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  • Better and better, every time, "listening"  

    Wallflower (Audio CD)
    Also this singer is on a clear, strong voice. A voice that well by the musicians we accompanied. At each hearing, the plate is even more beautiful.
  • Lance and the horny mood  

    Blaow (Audio CD)
    Similarly horny as Selfish. Of course There must be more songs, but I'm glad that we are ever so many of him. The beats fit naturally only to Lance. Next time, please pack an a good feat yet
  • Album as expected  

    Blaow (Audio CD)
    Whoever comes to visit Lance Butters, who knows what he wants. That's Deutschrap with its own style, unverweckselbar. Get album yesterday, unfortunately, managed until today to hear. But it is worth it. Really cool tracks, beats I like almost all. Ho
  • CD for film  

    Bibi & Tina - Full bewitched! The original soundtrack for the movie (Audio CD)
    On this CD are all songs from the film on it, and even the lyrics are about. My daughter hears her up and down and read while singing here and there before me the lyrics until they can properly ...
  • Only suitable for dancing  

    Let's Dance - The Dance Album 2015 (Audio CD)
    The respective pieces of music are given to dance, meistenst played too fast or too slow. Too bad so useless.
  • Power Music  

    Kings of Metal (Audio CD)
    Who is also Power music and like to fully "go along" is operated in the right place. Super music of super artists, price performance is also good.
  • Four stars for "the Fourth" !!!!  

    Postcards from Paradise (Audio CD)
    Roughly first: In "Ringo Postcards" itself comes to rather inconspicuous compositions with always very short, but catchy chorus and clever arrangements of popular sideman. The album is very rich in content through different styles: reggae, count
  • Great! 12  

    The Grand Momentum (Audio CD)
    As Depeche Mode fan, I became aware of the CD by "Enjoy the silence". Goose bumps! And the rest of the pieces are just great and worth listening to! Congratulations to the absolutely felicitous album!
  • The new old Marc Marshall  

    The Perfect Affair (Audio CD)
    Since the beginning of her career, I am excited about Marshall & Alexander .... Both artists Marshall & Alexander - every man for himself a large exceptional talent ..... fantastic voices - incredible stage presence! Now present themselves at
  • TOP music, song and mix FLOP  

    Van Halen - Tokyo Dome In Concert (Audio CD)
    Since I already have heard some of the current live material in advance, I knew what was coming towards me. However, I still had a small glimmer of hope that the band would edit the disc yet. Musically, nothing has deteriorated and I would have liked
  • Ask Sóley  

    Ask the Deep (Audio CD)
    While by its mood is Ask The Deep Album not become, in which one could come up with the idea to call it interchangeable. The very first piece, Devil, which was placed at the beginning of a paradigm, sets out the way to find a way how to, I believe, a
  • Guze CD  

    Sometimes I sit and think, and Sometimes I Just Sit (Digi) (Audio CD)
    Class CD by Courtney Barnett, Many new intuitive titles with partly soft and partly hard rock Sound.gelungenes work of Courtney. could be one of the best albums of the year
  • My Lieblngs CD  

    Dear Agony (Audio CD)
    I love Breaking Benjamin and especially this disc from them. I could hear up and down and it is never too much to me. You buy them and listen to them on you! If you like the band, you are guaranteed not to disappoint this CD !!!
  • Marc Cicero or Annett Marshal?  

    The Perfect Affair (Audio CD)
    The apple does not fall far from the tree ... A bit of Toni, a bit Cicero and a little Annett Louisan - too little himself. Why does not he continues to sing a duet? The class had - but this is banal pop. Too Bad.
  • Super 444  

    Super Moon (Limited Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    The exceptional Swiss artist shows on her new album once again proves its great versatility. Therefore your CD is not all of a piece, but shows another dimension of their imagination in each title. The multi-instrumentalist shows their (and experimen
  • A brilliant album again the mask boys  

    Day Eight (Limited Deluxe Box) (Audio CD)
    What can I say, the new album from Genetikk "Eighth Day" has once again topped everything, musically and lyrically top. The track with SSIO is currently my favorite, Kopfnickersound pure. The album will be the next day heard up and down. Th
  • A voice to kneel! The sound a bit too poplastig!  

    Tortuga (Audio CD)
    Of course Venditti can again score points with his voice - it seems obvious not to age: still powerful, but also sensitive and in all positions a pleasure - to die for! However, the vote was not enough in the beginning to kindle in me a fire enthusia
  • Witty CD  

    Cheek to Cheek (Deluxe Edition) (Audio CD)
    Great songs with a fabulous Lady Gaga. The combination of the two actually very different singers is absolutely first class. Listening fun!
  • Great CC Bohlen survey!  

    25th Anniversary Box (Audio CD)
    These CC Catch Box give for fans little to be desired. There are all the songs of the era planks with it, including instrumental and Maxi Singles and Versions. It's just the way that you have but as a hardcore fan CC also songs from the HEAR WHAT I S
  • Unfortunately, weak!  

    Bravo Hits Vol.89 (Audio CD)
    Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney have currently released the single "Four Five Seconds". My niece said the other day about this title how great she finds it that Rihanna and Kanye West also unknown young artists a chance to be known