• Practice 193  

    Intex - 58920 - Accessories Pools - Protective Cover for pool Freestanding From Ø M 4.57 (Garden)
    This is exactly what I wanted and I found. Fast delivery. Material a bit shaky but nine. Good value for money.
  • possible connection between the different elements!  

    La Crosse Technology - WS9068IT-BLA - Thermometer with probe pool - Black (Garden)
    all elements work only if they are next to each other, the probe pool indicates the exact temperature but it is impossible to connect with the station range is normally 25m, 10m in reality nothing works. the outdoor sensor stops working if it is more
  • perfect product for my campigaz  

    Campingaz 2000011895 Cover Reinforced to Universal XL Barbecue Peva Green / Grey 0.15 mm (Garden)
    Cover very well cut .Good seam. Perfect fit .A very good. I recommend to all buyers of this model.
  • 13 comments 1  

    Cover Reinforced protective gas BBQ BBQ Grill - 138x64.2x110cm, Travel Cover Protects Against Rain Garden Patio Grill Dust
    very basic locking system that does not match my expectations. very basic cover which is far from what I expected
  • effective weather station  

    Technoline WS 6760 Weather Station Clock with Black (Garden)
    affordable this weather station provides all the information clearly The only downside are the manipulations in order to adjust the different parameters for the geographical area where it is located. This disadvantage exists on all Weather Stations
  • Practical and solid 3  

    4-Piece Deluxe pro
    Finally, practical and solid barbecue utensils. Their length allows to avoid burning and brush / scraper cleans easily.
  • cute 1 1  

    Hello Kitty - Hello Kitty Money Box Metal
    pretty piggy bank to children, not very big but with a good face nonetheless. Iron average, with a lid attached by a small rivet, it is closed by a small padlock. For the price, good buy. We will see life expectancy for use ...
  • Effective 1830  

    INTEX Solar Heating - Solar carpet for above ground pool up to 30m3 - Used to increase by 3 to 5 degrees water temperature (Toy)
    Tested May 17: 3 mats in series, a spring water at 12 ° to 24 ° with good sunshine. Very satisfied with my purchase.
  • A little long to climb but the result is worth it  

    Alice's Garden - Playground - Galerne - children's play station, with slide, swings, cabin and table with bench, swing, swing apparatus 2
    This swing is much effect. She is very pretty and excellent fit. Despite announcing record 3 hours, allow 4 good hours of editing to 2 people. Item received in time by DHL. The deliveryman called to make an appointment for delivery. That's a good poi
  • Simple and practical 115  

    Straight Plc Be Green Lake Garden Together to recover rainwater comprising a reservoir, a foot and a valve capacity of 100 l (Garden)
    Element simple, discreet and easy to mount. Deliver with all necessary accessories. We buy another connection system because we do not want to cut in half the gutter. That's why I put only 3 stars.
  • fireplace cast  

    Cast iron fireplace Outdoor BBQ Grill barbecue grill brazier 112 cm
    I just received my package unemployed user very disappointed with the quality we emm **** s to mount frankly has not bought
  • Very good and super effective article  

    Frostfire ultrasound repellent device for solar battery cat and animal parasites (black)
    This little box "magic" is super efficient, I dare believe it, three days ago that I installed and I have not unbearable chore clean up after those pesky cats. I am totally satisfied and highly recommend it. I wonder if this also applies to ward
  • Cover 4 3  

    Cover Reinforced protection for Barbecue BBQ Grill to --170x61x117cm gas; Tarpaulin Protects Against Rain Garden Patio Grill Dust
    very well exact dimensions down eyelets for the twine to tie good product to see in the winter time
  • tarpaulin parasol  

    Ultranatura textile Protective Case for eccentric Reach Sylt parasol umbrella for protection cover (Garden)
    it is a small parasol to cover - it is solid and closed by a closure the same cover can be stored in a sturdy plastic bag with zip it is gray this type of cover is mainly used to protect the original color of the umbrella, sun I find it very convenie
  • excellent !! 259 50 79  

    La Crosse Technology - WS9068IT-BLA - Thermometer with probe pool - Black (Garden)
    I do not own this device for 15 days, but the first impression is excellent. Everything is very functional, the tightness of the pool sensor is well designed, the radio range is very good. I tested the range of 50 m with obstacles, everything works p
  • Winter protetion for my chairs!  

    Ultranatura textile Sylt Protection cover for up to 6 stacking chairs, protective cover for chairs (Garden)
    Product very well designed to protect 6 stacking chairs: + Very good quality and waterproof + Shutters ventilation to prevent mildew in case of moisture + At the bottom clamping rope to avoid the wind raises protection + Comes with a handy storage po
  • Cover pretection  

    Ultranatura textile Sylt Protection cover for up to 6 stacking chairs, protective cover for chairs (Garden)
    Extra-thick plastic cover that protects during the winter period, seats or outdoor chairs plastic. I could store up to 6 seats, I think I could have put two more; There is a drawstring at the bottom of the cover which allows secure to prevent it fly
  • One of the best brands  

    TFA Vision 30.1025 Digital window thermometer with large print display for easy reading of the outside temperature (Garden)
    I tried several brands and window thermometer models (suction cup ...), it is most interesting - maximum and minimum temperatures. One downside: it should be set to the shelter of storms, the plastic case does not always protect the LCD screen agains
  • Too cute 17  

    Mini Fairy Garden Door 6 "X4" -Wood (Garden)
    I love this door. Used to house the little mouse above a plinth of my daughter. I will complete with a scale
  • Good product 5013  

    Menz universal umbrella holder for fixing the balcony, black / silver, 1 unit for every railing profiles (Garden)
    Shipping the day after the order (notified by mail), and corresponds to the description and especially perfect for my parasol, easy to install. I am happy with the product.