Kitchen And Household


  • Beautiful Basket - a dream  

    Reisenthel Carrybag BK3048 funky dots 2 (household goods)
    The basket like it very much, also colored very chick. I also bought a cover and simply insert a photo of the basket with a hood. A really worthwhile purchase. Five stars are not enough.
  • Small but roomy  

    Nightstand white Sara3
    We have the dresser now for some time already in use and are very happy with it. Very stable, spacious and build very quickly and easily. I can only recommend.
  • Super ergonomics, space-age design - very powerful ironing system  

    Philips GC9620 / 20 Perfect Care Elite Dampfbügelstation (OptimalTEMP, 6.5 bar steam pressure, 400 g of steam) (household goods)
    I have long been a traditional-looking iron station by Rowenta in use, which is now getting on in years and mediator because calcified massively. One concern with the previous ironing station was their great weight, both from the soleplate itself, as
  • Grating  

    Kaiser 769 431 Patisserie Kuchenauskühler round, 32 cm, chromed metal (Housewares)
    Yes much gibtsda not to say A beautiful chrome grid for various possibilities in the kitchen Whether to cool or something other everyone can decide for themselves
  • Good Schneidqualität- accessories leaves to be desired  

    Ritter fortis 1 slicer with ECO Engine (household goods)
    Cutting performance is very good. Both soft as well as hard to be cut can be very well made. The settings for the cutting thickness is easy. By suckers extremely good stand, slide and finger guards provide good security. The machine is made of metal
  • Class handy cake pan  

    Kaiser 657,141 federal form, 16 cm (housewares)
    Top nice and handy Kuchebform The coating is of great cake lößt after the fall immediately from the mold The size is ideal for Singel households or who hold times need a cupcake The volume corresponds to about half of a large form
  • Experience with such devices  

    450 Watt electric milk frother with stirring and Schaumquirl Wireless
    I already had some milk frother, a contact had problems, although at the present all works only goes from the interior coating. I hope this equipment will last longer.
  • Beautiful coffee mug  

    Wall Kings Cup, saying "World's Best Mum" - RED (household goods)
    Product image keeps its promises. Class that you can select the color of the handle and cup rim individually - very nice processed coffee mug, I would buy again.
  • A seat erlebis unbeatable for the price  

    Racing office chair sport seat executive chair office chair swivel chair desk chair Racer 6 colors (Orange) (household goods)
    In this chair, I came by chance when I was shopping at Segmüller, he stabbed immediately catches the eye because of its unbeatable design and Komfort.Jedoch it cost about 200, despite price cuts which I think is too steep war.deshalb I was looking fo
  • The FlyLady Brush  

    Rubber brush to remove dirt inside and outside, 27 cm (household goods)
    This brush seems the Rubba Scrubba from the FlyLady Program to match. At least it looks really identical. Miracles can not be expected, in contrast to the endless FlyLady marketing emails, but she cleans very neat. With only a little water it works a
  • Interesting play of colors in the flower bed  

    ONEconcept Suns Hard 2er garden lamps solar lamps lights garden lights set (RGB LED color changing, with earth spear, solar panel, total length each 38 cm) (household goods)
    Video at View Delivered are two relatively heavy solar lights with ground spikes, the turn on automatically when darkness sets. The battery in the garden lights is charged by sunlight during the day. The burning time is approximately 7 hou
  • Top pocket with little weight  

    Reisenthel HW3031 patchworkbag, 44 x 43.5 x 11 cm, mandarin (household goods)
    I ordered the same after a week an additional as gifts. The bag is stylish has little weight. Compared to conventional bag I notice a distinct difference in weight (when stowing the same things of course). Handles have a good comfortable length for a
  • Price / performance: outstanding  

    1000gr Kissenfüllung Oeko-Tex 100 white filler - washable up to 95 ° degrees
    Use the pillow stuffing for pillows. Had previously a much more expensive branded product and also recognize after a few months no difference in comfort. For a kilo the price is incredibly cheap. If brand-name companies you pay somewhere that 3-6 tim
  • Fantastic! Perfectly matured technology!  

    Philips GC9620 / 20 Perfect Care Elite Dampfbügelstation (OptimalTEMP, 6.5 bar steam pressure, 400 g of steam) (household goods)
    I would like to give 10 and more stars deserve this unit has. The handpiece with its tight 800 gr very light and therefore very comfortable to handle.. The removable tank container is made resistant hard plastic, the blue, transparent "window
  • Annoying little thing  

    Russell Hobbs 20684-56 Legacy Black Digital Glass coffee, innovative shower head technology, Timer 1.25 L (household goods)
    I'm now accustomed to give the various electrical appliances scratchy noises by itself, but the bird is shot with this coffee maker from Russell Hobbs ... If even a sound is stored, then please with the option to disable this. The noise is unbearable
  • Virtually 118  

    JOLTA ® MAGIC UV Milbensauger Handstaubsauger antibacterial vacuum cleaner bagless with UV light mattresses sucker
    A compact device. Suited best for people with allergies. The power of the device is pointed. Already had a problem with mites so I got myself and him since I sleep better still in my bed. Price / Performance Top
  • For Liquid Mix ...  

    300g / 0.01g TS-White / Black + Calibration Pocket Scale Fine Scale Digital Scale G & G (household goods)
    Mix order Liquids for my e-pipe itself. The scale is pretty small and work with the appropriate Liquid Calculator grams figures wonderful. Calibration I make from time to time and the abwecihungen are really marginal and negligible (for me). Would re
  • Toast is not the same toast, perfect is Goldbraun- Philips HD2636  

    Philips HD2636 / 00 toaster stainless steel, 1000 W, with bun warmer, silver (household goods)
    Almost every toaster nowadays works on the famous pop-up Prinzip.Das Which means: The slices of bread are toasted evenly brown on both sides. In this regard, forms of Philips HD 2636 Toaster certainly absolutely no exception. With this device it is p
  • Watchmaker's loupe 5  

    Watchmaker's loupe 5 x Plankonv. Eschenbach (Camera)
    Delivered after just two days. This magnifier has the perfect size for precision mechanics. I have it every day for quality assurance in work ... for so little money, a super quality.
  • Better than the AEG PerfectMix PremiumLine 7Series  

    AEG PerfectMix Blenders 5Series SB 5700BK (1 hp power motor, 20,000 U / min, 8 speeds + Pulse / Ice Crush, 1.5L glass jug, TruFlow stainless steel knife, LED backlighting) Black / Black with stainless steel trim (household goods)
    So far I have the AEG PerfectMix PremiumLine 7Series (AISN B00R42BJAM) used which is even more expensive. Ultimately, this has also simpler and cheaper for me the huge advantage that there is just a wheel that can be used intuitively and with which o