very good price / performance ratio for these 10 he packaging unit. The shelf life is only subjectively possible for batteries with different use Bereichn for me. But I would certify these batteries durability.
  • Power Mouse  

    VicTsing® 5500 DPI, 500Hz, USB 7 buttons Wired Gaming Mouse DPI Adjustable 820/1600/2400/3200/5500 for Pro Gamer Player (Electronics)
    Price Performance Top. Ideal for people with slightly smaller hands. But even large hands will feel a pleasant use. The 5500 dpi are a big hit in games with fast reaction. The click rate is ideal for MOBA games. Double button again unterschreicht any
  • Unfortunately, only moderate processing  

    deleyCON USB Dual Charger / 2 port USB travel power supply for 2 devices 2.4A / 12W (2.4A 1x / 2x 1A) - Black - Mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, digital camera (electronic)
    The power supply is obtained externally processed properly. Only there are minor scratches on the plug, but that is to be absorbed. Not so good is the processing of the two USB ports. First, this USB cable hold only relatively loosely. Secondly, the
  • Light, stable, precise  

    Bose ® 6 m extension cable for Bose ® headphones, black (Electronics)
    Who imagines a relatively heavy part with an extension cord, is incorrect: The cable is as thin as the connection cable of my Sennheiser. The clutch closes with a rich "Knack", no wobbling, no cracking. You have to get away from the idea that a
  • High quality phone with a top equipment  

    Gigaset S810 Dect 2.0 cordless phone, new version, steel gray (Electronics)
    **** **** History For years, I use Gigaset phones. My date last Gigaset SL550 was. With this phone I was extremely pleased over 10 years and it has never let me down, looked until recently like new. Since I now my telecom connection have converted to
  • poor quality for the price!  

    KAVAJ Leather Case Cover "Dallas" for the Apple iPhone 6 4.7 inches cognac brown genuine leather with business card holder. Thin hinged sleeve as noble accessories for the original Apple iPhone 6 (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    The seams of the shell have resolved within 2 weeks thus sent back. The shell is quite good but I would not recommend
  • could be so good ...  

    9H 0.3mm tempered glass / bulletproof glass / screen protection glass / Tempered Glass / bulletproof glass slide / safety glass / glass film / glass composites for LG G2 (Electronics)
    A thin sheet of glass instead of a film sounds tempting. Unfortunately, the fit is so-so (in my LG G2). The disc fits, but strictly speaking too small. It covers the display, but not the front and it remains a somewhat ulkiger frame. There is a clean
  • Almost perfect for touch Edge  

    XiRRiX Real Leather Wallet Case - variant 1 - with bill compartment and for credit cards - 4XL - for example Samsung Note 4 Edge - Huawei Ascend Mate 7 G750 (Electronics)
    Nice product, well made. The music fits into it perfectly and Edge leaves a good and indeed such an important access to the sidebar. In addition, there is ample space for a couple of cards and bills. So let's just embroidered to the bakery it takes n
  • For S6 Edge clear recommendation!  

    tinxi® 2x Anti-Shock Soft Protector for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Full Screen Display Protection 3H (Electronics)
    I do not understand the negative reviews so completely. Had previously been many films like Mumbi etc. and this is compared really awesome. no smudging by fingerprints, the film is self-healing, the colors are not distorted as so often with matt film
  • Voila: A new camera  

    Olympus VF-4 Electronic Viewfinder (2.3 megapixels, natural color reproduction, 2-opt. Zoom) (Accessories)
    Background: A few months ago I bought an e-PL7. Previously I had the 2.3 and 5. At the first-mentioned, I had the VF-2, which could not convince me really. I've been thinking long whether I should opt for e-PL7, or at least more comfortable with the
  • Great for kids  

    Snug Plug n Play Headphones for Kids DJ Style (Turquoise) (Electronics)
    My daughter loves these headphones. You are indeed in their favorite color! But even with the sound quality is very satisfied. The size is great for smaller children's heads, so that they finally have a headset that is tailored to their size. A bit o
  • Quick Navi with many extra features  

    DBpower MT3351 CE GPS navigation HD Europe Traffic navigation system 500 MHz (7.0 inch, 800 x 480 touch screen, Microsoft Windows CE 6.0,4 GB Built-in Speaker, Free EU card, MP3, MP4, Supports up to 8 GB Micro SD card) (Electronics)
    The 7 large display the Navi initially affects huge, if it is then placed in the car, it looks no longer so huge. The delivery is located next to the actual navigation system a mount for the window pane, a mains charger (!) As well as a charger for t
  • Great Mouse, Super Customer Service!  

    Patuoxun® Dragons Wireless Gaming Mouse 4000 dpi [800/1600/2400/4000] with 500Hz return rate for Pro Gamer (Electronics)
    Hello, originally stood here a slightly different review, which I hereby change with a clear conscience. After I get the mouse, they read to install and put into operation. Look very nice, processing properly and all functions work fine. Unfortunatel
  • vhbw-Li-Ion battery 1200mAh (3.7V)  

    vhbw Li-Ion Battery 1200mAh (3.7V) for mobile phone Smartphone Swissvoice MP03, SV29, SV-29, TECNO HD61 Album (Electronics)
    The battery I bought for Swissvoice SV29 as old battery overaged. I have long wondered, as the SV29 is really hard to use. Only in noisy environments, the SV29 offers pleasant advantages (clear and loud). For the price (7) I have but then decided to