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  • The revival of French heavy metal?  

    Headlong Disaster (CD)
    Without going as far as to say that 2015 was a bad year for metal, I must admit that I have trouble actually ignite myself on the outputs published in recent months. Yet there have been good things, even very good ... but, frankly, in styles that I p
  • Powerful and creative  

    Sound & Color (CD)
    The first album of Alabama Shakes, "Boys & Girls", was worth especially for the discovery of the mad voice of Brittany Howard, but suffered weaklings songs, and an obvious lack of originality. The "Shakes" were obviously aware of t
  • Originally ... 1  

    Kill 'Em All (CD)
    Here is one that needs no introduction, the first album of four little guys settled in San Francisco to escape the superficiality of Los Angeles and its Sunset Strip so outrageously monopolized by other hairy significantly rouged and light giving a f

    You, Me and Love / - Deluxe Edition (CD)
    THANK YOU for all the spindle and the CD that still leaves romantic; we love this simple thank you artist Frank
  • Disappointing January 58  

    Joachim Raff (CD)
    I fully share the judgment of Werlings. For me the best version, which I fortunately have vinyl, is that at Unicorn Bernard Hermann. When will a new edition on CD?
  • Nostalgia for an era  

    Searching For Sugar Man (CD)
    I was a fan of the film / documentary that allowed me to discover this artist "unknown" in yet idolized in South Africa. In a rare sensitivity, these walks take us out of time, in an atmosphere of nostalgia and 70's ... Full, full and warm!
  • A little disappointed by Beth..après being disappointed by Joe !!!  

    Better Than Home (CD)
    Three years after the great eclectic and "Bang bang boom boom 'and its nostalgic escapades with the great Joe Bonamassa, Beth Hart returns with a rather calm album. Exit California and Kevin Shirley and "hello NYC" where she recorded this d
  • Magnificent 1181  

    May Peace Be Upon You (CD)
    The first solo album had me leave indifférant. The second contained pearls. But there, from start to finish a great achievement, a great pleasure. After work in the transit points that you "yang" ...
  • A must! 52  

    Rendezvous in New York (CD)
    One of the best recordings of Chick Corea, sound on top. Indispensable in a nightclub. Bought on a Chinese website for a good price, shipping to reasonable deadlines. What you ask for ?!
  • True country patsycline vintage-esque and much better still  

    Mandy Barnett (CD)
    Obviously Mandy Barnett listened to his classic but it is not just another singer who would serve again us a dose of country memorial to patsycline-esque connotations. 'Mandy Barnett' (1996) was the first of his albums, and from the opening, one coun
  • Cabrel's cruise  

    In Extremis (CD)
    Nothing new. As with every work of Cabrel, you have to listen several times. He made better. That's obvious. However, it remains well above the fray. Equally obvious. Why the title 'in extremis': (very) ill or suicidal? Not good ...
  • very well in January 2751  

    Jean-Loup Dabadie His Interpreters (CD)
    it feels good listening to this song and sketch several times reminiscent of our heritage culturel.a continue mr other compositions. Dabadie thank you
  • Unexpected treasure trove for connoisseurs ... collectors.  

    The Decca Sound: Mono Years 1944 - 1956 (CD)
    Third case of the collection Decca Sound, this newcomer contrasts with the conformism of the previous two who were content (but that's a lot!) To pile records from the back catalog, without any originality. The least one can say is that this package

    Beethoven - Schumann - Thalberg - Liszt (CD)
    If one were to qualify, a single word, the music of Beethoven, it would be the word Energy within the meaning of life force, Explosive, Opening its Road and marking the floor of a New Trace. That's why Carlos Kleiber version of the fifth symphony is
  • New Order and Orbital Children  

    Why Make Sense? (CD)
    Sixth album from electro group which, for ten years, manages to retain the landscape of electronic music a melodic and elegant line that does not forget the need to join in its colors and the imprint of a musical soul - of build songs. Apart from its
  • Excellent! 259 50136167  

    Sound & Color (CD)
    Whether voice, the melodies, the sound .... everything is good! From the first listen we fall in love
  • Juice Newton before 'Old Flame'  

    Juice / Quiet Lies / Dirty Looks (CD)
    The last three Capitol album (1981-1983). Two years before the bomb is 'Old Flame' (1985), we can measure that issue country-oriented pop-rock, Juice Newton would have deserved to be the first lady of her time. 'Dirty Looks', marked by sounds very 80
  • I expected better. 34  

    My Guitar With Call Return (CD)
    Fan of gypsy music CDs that pulls more to Eastern music, I like oriental music. But a little disappointed I wanted more dEspagne air.
  • Thomas Dutronc book light and anecdotal pop album.  

    Eternals until tomorrow (CD)
    The first title "Aragon", a mix of Eleanor Rigby intro followed by a musical way Ennio Morricone, fails on a tempo too slow to pull up, like a Jean Ferrat, a text of the Communist poet. Then the piece of easy pop "lying in the grass" (
  • slim shady lp  

    The Slim Shady Lp (CD)
    Do not buy this product it is not complete, the only thing interesting in the special edition c is the second video in the cd and they sell it without this video do not you have !!