• baterrie time  

    IMNEED 3200mAh Mini External Battery Portable Power Bank battery charger Charger for Smartphones Iphone 5S, 4S, 4, Samsung HTC MP3 Player (Blue) (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Well Eig quite well but it wirdt too quickly and need long to charge but by Pricewise you can not complain otherwise top
  • Practical, compact smartphone holder!  

    Wicked Chili Pro Mount AIR - Car Vent Mount for Apple Mobile Phone / Smartphone (swivel, Case compatible, Made in Germany) (Accessories)
    The Wicked Chili Car Vent Mount Air Mount Pro is characterized by its ease of use and robust design. Simply press the phone in the holder, fix the upper retaining spring claw and attach a vent (hold me, Golf 4, perfect). Larger Smartphones (up to a w
  • Very modern and chic clock!  

    Tristar clock radio, CL-1489 (Electronics)
    The clock is slim, simple and beautiful. The timeless and as acting from a cast Desigen therefore meets my expectations. In addition, the figures are sharp and easy to read. The weather display works perfectly, although we have installed a lot of con
  • Practical and solid Fahhradhalterung  

    Wicked Chilli Bike Mount Secure Bike / Motorcycle Mount for Apple iPhone 6 (4.7 inches) (backup tape, QuickFix, Made in Germany) (Accessories)
    This practical and high quality bicycle mount from Wicked Chili is robust and stable. The fit for the iPhone is perfect. there is nothing to complain about, so full 5 stars
  • Panasonic DMP-BDT374EG BluRay Player (4K, 3D, ...  

    Panasonic DMP-BDT374EG BluRay Player (4K, 3D, WiFi, Miracast, DLNA, USB) (Electronics)
    Very nice BluRay player, doing what he should and serh well. What I find is a great pity that the case is made of plastic and therefore comes across very inferior. But the worst is the loud drive, which can be heard in very quiet scenes and I sit 3m
  • Better and performance as the original  

    DSTE® 2x EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Battery for Nikon D3100 D3200 D3300 D5100 D5200 DF D5300 D5500 Coolpix P7000 P7100 P7200 P7700 P7800 camera as EN-EL14A (Electronics)
    Had initially how to do that with this new battery also recognizes this by checking if my camera loaded. I also often small films turn increased consumption of batteries. These ones have a significant improvement in performance as the original Nikon.
  • Cover okay. , ,  

    Xcase Silicone Case "Protector Skin" for iPod Nano III (Electronics)
    , , , However, the transport costs are extremely overpriced (3.90)! Especially as the goods then the post letter with 0,90versendet! But I have no sympathy, but then it will bring yes, for the consignor. And something I unfortunately can not tolerate
  • Real Super Gong  

    E-PRANCE® EP-15003 Wireless Portable wireless doorbell 1000ft / 300m range 52 different ring tones Easy installation 2 & 1 doorbell doorbell Black (Electronics)
    After a quick delivery, I could unpack a really great door chime. The station I immediately fitted with batery and plugged the receiver into the outlet, already could be rung. From the large sortiment of melodies sure to find something for themselves
  • good quality but high transport costs to Austria  

    Digisky® WAGO Compact Connectors Assortment 50 pieces mixed type 221-412, 221-413, 221-415 + plastic box (electronics)
    I would not order the assortment because me then the transport was too expensive; the delivery time was slightly longer; but as I said quality is certainly OK
  • Lies not be connected to the Speedport  

    Sagemcom Grundig Y518903317 Sixty bicolour Wireless telephone with voicemail taupe-white (Electronics)
    The phone probably still has no DECT function, although in the description with DECT. First, we examined the "error" with us. But an expert could the device does not connect to the Speedport. Huge disappointment
  • Soundbase  

    Sony HT-XT1 SoundBase speakers (170 watts, NFC, Bluetooth, built-in subwoofer) (Electronics)
    Soundbar as described, fast delivery, simple connection to the TV set. Music playback via Bluetooth is very good, convinced the wattage, great sound volume in action films, have this equipment recommended before, convinced the price and the performan
  • Is very good in the hand  

    tinxi® Silicone Protective Case for Nokia Lumia 730 TPU Silicone back cover Case Cover Silicon Cover Case Case transparent clear (Electronics)
    Search actually something in snow white. My product in transparent now is not super transparent rather has a certain intrinsic color. You do not have the white iPhone color. But ultimately I am very happy because of the very good grip and promotion o
  • An acceptable alternative  

    TERA® Auto Car Bluetooth speakerphone for iPhone 3G 4S 5 5s 5c Samsung Galaxy S4 Note Nokia (Electronics)
    For this price you get an easy to install and suitable for everyday use alternative to built kits. A few compromises in sound and speedy connectivity you have to accept in this price range. Otherwise recommended.
  • Good to protect badly for Patience  

    Wentronic Cable Reels / Cable Bag (43mm) (optional)
    I searched for a way to an MP3 player cable roll up makes sense, but this wobbly plastic thing I find simply sinnfrei. Arrived there is indeed but all are just two flexible textile plastic parts, which are held together in the middle by a thin plasti
  • Grandiose speakers but powerful (large)  

    Edifier Studio R2000DB Bluetooth speaker system (120 Watt) with infrared remote control / optical input (Electronics)
    Bin absolutely no audio freak but I can distinguish between good and bad boxes: D My criteria were: 1. Bluetooth built in, I did not want to mess with dongles or whatever 2. I wanted to max 2.0 because of space limitations and because I have to tell
  • Just go without shell  

    Belkin F8J045BT Lightning charge / sync dock (suitable for Apple iPhone 5 / 5s / 5c, iPhone 6/6 Plus, MFI certified, incl 1.2m USB cable) Silver (Wireless Phone Accessory)
    Did the answer the familiar it with a thin shell goes. No Go. If one takes off his sleeve, it is fine, but who runs me his 800, - I Phone without protective sleeve through the world.
  • Pure enthusiasm when teenagers  

    FSL xylem wood earphones with microphone and keypad - Headset for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Note, Android, HTC, Windows and more - 3-year warranty (electronics)
    My son is absolutely delighted with the comfort and sound quality (mainly Skype on phone) and no longer like they miss. He was happy that he has finally found earphones that do not constantly fall from his ears and not the press. After I gave him to
  • Well made and reliable, sonically not outstanding  

    Etekcity Rover Beats T16 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Mini Carrying Case for Smartphones, Tablets PC, laptop, Ultrabook, with Built-in Mic, increased bass resonator, 3.5 mm audio jack (Electronics)
    A lightweight speaker with no frills. From Windows 8.1 the device is recognized without any problems. When Einschaltern a woman's voice, which unfortunately always a bit noisy indicating that the speaker wants to connect or already connected sounds.
  • USB Power Monitor for little money!  

    Jiam Digital USB voltmeter voltmeter ammeter voltage tester voltmeter ammeter for Power bank, mobile phone, etc. (electronics)
    I was looking for a small useful USB Power Monitor, so that I, among others, the Raspberry Pi can keep an eye on power consumption. As I made my search I realized quickly that offered quite a bit, especially on Amazon. It was first of all read review
  • Excellent for the Panasonic 20 / 1.8  

    JJC LH-46GF aluminum hood (sun visor, lens hood) 46mm - eg for Panasonic 20mm f / 1.7 or 4 mm f / 2.5 lens (Electronics)
    Since the Panasonic 20 / 1.8 to contend with scattered light is recommended in any case, a lens hood. The product fits perfectly, can be screwed easily and be removed again, is lightweight and stable, thus protecting even the front lens of 20 / 1.7.