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  • At last I can throw away my old slippers ...  

    adidas Performance Santiossage QD 010 689 Men Shower & slippers (Textiles)
    ... I numehr - have worn - how many years? No matter. Am really happy. Who wants to do his feet to something like z.Bsp. a foot massage, exactly these flops with the knobs do exactly, unless one lives on the beach or in the forest and generally goes
  • Maitre, like over and over again  

    Maitre (QF) 4060000494 Unisex Adult purses 13x10x1 cm (W x H x D) (Shoes)
    Had my first wallet ahre of Maitre 22, it was sometimes slow time for a new, even though the old still was fine (seams) am very satisfied
  • As always - chic look but no particular quality  

    Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Unisex Adult Sneaker (shoes)
    Well as usual Chucks see the shoes after a short period of no longer new, the price is of course absolutely covered, but the counterfeit products are cheap just been significantly worse. No shoes for more than a summer, but something you know before
  • Simple, but good 8  

    Cougar ST Runner NL unisex adult sneakers (shoes)
    Fits exactly, easy and comfortable to wear. I'm not going to put the shoe on a long time at a stretch, is it too little breathable. But it is absolutely ok for the price, also like me visually.
  • Fit and comfort sined  

    Buffalo London ES 11070 GARDA Ladies Chelsea Boots (Textiles)
    I wear size 41 and have relatively wide feet. My heels are always the weak points in shoes, scrubs there or pressed like some new shoes on. No problem here. Sitting around good, good grip, comfortable Slip (of course you have to draw something. With
  • basically a good shoe, but ...  

    Rieker 54091 Ladies Clogs (Shoes)
    I first bought the shoes for work, and because I was so satisfied with regard to comfort and fit, I bought the same in a different color slipper. At home I have this also worn barefoot and noticed that after a few days the insoles have solved the sho
  • Nice, but corresponds to a whole number greater!  

    Polo Ralph Lauren Serena 990,940 girls sneakers (shoes)
    Pretty shoe is yes. But unfortunately, much too large. According to size chart at the store of the shoe should have fit. After receiving the goods I saw a very different length in the shoe, which corresponded to a full size larger. So the goods retur
  • Crocs 2.0  

    Crocs Duet Wave unisex adult clogs (shoes)
    I like Crocs as ideal garden Shoe and if it's not that it matters, my ancient yet manufactured in Italy were extremely cuddly soft 'just in time they have become soft and give an uncertain status. These Crocs 2.0. are composed of two different materi
  • nice shoe but quality with strong smears  

    Ladies Light Hiking Boot mojito lime (Textiles)
    in a nutshell >> Shipping time was very good; Look of the shoe also super; Size and fit well >> but now the problems >> after I have worn the shoes a few days come with a lot on the tabs constantly slipping >> brings even if you th

    crocs CLightsClogPS unisex children clogs (shoes)
    .... I did not see when I bought you shoes. ;) For each occurrence of white stripes in different colors lights (white, blue, red, green and yellow - stekllenweise - once around). Usual good quality of Crocs. Not reek of chemicals. My son has the Gr.
  • very nice bag, but unfortunately does not match the actual color of the picture  

    Kipling BEONICA SN Rusty Sn K1243793D Ladies Top handles 36x24x17 cm (W x H x D) (Shoes)
    I ordered the bag at a special price at Amazon. The quality of the bag is very good, but the color "Brown Monkey" shown is in fact rather the color "taupe", which unfortunately absolutely not fit me. If there is again a special offer f
  • Cool gift  

    Original Hot Sox heatable slippers slippers slipper plush grains (Textiles)
    Have these shoes a girlfriend gift that always has cold feet. She is kind of excited - nice if you can make someone with such joy as a little attention.
  • - Super Service - unfortunately fall shoes at least 2 Greater Minor from -  

    Liking 10-001 Women Flat leather (textiles)
    Pre = The company is very customer oriented and fast and courteous in the processing of the return. The shoes came with a small "cravat" (give-away) and enjoys a very natural as customers. The processing of the shoes and the color are super. The
  • Sporty and elegant with good footbed!  

    Geox D VEGA A ladies sneakers (shoes)
    As my optimum shoe size is 38 1/2, I ordered these shoes in sizes 38 and 39, color gray (is a very bright gray). This size is a little bigger, so fit size 38 excellent. I have a fairly narrow base, especially in the toe area and therefore often the p
  • Stylish Fall / Winter Sneaker  

    JACK & JONES Jj Beat Leather Warm Org Men High Sneakers (Shoes)
    Very comfortable (even for wider feet), very warm while very nice design. A great combination! For the durability there will be an update, but visually and by the material appearance makes the shoe a good impression. The zipper is very useful, becaus
  • Successful design vs. Form (3.5 *)  

    Pip Studio Pip M Carry All PBA5105-999 Ladies Shopper 33x27x14 cm (W x H x D) (Shoes)
    In addition to PIP Carry-All in royal style also this bag for the spring / summer season was needed. As always colorful flower motifs, this time combined with a touch of nostalgia through the two-part front (flowers - letter). On the back of a lot of
  • At Yes  

    Lemigo Confortable Ladies slippers slippers - Different colors and sizes (Textiles)
    Fit as expected, color correct, do not slip, not unpleasant odor like many other "plastic slippers". Price performance totally satisfactory! Would buy the slippers again!
  • Bag is super!  

    Desigual LONDON / floreada CARRY 50X51B63001U ladies shoulder bags 32x25x11 cm (W x H x D) (Shoes)
    Processing, color, extra pockets - simply ingenious. Glad I ordered it. At first I was a bit skeptical about whether I have to pay only the name of Desigual, but this bag is worth the money! I can only recommend it!
  • super nice ... with a flaw  

    Desigual BOLS_LONDON floreada, 3001, U 41X51793001U, ladies shoulder bags, Red (FRESA 3001), 32 x 30 x 15 cm (W x H x D) (Textiles)
    The bag is visually absolutely an eye-catcher. Looks great. Many small extra pockets and plenty of space. Deduction there with me for the shoulder strap. This is not completely removed. And in this case the form I wear them rarely with this belt. If,
  • Eben El Naturalista!  

    El Naturalista Colibri N474 Ladies Pumps (Shoes)
    A super shoes from El Naturalista as always. This model is one size larger, which I had already taken the other reviews. He is super processed, but unfortunately the paragraph (8cm) is too strenuous for my feet. Too Bad. So a shoe with 6cm heel heigh