Kitchen And Household


  • Quick and delivered coffee tastes very good  

    Tristar KZ-1228 coffee machine with integrated coffee grinder (Kitchen)
    I am very pleased with the coffee. I particularly like the reusable filter element and the choice if I want to cook with ground or whole bean coffee. Timer function is super. The grinder is relatively loud. But I must say that I never had a machine w
  • Star Wars bed linen  

    Herding 448538050412 Star Wars bed linen, pillow case - 80 x 80 cm and duvet cover - 135 x 200 cm, 100% cotton, Renforce (household goods)
    The bedding was a gift for my Star Wars enthusiastic nephew who has the most fun with it. Quality and workmanship are good, along with the price you really can not complain here.
  • Handsome and sturdy  

    Villeroy & Boch tray 29x38cm Mariefleur BASIC KITCHEN Villeroy & Boch (household goods)
    My mother is very pleased with the Mariefleur design of Villeroy & Boch. Since she likes to spend the summer in the garden, I bought her for Mother's Day this tray. It is also of Villeroy & Boch and is part of the series, so it fits perfectly
  • Stylish, good and expensive  

    Philips HD2636 / 00 toaster stainless steel, 1000 W, with bun warmer, silver (household goods)
    This Philips toaster makes out of the box before an excellent impression. The design is of a piece very well done; Material (stainless steel + plastic) and processing are high quality and perfectly. Very good, I find that the toaster outside "co
  • HOT inside, outside COOL!  

    Philips HD2636 / 00 toaster stainless steel, 1000 W, with bun warmer, silver (household goods)
    The Philips HD2636 / 00 Toaster combines for me functionality with attractive design. I wanted a toaster, which can do much, but also looks beautiful, is timeless and fits especially to the other appliances. By Philip toaster in timeless stainless st
  • Super handy baking pan  

    Dr. Oetker 1453 Tradition springform pan Ø18 cm (household goods)
    Class handy springform pan Perfect size for single households or even a cupcake needs Size corresponds to about half of a large form
  • low modified successor  

    Philips Senseo HD7817 / 69 Original Kaffeepadmaschine, 1450 W, 1 or 2 cups, black (household goods)
    Operating Instructions + - ... On the box in detail and as a fold (with very small pictures) The Philips Senseo HD7817 oo / 69 replaces a still functioning betagtes predecessor, which had suffered visually after frequent descaling something. -> Am
  • Ironing in perfection  

    Philips GC9640 / 60 Perfect Care Elite Silence Dampfbügelstation (OptimalTEMP, 7 bar steam pressure, 430 g of steam) (household goods)
    Introduction should be noted that I earned years ago a little extra income as an ironing aid and already can achieve a fairly good speed with a traditional iron. In early 2009, we provided us (as an offline purchase) our first steam generator iron. B
  • Our first toaster, in which the bread after toasting sticks out above and tangible  

    Philips HD2636 / 00 toaster stainless steel, 1000 W, with bun warmer, silver (household goods)
    What has convinced me immediately is that the toast after toasting finally stops times above, so you can grab it well with your fingers and do not have to help with a fork. Since he has spotted the same. All our toaster was so that the bread hopped f
  • B-famous couch Houston  

    B-famous couch Houston incl. Sleep function Pur Side dimension 226 x 160 cm, material mix micro velor structure dark brown capuccino (household goods)
    B-famous couch Houston, ordered, delivered get. I can build good. Fits super cinema room. The fabric is pleasant, but I like the slightly rough material which may not be to everyone's liking. The upholstery is also super. Let's see how long it will r
  • Badhocler CARO furniture  

    Bathroom stool folding stool folding chair, white, chrome-plated metal base, seat height 46 cm
    This stool is ideal for times just sitting down in the bathroom, removing clothes and more. It can be folded, move in every corner, it is very flexible. I can recommend it only further, I am very satisfied with this part.
  • Outstanding product quality from Tefal,  

    Tefal E831S7 Inspiration cookware set 7-piece, suitable for induction (household goods)
    Visually I like this 7-piece cookware set E831S7 inspiration from Tefal itself very well. It consists of three pots with glass lid including vapor opening and a shapely handle Casserole without lid. As an optimal solution I see to the measuring scale
  • Compact and powerful hand vacuum cleaner - it's just a DYSON!  

    Dyson v6 Up Top Handstaubsauger with suction levels 2, 350 W, 20 min duration 28 W, 6 minutes at 100 W, 25 cm width electric brush, furniture brush edges without bag (household goods)
    One thing - I have not thought much of the marketing promise of Fa DYSON -. Today I was also think our living room carpet is clean. After a lap around the table, I'm really flabbergasted, what the little powerhouse has as yet brought out everything.
  • Good test lamp only the cable could be longer  

    Diode test lamp 3-48 Volt with LED display
    I use the test lamp often am very satisfied with the operation of the lamp, only to the short cable is troublesome.
  • Value for money is the hammer  

    Tablecloth fabric in damask style Bügelfrei 130x250 cm square Uni - White
    price quality super in super, looking to decorate a plain white tablecloth to as diverse as possible a long, had directly ordered several lengths (for tables with extension), at the price not a problem
  • 2 x XL pots, stylish design and practical handling  

    Tefal C816S2 Modulo XL 4-piece cookware set, stackable, suitable for induction (household goods)
    For the preparation of salads z.Bsp .: pasta salad for larger parties, I always a sufficiently large pot was missing. That is now a thing of the past. Which is obtained in this Set 2 XL pots, which were made of high quality polished stainless steel a
  • Age has two great advantages The teeth do not hurt anymore and you can not hear all the stupid stuff that around said ...  

    Empire Merchandising 671 868 World Map Poster scratch card brand empire posters, scale 1: 6,75Mio. high quality print, size 61 x 91.5 cm (housewares)
    The Empire Merchandising world map is advertised for people traveling a lot and here for themselves (and guests) see / want to show where everywhere they've been in the world. And for that, the card is suited more as well. The map is big and very cle
  • Powerful, lighter pipsqueak with Föneffekt  

    Siemens VS06B112A Bodenstaubsauger SynchroPower EEK B (with bag, high-power motor, PowerProtect system, hard floor) Black (Kitchen)
    When unpacking, I was a bit skeptical. Something fluttery and easily. The insertion of the bag will be also learned the manual is poor. BUT, it is very quiet, for Class B, astonishingly vigorous. All essays meet the requirements completely. My old (m
  • thought-out concept - "Made in New Zealand"  

    Sistema Slimline Quaddie lunchbox, blue (household goods)
    Caveat: I can still collect no long-term experience, but revised the review after a few months again. But I definitely wanted to contribute a few pictures (pens for size comparison), as one can not see everything clearly on the product image :-) The
  • Great colors and super knit  

    McLana Jazz 5x100g color ..23 (household goods)
    The fall colors much more beautiful in real life as if on the monitor. I'm very excited. The wool is going very well and is therefore to process well. The dispatch has worked like a charm. Here I like to buy them again!