• 1 very poor quality 2  

    Gardman Birdhouse A02028 23 cm (Garden)
    Objectively this box is not very expensive but the quality and really bad background not full even holes in places of a default timber assembly knot ... added a few euros to take another I had to redo everything screw reinforcement wood pulp ...
  • false advertising lengthwise  

    Great stretch hose PRO HIGH PRESSURE 20M
    The article is very good but there was deceit on the pipe length. In the product description there recorded that he s extends up to 3 times its length. except that the original length of 6.70 m it is extensible barely 20 m. We thought that it s exten
  • Good enough 39  

    Folding camping table Folding table suitcase Aluminium wood effect eat 80x60x70cm
    This is a camping table, enough for a couple with one child but no more. Strong enough, but it moves a lot. Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase, has seen in the last.
  • Excellent Product 1077  

    Clearomizer ET-S BDC Aspire
    Product delivered two days after order, bravo to the supplier. Clearomiseur This is very good, solid, lovely design and apparently well-performing (a view in time). The aroma of the liquid is much tastier than with my old Clearo 'with the strands in
  • At the campsite  

    Ultranatura aluminum folding chair, Korfu range - Basic, Anthracite (Garden)
    Whether on our terrace or to bring camping is very useful because in addition the price is very reasonable for a nice quality. Light to carry everywhere.
  • wistaria  

    Glycine Collection x 3 pink / white / blue - 3 shrubs
    3 wisteria were received quickly and in great condition. The article, although Coliseum. I recommend. More that to wait the shoot.
  • Attndre changes  

    Euonymus alatus Burning Bush - 1 shrub
    I received a shrub damaged by transport which is not surprising since it comes from the Netherlands = 7 days of travel in a small carton. Garden For You had the honesty to send me another replacement; which is ironic is that the first seems well dist
  • Okay January 2991  

    Blagdon Affinity Cascade's pool (Garden)
    Pretty little waterfall that gives a very nice effect to the pelvis. only the fastening system is not super convenient and I had to adapt my pelvis.
  • Is the blue color well suited?  

    Window Feeder Window Feeder (TM) 348 Birdscapes (Garden)
    This feeder has not had much success. Probably the fact that a window is far too close to human territory where it is dangerous to venture. And if it was this blue color that disturbed the birds?
  • the price of quality 2  

    Lafuma Relax chair Futura LFM3062-6456 Bark 83 x 71 x 113 cm (Garden)
    lightweight, very comfortable, designed with a view of the maximum user satisfaction, it is not French? if so, is the incomparable quality Lafuma! a little short perhaps for more than 1.80m?
  • High quality product, strong, to the excellent finish.  

    Ultranatura textile Sylt Protection cover for up to 6 stacking chairs, protective cover for chairs (Garden)
    Resistant protective cover 600D, this is the same material as the diving buoyancy compensators (STAB) very resistant to abrasion and weathering. The cover comes in a carrying case, weighs 1.4kg ALL OPERATING tell you this is the thickness of the poly
  • good length, powerful engine  

    Thermal Hedge Trimmers Pole, 52 cm3, 3 HP, length 3.30 meters
    easily mounted, always the right length with two extensions, engine that starts at the quarter turn .the one little problem, it is a little heavy, but good considering its size is normal c
  • gnial 1  

    Garden Claw (Garden)
    then I have to buy that garden claw loose my husband no longer he who does not love gardening; you are the men that you do not have easy to understand? I would recommend it to any gardening surfer.
  • perfect 1 3153  

    94148 Orbit II Programmer Buddy Tap Digital - Water Timer
    Very good product I recommended as it is very easy to use. My whole garden is watered with several Orbit Buddy and it's IMPECC.
  • Very nice 150 3  

    Outdoor Clock Paddington with wall bracket - double - 27 cm
    Just a few problems attributable to a delivery deliveryman dissipated and slack or too hurry to finish but I eventually recover ... at an unknown neighbor and it looks great on my terrace!
  • Casse from first use 1  

    Nemaxx FS1 spool with automatic jog dual head cable accessories wire cut mowing nylon spare reel roller brush cutter - Orange (Garden)
    See my review and my photos on the lot 3x Nemaxx FS2 with automatic jog coil (red) I bought.
  • Good compromise for setting up as a water reserve on a balcony  

    Straight Plc Be Green Lake Garden Together to recover rainwater comprising a reservoir, a foot and a valve capacity of 100 l (Garden)
    Corresponds to my expectations as a reserve of water on a small balcony It remains to be implemented with a small automatic irrigation system
  • wedges 1  

    Camper Smart Level Cales
    fast delivery, good product used with a VW California practical and stable storage bag a little fragile careful when you enter them in
  • Casse from first use 2  

    10x Nemaxx FS2 coil with automatic double head jog bead wire accessories mowing nylon cutter spare roll coil for brushcutter - Red (Garden)
    See my review and my photos on the lot 3x Nemaxx FS2 with automatic jog coil (red) I bought.
  • Very good small pump to pelvis  

    solar water pump garden fountain (Garden)
    Considering the price we must not expect a pump XXL. However it works great in the sun and even partial shade in a small pond. So that the jet is high it is necessary that the nozzle or at the level of the water and not underwater. It is true that I