Kitchen And Household


  • Aluminum blinds  

    Blinds aluminum, many sizes, silver, white and more, aluminum blinds, (blackberry, 100 x 120 cm, W x H)
    Blind fits. Easy to install, available in many colors. Use and processing are simply unbeatable at this price. Strong buy recommendation from me.
  • Handy if you then is times  

    WENKO 6200060100 wardrobe system Apollon - telescopic, powder-coated metal, 61 x 180-300 x 28 cm, gray (household goods)
    The wardrobe offers a lot of space and accommodation in a small space by exploiting the ceiling height. The mounting without drilling and plugs would be an advantage if ... yes, if not the structure of this wardrobe would have an average drama. There
  • Cuddle Dream  

    Snug Me Supersoft - extra large, incredibly soft luxury blanket with Caschmere Touch | fluffy living blanket, fleece blanket, bedspread | Color: cappuccino | 200 x 150 cm | quality 280g / m² fleece | of the noble brand Pink Papaya | in fine cappuccino ( Household goods)
    We wanted a red blanket. The red is not quite turned out according to our expectations. The red goes more in the direction cherry, we wanted to carmine. Well, that's personal taste. The ceiling does not does not smell. Not even before washing. Thus i
  • perfect results, crumbs remain trapped  

    Russell Hobbs 21391-56 Colours Flame Red long slot toaster, 6 adjustable browning levels, bun warmer (household goods)
    We have the toaster used for usual toast, but also for bread. The baking results are excellent. The crumbs are well captured, the cleaning is simple, it smells nothing (our old toaster smelled initially always "new", "chemical" -
  • Simply belongs in every household :-)  

    Tefal P25307 Secure 5 Neo pressure cooker 22 cm, 6 L, including wire basket (household goods)
    We had been a pressure cooker of Sicomatic - and have him actually used frequently. I personally feel that you need one in every home because dishes like lentil stew, goulash or boiled potatoes succeed in quickly and to the point. It saves a pressure
  • First-class pan  

    WMF 0794689991 pan Ø 28 cm Profi (household goods)
    in normal use (after frying water and possibly a little detergent then go into the pan, after a few minutes the residues easily and without scraping off) probably as durable we its predecessor, I've been using for 25 years and the fries perfectly sti
  • reliable Putzfee  

    Philips FC8710 / 01 SmartPro Compact robot vacuum cleaner 2 cleaning stages, pre-programming, remote control (household goods)
    The robot vacuum cleaner is loaded within 4 hours. After loading could then our "charwoman" show what they can. Major challenges had to be overcome. We had extra vacuumed one day and in a household with 2 golden retrievers. Dirt enough was there
  • Brushes of mister VAG always a clean solution  

    Mister vac A127 Two Bürstrollen geeiegnet for Vorwerk carpet brush Model 340/350/351 (household goods)
    These brushes I have received very quickly after my order. I've installed the same in the vacuum cleaner Vorwerk Kobold 121. Since they do very good service, swirling the dust not to, but simply brush it off.
  • I am afraid to have to get a really reasonably acceptable substitute for a real pine is probably much deeper in the Ta  

    Black Box 382976-01 Trees Artificial Christmas Trento height 185 cm diameter 102 cm, 501 branches, PVC hard and soft needle (household goods)
    I must confess, I've never been a big fan of artificial Christmas trees - but a good friend of mine has one and I'm admittedly a little envy, how long it has are the Christmas tree and thus can admire. To me this opportunity came just in time ... Wel
  • Original Samsung RSB-10 for the following models  

    Samsung 2690056525 Side brush for robotic vacuum cleaner, Original No .: VCA RSB10, fits: Navibot VCR8845 and VCR8855 (household goods)
    Side Brush (brush side) 2 pair, Made in Korea suitable for: Samsung robotic vacuum SERIAL NUMBER: SR88 ** SR89 ** SR87 ** SR8F ** USE OF wichtigeste briefly. The package itself was changed in color, the content is the same. 2 pairs of side brush, so
  • Wax tablecloth  

    Wax tablecloth garden tablecloth Washable ideal for garden, terrace and balcony 138 cm Circular - GOSSIP POPPY (108-01)
    Was delivered quickly. The material makes a good, solid feel and the Poppies bring a little more color in our yard. Like all of us.
  • Matcha broom made of real bamboo  

    Matcha broom Chasen bamboo spoon set (household goods)
    through prolonged use, the product has proven to me to be useless. Make my Matcha tea whisks and thus there rum. Since this is but a natural product, it smells musty after prolonged use and can not be cleaned. Therefore no longer use him. I mean you
  • I will not give restores ...  

    Philips FC8820 / 01 Robot vacuum cleaner SmartPro Active 3 cleaning stages, pre-programming, lighting control (household goods)
    This robot is just great ... The integrated cleaning system includes a dry wiping function and has three adjustable levels The cleaning is adapted to the surface - carpet, laminate ... There are also two elongated brushes by means of which the robot
  • Powerful, sophisticated and stylish  

    Philips HR 2195/08 Avance Collection Blender stainless steel, 900 W, 2 L glass container, Silver / Black (Kitchen)
    Powerful, sophisticated and stylish, the three attributes which describe the Avance Collection Blender from Philips. Why powerfully? Now, 900 watts maximum power speak for themselves, but that's only half the story, finally, there also still the six
  • Compact and easy to use coffee machine  

    Philips HD8841 / 01 4000 Series fully automatic coffee machine (coffee switch, steam nozzle) black (household goods)
    The Philips HD8841 / 01 is a pleasing compact coffee machine for the production of coffee and espresso. Specialty coffees such. As cappuccino or latte are prepared not fully automatic, but must be produced with the integrated milk frother for classic
  • I would recommend an unpainted pot  

    Isosteel VA 9553QAT flask 1.0 L, 18/8 stainless steel, Quickstop Einhandausgießsystem, cup and handle, titanium gray (household goods)
    The jug is with me for 5 months in use. I take it almost every day to work. The insulation performance is good. Even after 10 hours is still too hot to drink directly to him the tea. After 24 only lukewarm and almost cold. Whether the pot is 100% tig
  • Little thought as to keep very good.  

    6 towel rack stainless steel wall hook adhesive hook hook towel hooks Kitchen square
    The hooks are slightly smaller than expected. The edges of the hooks are a bit sharp, so you should not hang delicate clothes it. For the attachment is completely without problems, the hooks hold a lot of (summer jacket, towel).
  • Good foreign use  

    Wenko 2748130100 cabinet use cupholders - for 10 cups, chrome, 28 x 5 x 22 cm (household goods)
    I take this holder not for cups, but for large kitchenware, but it keeps well, is stable and meets perfectly the purpose.
  • Good pan for everyday use  

    Bialetti Y0CWPA0200 Ceramic Ok pan ø 20 cm, ceramic coated and inductionable (household goods)
    The pan is easy to handle, not hard and wait, eas promises a ceramic pan. The regulation of the temperature is ok, seems to me a slight delay. But that only minimal.
  • Kettle purple  

    Efbe-Schott WK SC 5010 PURPLE Kettle, 1.5 L, 2200 W (household goods)
    Color is a bit dark as shown but still very nice. With matching toaster Simply class. I recommend further definitely.