Food & Beverage


  • Tasty but !!  

    Haribo Primavera Strawberries, 2-pack (2x 1.05 kg tin) (Food & Beverage)
    The right time for in between. Unfortunately, added many flavors and other artificial sweeteners. In masses certainly not harmful but be careful so looks Hüftgold from.
  • The elves schemes slide into my dream face!  

    Elfenzauber (Met, Vikings, honey, honey mead, Wikingermet, mead) (Food & Beverage)
    An elf friend gave me a bottle Elfenzauber we immediately splurged from small drinking horns in my garden - and then saw this really elves (ie more specifically dragonflies)! This is of course Elfenzauber Met, which is made of water, honey and wine y
  • Sarah 3  

    Aptamil HA Pre, Hypoallergenic formulas, powder, 1650 g (3 x 550g) - New grammage - Milupa (Misc.)
    The product is great but I think that it is an outrage to sell at the price we have to rely on parents and that is shamelessly exploited.
  • Super! 955  

    Xylitol Chewing Gum Spearmint Miradent 30 pieces, 4-pack (4 x 30 g) (Food & Beverage)
    It criticized some the duration of taste. I find the last as long as with other chewing gum. Eventually, the taste is just getting away. This gum comes it but without Aspartame Acesulfame-K sugar other muck from which ruined the teeth and the body. I
  • Tortilla Chips Cheese  

    Chio Tortilla Chips Nacho Cheese, 5-pack (5 x 125g) (Food & Beverage)
    These chips are more expensive than those we ordered otherwise, but taste very good. Otherwise we had from another company tortillas without cheese. This does not exist at the time. Thus, I have resorted to cheese chips, as my husband would be very u
  • Unnecessary environmental pollution caused by plastic bags  

    Teapot Quality No.1 Superior Earl Grey, 5-pack (5 x 32,4g) (Food & Beverage)
    === === The tea The tea is hosted by the aromatization ago rather on the eastern Geschmäker. So he tastes more sweet and has little to do with the mixtures that are preferred in Germany according to my tea shop. He erinnter from Aroma strongly on the
  • Natural or man-made?  

    Ölmühle Solling coconut oil natively in PE beaker, 1er Pack (1 x 1 liter) - Organic (Food & Beverage)
    I've never bought such an artificially smelling / tasting coconut oil (more than seven years of experience with the excellent products of Amanprana and lately with Alnatura organic coconut oil). After opening me the unusual smell is noticed, I had fi
  • Very pleasant taste !!!  

    Dalwhinnie 15 years Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky (1 x 0.7 l) (Food & Beverage)
    For people who like a bit more lenient single malt Talisker is exactly the Richtige.Ein really too peaty taste, but the Dawhinnie is really tasty, has a warm finish and tastes slightly of honey, just buy it !!! M Going like to order it again.
  • Not cheap but worth the money 1  

    SCHO-KA-KOLA original, 5-pack (5 x 100g) (Food & Beverage)
    The chocolate is worth not cheap but in my opinion the money, divided into pleasant pieces. Only the can I find unnecessary paper packaging would have been and would be even cheaper
  • Flavor impact  

    Schloss Sommerau Alcohol-free red wine sweet (6 x 0.75 l) (Food & Beverage)
    tastes for wine drinkers disastrous for a juice, it is too harsh, neither fish nor fowl, I will order no 2nd time
  • 38 Poor quality  

    Naturix24 - sweet apricot kernels - 500g bag (Food & Beverage)
    1. occasionally find bitter seeds under the sweet. 2. Some moldy kernels underneath. 3. threw away everything that does not want to poison me :-(
  • Who fruity mild olive oil preferred. Is the right place!  

    Jordan Olive Oil Extra Virgin - 1,00l Dose, 1er Pack (1 x 1 L) (Food & Beverage)
    I already knew very mild olive oil (from Crete) from a market woman from nearby, but it could not believe that it is good olive oil. The so mild, fruity, with the slight scent on the palate, the erinnernt of hay or Thomatensträucher I did not know ol
  • Very tasty 14  

    Mestemacher Pumpernickel, Westphalian, 6-pack (6 x 500 g package) (Food & Beverage)
    The Pumpernickel is very tasty and juicy taste. For some time I eat there every day and bought it several times.
  • Worse beetles  

    Feinkost Kaefer Dornfelder Rosé quality wine semi-dry (6 x 0.75 l) (Food & Beverage)
    Actually, I had at the price, not a good feeling, but the reviews were all good. I can not understand that beetle image for as a bad wine will bear the name of it!
  • Junior meets vanilla cream slice.  

    Kit Kat White single bar, 24 pack (24 x 45g) (Food & Beverage)
    Already clear. There are sections with chocolate coating. But not any chocolate but in this case, once again topped by the coat with white chocolate. In order for this Kit Kat tastes like a mix of slices with vanilla cream filling and chocolate Junio
  • Tasty Chips - price always attractive!  

    Funny-Frisch Chipsfrisch Salted, 5-pack (5 x 175g) (Food & Beverage)
    Actually, it sounds stupid to buying potato chips at Amazon, but we must make it clear that offers Amazon itself, these potato chips repeatedly at very attractive prices, which are always 40% lower than the retail price. Since each of us can spend mo
  • Unsurpassed 1  

    Ron Zacapa Solera 23 years Sistema with gift packaging and 2 Rumgläsern (1 x 0.7 l) (Food & Beverage)
    Top! Up to its reputation! I'm actually a fan of whiskey, but this rum convinced me! I can only recommend it! Must be tried!
  • M & M's, recommended in flash lowered!  

    M & M's Choco Pouch 300g, 5-pack (5 x 300g) (Food & Beverage)
    Shipping with Amazon Prime took place the very next day. When times wanting a small supply of M & M's and she just loves to eat cookies or cakes with them should strike the flash lowered! Durability is almost 6 months.
  • Not cheap but worth every penny!  

    Chiemgau grain Bio Einkornmehl wholemeal 2.5 kg (Misc.)
    In the meantime we order the meal more frequently, along with other Flours this agent. Home-made bread, bread and cakes, partially mixed with other flours (eg, Emmer, Spelt 630 or wholemeal spelled), give very tasty baked goods. Since we use this flo
  • Reassuringly for gastrointestinal  

    Colon Detox Colon Cleanse - 1260 mg psyllium husks, Curcuma longa (curcumin) - 140 tablets (Misc.)
    I was asked the above product free of Biomenta by the company "Naughty and friendly" Buzz Channel available for testing. I got a pack of 140 tablets. The Recommended dosage is 3 tablets daily at, so I have taken three times a day to me. The reco