Large electrical appliances


  • For the price too many compromises  

    Sharp R28STW microwave / 800 W / 23 L / +1 minutes Function / silver (household goods)
    I had the predecessor of the microwave and was very pleased. The old Sharp had held 13 years and done exactly what I wanted. When I now needed a new microwave, I have sought deliberately to the following devices: - Only microwave (grill I do not need
  • Türscharnierset for built-in refrigerator  

    Türscharnierset (Kit) top and bottom of refrigerators AEG, Bosch / Siemens 481 147, Miele 2285121, source
    The Türscharnierset was that which "our old" door hinge of a brand-finished product arrived the next and it was lt. Description for "our old" fit. It does not even cost half. But the (private) assembly should really only make a "t
  • faulty installation and waste disposal  

    Samsung washing machine front loader WF80F5EB / A +++ - 20% / 1400 rpm / 8 kg / White / SmartCheck / quantity sensor / Digital Inverter Motor guaranteed for 10 years (Misc.)
    Article 5 star, delivery on the requested date properly. Installation and waste disposal a joke !! There was supposed to be a hose (was in the drum) that is no installation and ... have remained sitting on the old unit. So better buy elsewhere.
  • AEG Lavamat Turbo washer-dryer  

    AEG LAVAMAT TURBO L75670WD washer dryer / AA / 1600 rpm / Washing: 7 kg / drying: (Misc.) 4 kg / white / Silence Motor / Aqua Control System
    This washer dryer was purchased to replace the defunct nearly 10 years old AEG Lavamat Turbo washer-dryer. Unfortunately, we are forced due to the limited space in our bathroom to buy a combi boiler. Here, this machine is probably the lesser evil bec
  • so far the machine has served  

    Siemens WT46W564 heat pump dryer / A ++ / 7 kg / white / Self-cleaning condenser / anti-crease (Misc.)
    Delivery was top, feed very friendly and old machine placed outside the house and carried the new machine in the basement; Machine runs very quietly and well; Trockungsergebnisse to date also very good; I will report what ifs are .....
  • So power washing fun  

    Bosch washing machine WAW28500 FL / A +++ / 152 kWh / year / 1400 rpm / 9 kg / 11200 L / year / Activ Water Plus / white (Misc.)
    From the Bosch washing machine WAW28500 FL I am absolutely thrilled. Thanks to the good and simple operating instructions stated I could take the washing machine after a very short time in operation. The Bosch washer WAW28500 FL is wonderfully quiet,
  • Good price for a good device  

    Bergström ceramic hob built-in hob electric hob ceramic hob self-sufficient sensor Touch Control 60cm
    Delivery arrived on time. The cable was too short and I had the cord of your old install / replace on the new device. Installation of the glass ceramic hob is designed so that only when the stove (below) is taken, the hob can be permanently secured (
  • From some details everything fine ....  

    Bauknecht WAT Plus 622 Tue washing machine top loader / A ++ B / 1200 rpm / 6 kg / White / display / Clean + / Small Display / hygiene + program (Misc.)
    I had to buy for reasons of space a top loader. This WaMa washes fine, also in the short program. I usually choose the 1-hour program is fully sufficient with 40 °. In the office, you will not really dirty :-) The two young men who were to join me in
  • Good historical device !!  

    Steba G 80/31 C.4 baking and grilling machine (household goods)
    Clearly a machine older design. Clearly with extreme heat radiation and lack of insulation an older construction. Nevertheless, the device is impressive with a high heat output and a quiet drive. The accessories do to überzeugen.Bei use outdoors (bal
  • Microwave satisfying the claims. Structurally identical product as Bosch & Neff just because name "Siemens" cheaper  

    Siemens HF24M541 microwave / 25 L / 900 W / Stainless Steel (Misc.)
    After unpacking you needed a lot of patience, the film to separate from the sides and top, which are not stainless but laquered sheet. But why was no sheet on the door and the operator side / is, which is really made of stainless steel, ???. Door ope
  • Eco-friendly washing machine  

    Bauknecht WM Trend 824 ZEN washing machine front loader / A +++ B / 1400 rpm / 8 kg / white / extremely quiet with 48 db / ZEN direct drive (Misc.)
    The WM Tend 824 is a machine of the upper class that great strength is the energy that can be saved and their smooth running, the machine has a direct drive, it means the drum will depend directly on the engine. So there is no belt. Furthermore, the
  • Surprisingly robust  

    Wpro SKS100 Washer Accessories / intermediate structural frame with storage / washer and dryer / Universal (Misc.)
    We have never needed an intermediate structural frame and I was skeptical whether the machines would be stable. In fact, the installation was then, after a moment pondering very simple and the machine sit perfectly. Let's see if the tension straps pe
  • Despite 8KG very compact and very quiet  

    AEG LAVAMAT L69480VFL washing machine FL / A +++ / 190 kWh / year / 1400 rpm / 8 kg / 9999 L / year / Load recognition / Easy to use / white (Misc.)
    The AEG has replaced our several years old 7KG machine (iQ300) and it does its job very well. The structure is very simple. The moving coil are relatively strong fixed, but can be still light enough to remove. Before the first wash should be carried
  • Airs every 20 seconds  

    Klarstein Piccola Reserva wine refrigerator 2 cooling zones drinks fridge (240 liters, for 76 bottles, 2 zones, lockable stainless steel door, panoramic double glazing, 8 slots) silver-black
    Unfortunately Klarstein for the area Stuttgart a completely incompetent forwarding that specifies only time window of 5 hours (10-15h) for delivery. But I suppose but no day off! Have let him rest 24, then loaded and turned on. It took 5 hours went u
  • Very good quality, ease of installation  

    Aquastop hose / Aquastop / safety supply hose for washing machines and dishwashers, 1.5m
    I'm very satisfied with the hose. The delivery arrived quickly, packaging was good. The hose ran to easy and simple fix, makes a very high-quality impression and is absolutely tight.
  • My new lingerie whisperer  

    Bauknecht WM Trend 724 ZEN washing machine front loader / A +++ B / 1400 rpm / 7 kg / white / extremely quiet with 48 db / ZEN direct drive (Misc.)
    The Bauknecht WM Trend 724 ZEN washing machine was delivered to the site. After removing the packaging, I realized that it actually looks too good to lead a hidden life in the basement. It is purely external has a much more modern than my 16 years ol
  • Nerviger door mechanism, service poor, long-washing drying time, little adjustment when drying after washing  

    LG F1496AD3 washer dryer (front loader, B, 8 kg 6 Motion Direct Drive) White (Misc.)
    What really at the part annoying, is that the door to a combined washer-dryer program does not open forever. It is then for several minutes before the device and waiting until finally the door opens. Also is not in the operating instructions. Two tec
  • Silent machine with many program functions and excellent detergency  

    Bauknecht WM Trend 824 ZEN washing machine front loader / A +++ B / 1400 rpm / 8 kg / white / extremely quiet with 48 db / ZEN direct drive (Misc.)
    Our elder makes soon an education abroad with brief private household, so we were very pleased to be able to test this machine. He may then take our old machine. This Bauknecht washing machine has the following dimensions: 61 x 59.5 x 85 cm. It has a
  • Very good price - performance ratio. Reliable  

    AEG LAVAMAT TURBO L75670WD washer dryer / AA / 1600 rpm / Washing: 7 kg / drying: (Misc.) 4 kg / white / Silence Motor / Aqua Control System
    This is now the second AEG LAVAMAT washer dryer is our family. We have 2 years ago bought an almost identical device with which we are very pleased so far. This we have now set up with my parents. (What went pretty easy). The only thing I have to com
  • Does not deliver what it claims  

    CASO Germany WineMaster 66, high-quality design Weintemperierer with two electrically adjustable temperature zones of 5 ° -22 ° C, for storing up to 66 bottles (up to 310 mm height) (Misc.)
    Had I read many reviews - apparently no one has measured the temperature. The top of the white wine specialist of Winemaster comes in set 5 ° to 7 ° max. When the wine trade is set to 18 °, it is 12 ° and when it is adjusted to 22 ° then at 15 °. Onl