• Super compact 2  

    Basic K2 Kärcher Pressure Washer 1400 W (Tools & Accessories)
    Very compact and lightweight that will not allow Karcher stripping a pool but there is more than enough for everyday tasks. If the unit is fine in itself (I am especially pleased with its compact side!), It lacks a little accessory that must be purch
  • Protects the stairs  

    Set of 15 walkers stair casa PURA® transparent, self-adhesive non-slip - use indoors | 26x64cm
    Walkers rigid plastic and therefore not planned to be cut to the desired size. The half-moon party although 23 cm wide + a rim of 3.5 cm. It protects the stairs from the wear of repeated passages. Vacuum these steps do not scratch at all. Anti-dérape
  • Not bad for the computer rewiring wire ...  

    100 x Cosse Cylindrical Electric Red (50x and 50x Male Female) - Electric Terminals (For son up to 1mm² 0.4mm) - FREE SHIPPING! (Others)
    I used these pods to be able repaired and lengthened the son of buttons or LEDs tuning my pc ... Using a crimp things are done fairly easily although the pods is quite thick compared to the wire. However, compared to my tower I is not had any problem
  • Best price / quality ratio 35  

    TIP 31143 stainless Booster set HWW 3000 (Tools & Accessories)
    I chose this on-press for its quality / price ratio (assumed), this in light of previous comments. Once the installation I noticed a small leak in one of the fittings, I have not had any luck it seems ... Difficult to obtain warranty on it when you r
  • Original concept but weight / power disappointing  

    F0156221AD Skil drill / screwdriver Energy wired load speed 0-400 / 1600 rev / min (Tools & Accessories)
    This device is a kind dintermédiaire between a cordless screwdriver and a wireline drill. Its concept is clever: after we have offered for 10 years screwdrivers / drills on batteries (more or less efficient and sometimes unloaded when you need the de
  • perfect value for money 20  

    Am-Tech long nose pliers bent at 45 degrees 28 cm (Tools & Accessories)
    raven buy this clamp and another but with the right and also 28cm nose at am-tech, seriously it is certainly is not professional quality, but we do not serve like the clip all day either, and for use amateur it is pretty well perfect finish, resistan
  • Double face. 1  

    Tesa 56138-00000-00 Attach Double Sided Floor Fort Special Flooring Smooth 10 x 50 mm (Tools & Accessories)
    You must not use other media to stick carpets. I have not used according to its recommendations.
  • fan not cool at all  

    SODIAL (R) Beautiful folding fan in hand for Women Peacock Design White (Tools & Accessories)
    no surprise, Sodial is Chinese, and not very pretty to the eye tape, and mounted as usual, not surprisingly. Fortunately, this is for our club to recover lace frames. Another downside, they're just plastic, not wood. Too bad.
  • 1263 practice  

    Set of 4 Funnels, Inside Diameter approx. 4.5, 6.5, 8.5, 10.5 cm (Miscellaneous)
    They are practical and cheap. Considering the price it is important not to hesitate. Good product to recommend. Congratulations.
  • Accurate, convenient and reliable  

    Bosch Laser Rangefinder PLR 50 C Connected with Touch Screen, Bluetooth Connection, Range 50 m 0603672200 (Tools & Accessories)
    Beautiful device that Bosch laser rangefinder, the high price is well justified when we want to ensure the best for its domestic work. The Bosch brand inspires confidence and the manufacturing quality is in accordance with its reputation as design qu
  • Sink Faucet set  

    GROHE Eurosmart basin mixer 32926002 (Germany Import) (Tools & Accessories)
    This surprised me at first tap first. In fact, the valve control knob is slightly shifted to the right and not behind as is usually the case. Here if everything goes well we wonder align with the valve, but yes! Another surprise in cold position the
  • Perfect for large tiles  

    Bosch Tile Cutter PTC Manual 640 Cup Capacity 64 cm 0603B04400 (Tools & Accessories)
    It is a perfect tool for cutting large tiles; we tested it on the floor tile. It is stable, perfectly cut (without missing); cutting series is easy: no need to force when cutting. A little more on construction sites without electricity: it is manual
  • Handy and powerful 1  

    Cordless Drill 10.8 volts PowerMaxx BS Basic with mobile workshop (Tools & Accessories)
    Purchased replacement of an old screwdriver bosh, I am amazed. This Metabo is ultra handy, light, precise, and yet very powerful (34nm!) The kit includes 2 batteries 2Ah and a set of accessories for drilling wood and metal or screw. The small white L
  • perfect adapter 1  

    Gardena - Adapter within tap Gardena (Garden)
    I was looking from a solution to replace an external water supply (failing) for watering. And I finally opted for this adapter I laid on the kitchen faucet. Impeccable, not a drop of water escapes or at the tap or along the pipe as happens sometimes
  • Indispensable 25 October 1904  

    4730-059 Kärcher water filter pressure washers (Garden)
    It is an essential accessory, yet it is not supplied with all Karcher ... it's a shame! The difference in outcome (of a car) is really worth buying.
  • Meets expectations 31  

    3x Nemaxx NX1 magnetic holder for smoke detector (Tools & Accessories)
    Product line with expectations. Unlike the set of 12, there is no bad problem of protecting the sticky part on the 3 items. Generally, in some room, you can often blame the lack of centering the self-adhesive foam to the metal surface. Overall the pr
  • Correct ... 4  

    ProBache - Feet for customized set x1 (Miscellaneous)
    Correct Manufacture probably not the most solid of the market established feet but enough for a "Sunday handyman." Three stars for packing more than minimalist, arrived in poor condition (cardboard ripped) just do better, to note the delivery ti
  • Gourmand but effective  

    Thermal Weed Burner 1 + 4 m hose (1048)
    Tends to be extinguished during use, regardless of the gas flow, need to use a piezo regularly (I use it with a bottle of butane). Although it is mentioned that a regulator is not required with butane, perhaps the flame is not extinguished by setting
  • Effective product and well-matched accessories  

    Picklock24 electric Pickgun (22 tips included) (Others)
    The product comes in a handy storage bag to store and transport the tool and accessories with 2 cores (one for the actual picking, one for an extra drilling), a diverse set of rods crotechage of a special mini kit and charger. The chucks are clipped
  • Case which occasionally does not open  

    Abuse 787 B key safe fixing (Tools & Accessories)
    I was initially very happy time in this key case. I used it for an apartment that I rent a vacation rental. So guests arriving late are able to retrieve their keys in this way. But one night, a customer, who arrived around midnight can not open the c