• Threads to warp  

    Philips LED lamp Master LEDbulb 20W (bright as 100W), E27, dimmable, 1521 lm, in normal lamp shape, 827 (extra warm color),> 300 ° viewing angle 671 923 (household goods)
    For pear as such: it is quite ugly, but makes beautiful light. However, it is quite garish, so it is unangehm when the lamp depends to open. My poor rating is but on something else: I have swapped the bulb twice between two lamps back and forth while
  • Cool part! 7  

    Philips Hue Go - portable, cordless light 7146060PH (household goods)
    Works as described, looks good, integrates well with my existing Hue system and is also more mobile, ie, for example, comes in the bathroom and on the balcony for use. Top!
  • Housing too large  

    Downlight NAUTIC IP65 round (also in square) alloy stainless steel design (also in chrome, white) 12V 230V (without bulbs) recessed spotlights for bathroom, shower, wet room wet room Recessed Spotlights Indoor Outdoor LED Halogen
    The housing is too large and does not fit the hole in the ceiling. Even if it goes in, it's not really close. Am pretty disappointed.
  • Recommended! 151  

    10x Evolution Pro Line | Sparset! | MR16 LED lamps | AC DC 12V / 5W 30 ° 340 Lumen Warm White
    Gradually we replace all bulbs from the house against economical LEDs. Behind this is primarily the desire to reduce energy costs while contributing to the protection of the environment. We rely on the products of different manufacturers. The company
  • Strong light  

    CroLED® E14 9W LED SMD 5630 Corn lamp lighting - Replaces 80W bulb - White light - 850LM Light Lamp AC220-240V
    This LED lamp is 850 lumens with really high luminosity and equivalent is purely emotional actually somewhere between a 60 and a 100 bulb (the specified 80 Watt should therefore get there). The light is white, neither cold nor hot, actually quite ple
  • Country-style on the ceiling  

    Honsel lights 26742 ceiling lamp Garfio (household goods)
    We have for our house a lamp in a country style gesucht.Es showed that it should be more difficult than gedacht.Bis we came across this ceiling light. She seems very timeless and really elegant, yet rustic country simultaneously. Easy to install in a
  • cheaper than halogen  

    10x Evolution Pro Line | Sparset! | MR11 LED lamps | AC / DC 12V / 2W 30 ° 200 Lumen Warm White
    Appearance * The led bulb (diameter 3.5 cm) with the socket type: individually delivered GU4, G4 are in small cardboard boxes. * Look like shown on the display screen. * The housing is made of metal (aluminum?) And plastic. * The product description
  • Great part 21  

    CHINS® 5 meters complete set: RGB LED STRIP 5 METERS - controller, 44 key remote control and power supply. Multi-colored many functions (RGB)
    Color: RGB non-waterproof Verified Did the LEDs since ner week in use (on a strip lying 20 cm below the ceiling) and must say I like very much. The colors are clean (except for White, but the problem one knows) I find them bright enough, and the cons
  • Very very good! Except for one ... otherwise - great device;  

    Aubig LED Shower Head with RGB color changing LED lighting, Square LED hand shower, shower head, spa shower head, shower head, shower, showerhead, shower spray head for bathroom (Misc.)
    This shower head is really great! It is a pity that due to the drive of the lights [round disc which is set by the water in motion] the strength of the water flow is reduced. Otherwise, it's really great with the lights, the great design! I would get
  • Ideal replacement for halogen TOP Price  

    10x Evolution Pro Line | Sparset! | MR11 LED lamps | AC / DC 12V / 2W 30 ° 200 Lumen Warm White
    The spots are individually packed in small boxes bulb for bulb Thus, all serving as a reserve well protected. The replacement for the halogen bulbs is carried out could not be easier. Old pear pull out plug and new you're done. ATTENTION: halogen bul
  • 3-pack at a budget price  

    LE LED night light, battery operated, with wireless motion detectors everywhere magnetic stripe Aufklebar, daylight white, safety light for bedroom and hallway, 3 pieces in that package
    The Lighting EVER LED night lights are sold in 3 pack. They are battery-powered. However, instead of batteries I use rechargeable batteries. You should make sure that the batteries are as narrow as possible and do not have thick skin, otherwise they
  • Do what it is ... 49  

    LED Light source Transformer 12V DC 0.5 in - 15 Watt Power Supply Driver G4 transformer
    I bought 2 of these transformers. The first case should an electronic transformer my old bathroom lights (formerly 4x MR11-Leutchtmittel with 4x20W) replaced. The old electronic transformer did work with the LED Leutchtmitteln, these have but flicker
  • First LED lamp  

    LIGHT TREND LED Ceiling Light / Ø 35cm / 18W / frosted aluminum
    The lamp is my first LED lamp and I am very satisfied. At first I was worried because of the brightness or the white light that LED lamps is assumed again (this would make the room colder). But all my worries are completely unfounded. Would I buy the
  • Replacement for 20W energy-saving lamps  

    SODIAL (R) E27 7W 42 SMD5630 LEDs Corn lamp 630LM Lamp Bulb Light Warm White Light
    These LEDs now I have my now 10 year old ESL replaced outdoors. The brightness is quite satisfactory in warm-white.
  • noble kitchen accessories  

    Light shelf glass floor lamp illuminated shelf 45cm 8 watts stainless steel look neutral white light shelf incl. T5 lamps 16 mm diameter wall lamp illuminated glass floor tray wall light
    This evaluates the kitchen at the same time. And the price is great. In kitchens currently just once more than twice as expensive. Thanks for the great runs smoothly and the beautiful shelves ....
  • The light sensor promptly packed into the bathroom when K ***** I get it now on every time  

    TaoTronics 6 LED Solar Night Light with Motion Detection (900 mAh battery, 3 m sensor range, 12 hours battery life)
    So that part is in itself hard horny. Especially for the price you can not complain. As most reviewers have already examined the part relative sense is there in the garden, at the entrance or in the basement. I thought I have to get a little momentum
  • Lighting in the bungalow  

    4x National Electronics E27 filament | Sparset! | LED Bulbs | AC 230V 5W 550 Lumen 270 ° Warm White
    After I have my apartment fully equipped with LEDs, I have now begun in the garden retool. Although the acquisition costs are amortized due to the small hours of operation only after years, the investment has paid off due to the energy savings alread
  • Combined cabinet luminaire for the workshop  

    LE Dimmable LED Recessed lamp display case lighting, Total 12 Watt, 12VDC, 900lm, Warm White, Equivalent to a 24W fluorescent tube, All Accessories, LED light strip, strip lights, 3 pieces in that package
    The Lighting Ever cabinet luminaire for me is perfect for the workshop in the basement. With the included clip being attached underneath the wooden cabinet with the included screws. It draws on the best before the places where to be drilled, and then
  • Good and inexpensive lamp  

    Paulmann 99829 Galeria Flexus I plug light 40W E14 max.1x brushed iron 230V metal (household goods)
    For this low price, I find the processing of this lamp really acceptable. Simple, no frills, as well as stable. It is put into operation quickly, can be very flexibly bent in all directions and the light cone is pleasant. I bought two of these lamps
  • So far, very satisfied 1  

    Osram halogen Halopin 230V 33W clear base G9 Energy Saver 5-pack 66733 ECO (household goods)
    Good value for money. Gladly again. If the first blows would complement a statement to life. Until now, all run four bulbs purchased easily for two months.