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  • random operation 2  

    SODIAL (R) 2 x air diffusers for aquarium More Green air bubbles and blue 8 "(Others)
    I do aimepas: they work by halves. There is a part that diffuses the bubbles, the other did not react. I have had them for over a week
  • happy 1 January 13 30  

    Easy Provider 200X FOR WHALE SHIRT COLLAR SIZE 3 PLASTIC (Miscellaneous)
    Content, to finally have a small stock of shirt collar whale, the kind of stuff that we lose quite often and cheap too;)
  • Article does not correspond to the order  

    Aetertek Dog Training Collar easy to use Auto + bark + rechargeable receiver and submersible for 1 dog 550M AT-218-1 + UK charger (Miscellaneous)
    Article not yet tested, but manual in English, despite the description of the content, especially the UK plug (without adapter) 8 more ....
  • Super 84 purchase  

    Clix Lanyard Leash Dog Training Lightweight 5 m (Others)
    That's perfect. My little puppy (3 months old) did not like at all the leaves last week and made good of goats when he felt retained (for fear). With this pen, I could finally hold the leash in hand when it was attached, allowing it to keep a certain
  • Bag totally unsuitable  

    Catit Cat Litter Biodegradable Bag 12 Pieces (Miscellaneous)
    The XL bag (supposed to be used for the main tray litter) is not at all suitable. It has a more or less similar in size bag designed for the tray from the bottom of the litter, but in no case it can adapt to the litter.
  • Croquettes  

    Ultima Cats Sterilised Chicken & Barley Dry 3 kg (Miscellaneous)
    Well, I will not put that I love :) Basically I do not eat and will not fly in the bowl of cat (who does not hesitate to look through against mine very carefully). In fact they are less expensive than those purchased before (yet) Purina etc. It appre
  • Pens for adult dwarf rabbit  

    Ellie-Bo Enclos galvanized rabbit / guinea pig / duck / chicken with roof / canopy 144 x 116 x 58 cm (Miscellaneous)
    Enclos fine but be careful as it is not suitable for small rodents or very small dwarf rabbits because the gap between the bars is the I personally use for my adult dwarf rabbit (8 months).
  • Always clean and available  

    Eton Trough plastic with handle for poultry 6 L (Miscellaneous)
    End of fetching water every 4 mornings and always clean, I took the handle to hang it from a low branch of the pear tree to avoid the land in the water tray.
  • FRONTLINE Colbo  

    Merial - Cats - FRONTLINE COMBO - Cat - 3pip - Anti-flea and anti-tick (Miscellaneous)
    I bought compared to the stated price (cheaper than in business or at the pharmacist and veterinary). I am completely satisfied because it protects my pet flea infestation and preserves and my house (combo effect)
  • The ROLLS crates!  

    Catit Pet Transport Fund Cabrio Gray (Miscellaneous)
    I chose it initially for its opening on top, very practical to put a frightened cat. The body also opens the front. And the drawer to put water and kibble super clever, it can be removed which may allow to hand to reassure your pet. It is quite large
  • food for budgie  

    Versele-Laga Prestige Premium Budgies - Bag of 1 kg (Miscellaneous)
    this and all made a regale them for my parakeets in Rafols it is a pleasure for me to see them like that
  • Correct January 14 April 1  

    Exoterra Bulb and Solar Glo for Reptiles and Amphibians 125 W (Others)
    Correct product used for chameleon. But he still seeks the sun can be uvb that are too light.
  • Thank you to the comments of other buyers is what validated and focused my purchase  

    Royal Canin - Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Cat Fibre Response EN31 400 grams (Miscellaneous)
    My cat is 17 years old like all cats as constipation problems by seeking paraffin into the Amazon search engine I came across these croquettes as complementary products. And that's because of the reviews I could focus research and above all be sure t
  • Finding flexible harness  

    SODIAL (R) Soft Mesh Harness Dog Všºtement L - Black (Miscellaneous)
    Equipment soft and easy to pass, but the dog hair and incidentally the grass take in - this causes the need to scratch the dog The carabiner for attaching the leash should be positioned further back at the chest strap which would mitigate the effect
  • Good product 1049  

    Trixie Litter Tray Mat Anthracite 37 × 45 cm PVC Cat (Miscellaneous)
    Carpet that meets expectations but a little small for a litter box because the output tray has litters are often wide. Fair price. Such delivery. As against neglected since been folded packaging
  • LED lamp for aquarium  

    FACILLA® 6W 36 LED 28cm Light Blue Lamp with 2 Stands Aquarium Fish (Various)
    This is a very good product. Very good lighting and good operation. I use it to illuminate a refuge, and algae growth is very good.
  • retractable leash  

    Ferplast Flippy Retractable Leash Medium Black Dog (Miscellaneous)
    leaves a very good price for good walks with my dogs I hope it will last over time I recommend
  • Satisfied 214  

    Cleaning Brush Tube brush 2pcs Aquarium Fish Care (Miscellaneous)
    Very handy to clean the blades of my robot However sprinklers seem fragile See a usage Delivery in 10 days instead of three weeks announced
  • FILTER 4  

    Tetra - 151567 - Filter for Aquarium - EasyCrystal 250 (Others)
    I wanted the two filters inside and not the entire set with black plastic shell. we are all obliged to order?
  • Super tired but proceeds from these subscriptions that are interrupted constantly  

    Natural Plant litter for cat 10L (Miscellaneous)
    This litter is very, very good, my pussy was adopted immediately. It is very convenient for daily cleaning of the litter. A 10L bag is enough for 3 or 4 weeks. Almost no odor and only when cleaning when everything stirs in spades. As against it easil