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  • 0 stars would be still too much  

    Double Chin (MP3 Download)
    The resulting liont fabricated here, simply embodies everything I on YouTube hasse.Jede of these individuals the degree a little hype enjoy, feel compelled to make an album full of chewed phrases badly sung hooks and pseudo-self-deprecating Liedern.D
  • Song by Roger Whittaker  

    Farewell is a sharp sword (MP3 Download)
    Very nice shot. Have we taken as final song at the funeral farewell to my mother who was a big fan of him.
  • A thypischer PUR song ...  

    Thinking of You (Album Version) (MP3 Download)
    I downloaded this song for my girlfriend. We hear you years PUR and this song was missing in our collection.
  • great song great artist  

    System (MP3 Download)
    I like the song to the next just as well I will stay tuned and I will look forward to new
  • Memories of the past  

    Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell ... (MP3 Download)
    Due to the fact that I had earlier this album and totally great place, I have also now added myself again.
  • Suitable for ups and downs listening.  

    You or I [Explicit] (MP3 Download)
    The hook is the absolute OBERHAMMER. Thanks RAF 3.0 and the brilliant beat this track bangs purely so hard that I was in fact first a little surprised. Hammer thing.
  • Best Album of Genetikk  

    Day Eight (MP3 Download)
    Genetikk has evolved so abnormally album is right ...... Krass best beats is indeed by Sikk ^^ and German rap with content
  • Jam child is the Kracher  

    All I am (Deluxe Version) (MP3 Download)
    His songs, his lyrics really great. It is always an experience. Who likes to listen Staubkind should buy the album absolutely.
  • unearthly  

    Can not Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour (MP3 Download)
    Typical Leonardo. 4 items are simply ueberirdisch.Eine buy recommendation for all Chen Fans.bei Amazon Preview and download the 4 most beautiful tracks on MP 3
  • Very nice summary  

    Very Best Of Hot Chocolate (MP3 Download)
    It is a very nice zusammefassung the hits of Hot Chcolate. The lacked still in my collection. Brings back memories of youth. :-)
  • Typical Sirenia  

    The Seventh Life Path (MP3 Download)
    The Seventh Life Path have SIRENIA called her seventh album at the same time, on all the songs again come from Morten Velands spring. Accordingly bombastic comes also the sound. Again hard guitar riffs and growls was to choirs, not saved. The listene
  • Top !!! 3  

    Traffic Lights (MP3 Download)
    Simply Terrific song! The album will hopefully be a great success! I will definitely buy it to me! Keep it up!
  • It does make me dance  

    Ellen Degeneres' I'm Gonna Make You Dance Jams (MP3 Download)
    Good choice of songs, I like them all. Ellen has great taste for dancing music, if there is another disc I'll buy it too.
  • Polyphonic 1  

    Gods and Generals (MP3 Download)
    It is well for the time being their destiny, to be constantly compared with Sabaton, even if they are very endeavor of lift. We managed CIVIL WAR that on the new album in any case a lot better than on their debut. Although coming at one point or anot
  • The madness!  

    Day Eight (MP3 Download)
    Although it is different from the other albums of them but it's amazing! It is exactly as I had imagined. No other rapper makes these rail of hip-hop, it is not this 0/8/15 as mothers-Dissen. Hats off guys, you're the best! :)
  • Absolutely good!  

    Acenta EP (MP3 Download)
    The British techno specialist Ramorae served here on this Mini-Ep three new dance suitable mixes that have it in them, even at the first big beats I could not sit still.
  • The wait was worth it  

    Blaow (MP3 Download)
    One has not heard of Lance, but now he's back with an album that has it all. The beats are all consistent, no track is like another and the best there is no track of do not like what you normally has in each album. Strong buy recommendation!
  • Just great 1 2  

    What really remains (MP3 Download)
    Christina Stürmer has for years - in addition to Andreas Gabalier - the figurehead of the Austrian music industry! This will provide you with your new single again impressive proof! Incidentally, I think it's just great that you remained even after c
  • A beautiful song 1  

    Nothing Without Love (MP3 Download)
    The song I like really great. An unmistakable and great voice of the singer. Those who like to listen to him have to buy the music.
  • The wait was worth it 7  

    To Your Bones (MP3 Download)
    The powerful yet very warm voice of Charley Ann had me excited even at The Voice. A little bit I felt at that time recalls Adele, whose music I love. I am very pleased that Charley Ann already shows its own style with their debut album. I like every