Kitchen And Household


  • Powerful, yet quiet  

    Philips PowerPro FC8769 / 91 vacuum cleaner (EEK A, bagless, EPA12 filter) black (household goods)
    The Philips PowerPro FC8769 / 91 vacuum cleaner arrived well packaged and looks really great. Of good quality more stable and meticulously crafted. Since many vacuum cleaner bags are consumed in a large household and 2 dogs a year, I am happy that th
  • Agile and you feel the suction hovering over the ground  

    Miele SBB Parquet Twister 300-3 for S4, S5 (Misc.)
    Very convenient! We have a new wood laminate in the apartment. It is not a smooth floor, but in real wood look with grooves. To leave no scratches, I looked around for a new article and came across this. Really a huge difference to the standard attac
  • Accessories as replacement  

    Brushes and AeroVac Filter Set fits for iRobot Roomba 600 series (620,630,650,660)
    Perfect fit and convenient, a good part of service in any case. The two rollers are manufactured very precisely and work very well.
  • Very good kettle in plain optic!  

    2200 Watt Cordless Kettle 1.8 L red or black stainless steel wirelessly
    Kettle are devices that simply have to work. Does this and also looks chic! Ordered in black color this kettle, fits very well in my kitchen :-) The Heizkochplatte on the ground heats the water immediately. Have the kettle completely refueled with wa
  • Great ice machine at a good price!  

    Klarstein icemaker Snowberry & Choc ice cream machine stainless steel with compressor (self-cooling, for 1.2 liters of ice cream, ice cream in 30-40 minutes, with cooling hold function, incl. Recipes for sorbets and yoghurt ice milk) silver
    One leading the way: an ice machine cools the prepared according to the recipe ingredients and stir it through this. Depending on the desired type of ice cream are previously more or less elaborate preparation and other dishes / kitchen utensils need
  • Large christening candle which is beautifully designed and lovingly  

    Striefchen® Taufkerze pink for girls with Guardian Angel incl. Free lettering 25x8 cm
    I ordered the baptismal candle for my daughter and honestly do not pay attention to the dimensions of the candle because of the beautiful motif. When the candle was, I am, therefore, once a bit scared. The baptismal candle is in fact large, thick and
  • Super replace the old Leifheit Wäschespinne  

    Leifheit 85120 Wäschespinne Linomatic 600 Plus (household goods)
    Fast Delivery. Easy To Use. Serves its purpose great. Could easily be exchanged with respect to the holder against the old Leifheit. The new opening mechanism for women easier to open. It no longer needs to be pulled with force on opening band.
  • A good system in conjunction with the Leifheit 45002 parquet broom Xtra Clean Eco Plus  

    Leifheit 45057 Allround brush XtraClean Collect Plus 30 with telescopic handle (household goods)
    What I like about this system from Leifheit is that can be so easily replaced on the handle the broom. While I was at the beginning had my difficulties with the unfamiliar, rounded shape of round broom, I came up with the floor broom I bought as a su
  • Held 2 weeks, 2 weeks, the second  

    3 x Feuerzeuggas XXL Lighter 27cm long refillable New & Sealed (household goods)
    Although the flame was filled to the utmost setting just 0.5 cm tall. The first lighter held about 2 weeks. Approximately 10 firings for the oven. Not like that! Addendum: Now "shines" the second with a small flame that can provide more greater,
  • The perfect balance for larger quantities  

    Tefal BC5000 Kitchen Computer Optiss scale (household goods)
    This scale of Tefal is very flat, has a thick glass shelf on the large plates and bowls can be placed for weighing. It weighs the gram, but needs a few seconds after turning on until it is ready to start. But what is particularly fascinating that you
  • Unfortunately goods defective and I can not get to the delivery to complain  

    Induction Cookware ceramic pots pan pot set
    The cooking set looks good but a cover of Big is defective and also to the small pot is on the ground a thick shaft'm disappointed especially since the set jetut to 12, - will be offered dünstiger ald Voe 5 days, now I have to where on Amazon I order
  • Cover fits all specified sizes  

    King G7943R Vario cover, 1 lid fits 3 sizes about 16/18/20 cm, red (Housewares)
    Everything is in the product description applies to. The lid can be used for all kinds of food preparation. He also arrived neatly packed and straight look.
  • Perfect 290  

    SKY bathmat Uni | Lila - Oeko-Tex 100 certified | different sizes - 80x150cm (household goods)
    Great mat, very thick and soft. The color has significantly upgraded the bathroom. Absorbs the water well and dries quickly out again. Can I unreservedly recommend it. Such mats with rubber matrix as a soil are of course only washable at 30 degrees a
  • Blenders metal  

    Oster Beehive Blender 0004655ESP-050 - Motor casing of brushed stainless steel (houseware)
    The Oster blender consists of a robust metal housing and can be adjusted in 3 steps. This unit is virtually no plastic available. So he's very stable. After I tried the blender thoroughly, (all without guidance, because this does not exist in German)
  • NUTRiBULLET - Universalzerkleinerer  

    NUTRiBULLET Germany - Nutrient Set - universal food with accessories - Special Edition incl FREE recipe book.
    NUTRiBULLET Germany - Nutrient Set - universal food with accessories -. Special Edition incl FREE recipe book. Simply ingenious part of this am, excited ,,,,,,, it also does not smell of plastic from China .......... For that I give it 5 stars
  • Like my so much, I bought this as a gift  

    NUTRiBULLET Germany - Nutrient Set - universal food with accessories - Special Edition incl FREE recipe book.
    Super product; ease of use, easy to clean, takes up little floor space and produces delicious smoothies without sentence. Used my every day, like him so much, that I have brought tens of friends to be to create a well. We mainly make smoothies (the l
  • Beautiful shower curtain with a small weakness  

    Inter Design Thistle shower curtain 183 x 183 cm, gray / blue (Misc.)
    Positives: - Beautiful colors, not too flashy, not too lax and matching turquoise, gray, black combi - Good length - Value for money top negative: - Unfortunately, at the back not dyed, but simply knows. This is of course not the showers so handsomel
  • Scheibengardine colorful colored  

    39 cm Scheibengardine colorful colored high 60 cm
    Very nice, modern Scheibengardine. Well made and ordered according to the desired width. Do not regret this purchase. Was also delivered super fast. Strong buy recommendation from me.
  • consists of pressed wood  

    Villeroy & Boch Cake etagere, White (Kitchen)
    I would have vorgstellt of VB slightly higher quality. It may be that I have not read that right - but the two plates are made of cheap compressed wood (painted, edge visible outside) and the metal rod in the middle looks doubtful quality. No visible
  • Highly recommended for not drilling holes Woller  

    Inter Design Forma Shower Curtain tie rod, medium, 109-190 cm, brushed stainless steel (Misc.)
    Take the rod, draw it a bit more apart than the distance from wall to wall, turn it together, get on ne conductor and clamp the part of a. Having initially hung only a shower curtain at the very quality rod and then came up with the bright idea, no m