Kitchen And Household


  • Replaces almost the big vacuum cleaner  

    Dyson v6 Absolute Handstaubsauger with suction levels 2, 350 W, 20 min duration at 28 W, 6 minutes at 100 W, electric direct drive brush, parquet, post-motor, Digital Motor (household goods)
    Video at See Granted the Dyson V6 Absolute Handstaubsauger looks really chic, so that one hardly dares to use these. Even if everything is made of plastic, it leaves a strong impression. The package includes a wall mount, power supply, an
  • Great burgers press!  

    Westmark 62332260 Hamburger Maker (Kitchen)
    Had been a Burger press aluminum. The burger was a bit difficult to lift out of the mold. With this news is a breeze. Faster and more convenient, you can not establish a flat and evenly shaped hamburger patties. Perfect and worth every euro!
  • Benefits TOPP - quality AVERAGE  

    FMD Furniture 913-001 superstructure Olbia about 64 x 190 x 26 cm, white (household goods)
    The delivery was prompt. The outer packaging is not very easy to handle due to weight and size. The bottom portion of the outer package is protected with an additional polystyrene block. That's good, but not much use if the package is turned upside d
  • Keep well  

    Stick & Fix - adhesive backing (adhesive sheets) - Mount pleats in the glass bar without drilling - (4 pieces)
    The adhesive backing for almost 2 months now last 5 windows and I'm super happy. It must not be drilled, what I would have done reluctantly in a rented apartment. The attachment of the carrier is very well described, it should be remembered only that
  • The best coffee machine ...  

    Melitta E 970-306 Kaffeevollautomat Caffeo CI One-touch cappuccino (LCD display, 2 x 135 g Bean Select, 15 bar, cappuccino maker) high-gloss silver (household goods)
    Have this machine for a few days in use! Will write a novel, everything has been already written about it, but I would like to address a few points. First to optics, the 306er silver version looks just bomb out, is definitely the most beautiful KVA I
  • Successful Dampfbügelstation - It is ironed as if by magic  

    Philips GC9640 / 60 Perfect Care Elite Silence Dampfbügelstation (OptimalTEMP, 7 bar steam pressure, 430 g of steam) (household goods)
    The steam generator iron has a very chic and modern design. Is great that you no longer have to adapt to the different substances the iron. But it is an iron for all materials that are suitable for ironing. The iron itself is very quiet and extremely
  • Yes, because today is Christmas already ??? .... or ...  

    Black Box 379116-01 Trees Artificial Christmas Charlot height 185 cm diameter 109 cm, 850 branches, PE needle (household goods)
    ... You bieg manage a Christmas tree. So first of anything times goes over a real, great, fresh and natural fir tree for Christmas. Already looks cool, some even smell wonderful to fir and to Wald. But this also has disadvantages. The trees are not c
  • Christian T.  

    Glass shelves Glass shelves Wall shelf bathroom shelf storage shelf glass shelf glass (41x13x20 rectangular double bottom)
    Regal itself is fine. During assembly it was noted that a sealing ring was missing (?) - The well should provide stability. The fact is - he was missing. Had to improvise! Therefore deduction of points. Otherwise siehts good! Value will be ok.
  • Flaws, second choice  

    Towel cotton terry 6 pcs 4x 2x 70x140 50x100 towel bath towel Pisa 570 g / m² turquoise
    Those who like to converts is right here, flaws throughout, different size, different pile ie different thicknesses, one exchanges to the same, of 10 towels is maybe one in Ordnung.Wenn you look at times the other assessments by reading all sound the
  • Very soft and pleasant to sew  

    Fabric by the meter Polar Fleece - Fleece soft cuddly purple garment fabric
    Super value for money and fast shipping. Was used as a backing for a quilt and read to sew well. Determine no loss of quality even after washing.
  • super fries - good for family of 4  

    Moulinex AM3021 deep fryer Super Uno / 1,800 watts / Timer / insulated / 1.5 kg capacity / white / light gray (household goods)
    We eat it 3-4 times a month Pommes- often me chicken nuggets or wings. We are 4 persons capacity played a key role. Here you can make a sufficient amount of fries for 4 people. Operation is super simple. It's like all deep fryers - they report. We ma
  • CD shelf white  

    CD rack CD rack CD rack with space for 1,080 CDs or 504 DVDs in three different colors
    First, the depth is not 23 cm but 13 cm - protrude CDs and DVDs. Secondly, the structure is easy but together built up parts do not sit precisely - varied from one to three mm - thanks also to the pre-drilled holes. The idea with two box is good abso
  • space-saving and stable  

    Songmics clothes rack coat rack with casters Height adjustable 113-198 cm LLR401 (household goods)
    It had a new coat stand forth. We all like to hang freshly ironed parts once on a stand and also clothes that crease quickly. This clothing must not in the closet, where she still often wrinkled comes out again. Also for airing clothes I beworzuge cl
  • Slips away  

    Hailo 0622-419 Eco Duo 22 pedal waste separator, white (household goods)
    Trash slips when open with his foot backwards. Remedied only a spacer between the wall and trash. Otherwise, everything seems pretty solid processed.
  • Some colors are good, others are not likely  

    Creall Hobby acrylic paint Metallic Set 6x80ml
    The set in this combination I would not buy. The colors gold, antique gold, copper and bronze are good. The effects are great. One must underline twice, the first time it covers not completely off and you see the brushstrokes. Or you will have precis
  • Very good espresso, coffee and milk foam. A high-quality and feature-rich device ..  

    Philips HD8841 / 01 4000 Series fully automatic coffee machine, coffee Switch, Milchschaumdüse, Black (Kitchen)
    Really classy looks of the combination of matt-black and silver. At first and second glance, the device is very good and robust processes. Da da device is made of plastic, it is easy to transport. Also the display with the silver buttons can be proud
  • Pretty carafe with practical spout  

    Gräwe glass carafe spout incl. Blue 1000ml
    I was looking for a glass carafe for the summer. My old glass carafe is unfortunately broke down last summer, but it was already a few years old. This carafe here was appealing to me because it has a capacity of 1l and directly comes with a practical
  • Duetto saucepan - suitable for induction -quality class  

    Tefal A70544 Duetto saucepan Ø 20 cm, suitable for induction (household goods)
    I was really looking forward to the saucepan from Tefal. I Silit and WMF pots. The Tefal pot can be classified in the number of good quality goods. The quality of the pot is very good. What I like is that you can use this pot for Induktationsherde. T
  • Andew James 12 mL halogen oven  

    Andrew James - 12L Digital Premium halogen oven in red with hinged lid + Easily replaceable spare halogen bulb + 2 years warranty + recipe book (in English, 128 pages) - Complete with extension ring (up to 17L), tongs, cake / ice mold, toast grill, baking tray, steam plate , barbecue skewers, high and flat grate - 1400 watts - 2 years warranty
    I'm excited, this is my 3rd halogen oven. However, first with hinged lid and digital. I must say so far it works in part without problems. Easy intuitive Bedinung. Fast Delivery. Unfortunately, the device does not Eion / off button. The appliance mus
  • But not as dense as in the picture, that's Photo Shop.  

    Black Box 379096-01 Trees Artificial Christmas Drummond height 185 cm diameter 99 cm 488 branches, PVC hard and soft needle (household goods)
    'The Drummond is a beautiful tree full with the characteristic of brown veined branches for a vibrant effect.' True, if you are not too close, it can be kept for genuine, the 'branch' is brownish and the first visible part looks quite real, the lower