Sports & Recreation


  • For unkempt bike paths and off the track  

    Schwalbe Marathon Plus, Clincher 622 (Misc.)
    I am referring to the 25-size ... and the overall product description of Schwalbe. Everyone who drives a little more kilometers, sometime the snout has fully. The cleaning of the roads is getting worse, the grit from the winter remains lying on the r
  • Tips jersey  

    adidas Mens Swingman jersey INT (Sports Apparel)
    Hello What should I mention already big on this shirt? It looks like the picture and wears really well. Worth mentioning is that the jerseys fail in length larger than a normal T-Shirt. I usually wear T-shirts in XL and I've ordered this shirt in L a
  • Ideal for fat people!  

    GORE BIKE WEAR Men Softshell Jacket Phantom 2.0 Windstopper (Sports Apparel)
    Bin passionate cyclists on the gravel road and in the forest, the Bike Wear keeps its promises, whether cold wind or drafty wind gusts on warm days, there is no wind, just the same breathable, the best are the removable sleeves on hot days and on col
  • Very light and good backpack  

    Jack Wolfskin HIGHLAND TRAIL 35 (equipment)
    The backpack is basically ideal ... only I had to send him back unfortunately. For people with swayback it is unsuitable because it protrudes on the upper shoulders and with the coccyx area padding "strongly" on his back presses ... even if
  • is super trampoline  

    Ultra Sport kindergarten trampoline Uni-Jump incl. Safety net (equipment)
    Only after a short time the underlay discs are presented are attached to the rods burst after a short time. Too bad :(
  • Cute little knife  

    Columbia Tactical Tactical Knives (Misc.)
    I collect knives times failed, this appealed to me because of the closure, it is small but fits comfortably in your hand, it can also be easy to open and close. It is sharp genun open for packages.
  • everything so far in Ordung -  

    Sissel leg elevation pillow Venosoft Venenkissen, white (equipment)
    A good sleeping comfort, due to the yielding of the material Feels good, would for me, however, still be a bit softer can, because of the joke feeling - but otherwise everything great
  • Total Practical & Stylish  

    Master Pak Dart Bag Multi in black - red for professionals, Dart bag (contents) (Misc.)
    Find this bag just super. You can max. 4 pairs of arrows fooled and yet has enough space for other bits and pieces. It's great I find the corresponding box super practical! Now everything is in order and is securely stowed. 5 star it is definitely wo
  • Does not count all the steps, but a good orientation  

    Omron Pedometer Walking Style One 2.0 (equipment)
    Since I'm trying to get my slightly elevated blood pressure by movement in the handle, I try daily 7000 steps in walk and another 3000 steps in the budget to deal with. In fine weather, this is no problem. CURRENT PEDOMETERS Currently I count my step
  • The recipient were very happy  

    Towel with name / desired phrase embroidered, 50x100cm, colors, heavy 550g-quality, 100% cotton, full terry; Message Name Email (see description) (Misc.)
    I bought the same 2 pieces as a gift and they got along very well with the recipient to. The workmanship is very good and the towels are actually very soft and feel pleasant on the skin. Even after washing, we could not detect any change. The colors
  • Helmet with LED indicators and very good adjustability  

    KED Meggy Rescue helmet Police 2015 (Misc.)
    Great helmet for boys. LED indicators on the back. Fit perfectly adjusted to the head. Would we buy again at any time.
  • Slip sleeve  

    Bench Ladies Hooded Jacket Aislacraig (Sports Apparel)
    The jacket is totally beautiful, makes a great figure and perfect for transition temperatures. Unfortunately, slip the sleeve of my shirt worn underneath this jacket constantly high so that they then hang at the elbow, which annoys me totally. Otherw
  • simple, reliable  

    Omron Pedometer Walking Style One 2.0 (equipment)
    The pedometer is a small, handy part that can be fastened with a clip at the waistband or bracket. The clip holding pretty good, but it could still be that when pulling the jacket of the pedometer accidentally demolished and unnoticed fall. Can be ca
  • BVB jersey as a gift for my husband!  

    BVB Reus jersey Home 2015 (Misc.)
    This shirt I ordered to give it to my husband. When it arrived in size L, it seemed very large and have sent it back, and then reappointed in size M. When I gave it to my husband turned out that it really is too small. (How ironic) So I exchanged it
  • Very convenient 8  

    ONLY PLAY Damenhose Lina Sweatpants (Sports Apparel)
    The pants are more than comfortable and restricts me as Garde dancer in my movements do not a. ^ - ^ Only when I'm in the gym and I'm sitting in August the towel then the fabric roughens slightly. But otherwise I am satisfied
  • Finally 63  

    Spyderco knife sharpener Ultrafine Triangle Stone, White, 204UF1 (equipment)
    can I keep my knives sharp. Came with the freehand sharpening never clear here it could sheep a toddler. The Rasierschärfe is now no problem.
  • Price / performance: outstanding! 3  

    Lansky Deluxe Abziehset, ceramic rods and fine (Automotive)
    The Lansky set comes not quite to the Spyderco Sharpmaker Ran, but considering the huge price difference that's absolutely fine. So far for me the fine rods are mainly been used, but the result can really be seen thicker 440C is thanks to the Lansky
  • Comfortable to wear very well padded  

    Gregster men cycling pants, black (Sports Apparel)
    With my 1.75 m large, athletic man slim trousers on the length and scope fits perfectly. The substance has not changed after the 40 degree wash and feels like a second skin. Overall, the material is quite thin and yet very flexible and robust. The se
  • Cool gimmick but that's all  

    FunTomia® Mini Board Skateboard 57cm with or without LED light wheels incl. ABEC-11 bearings in different colors to choose from (Misc.)
    It's cool when the wheels glow in the dark but unfortunately the board not roadworthy. Far too stiff and really good grip has unfortunately not. Man slips too easily by the Board because the structure has no support. The board would have to be more f
  • super comfortable and chic  

    Bench Men's Hooded Jacket ENTRY B (Sports Apparel)
    I must be right when the jacket, like almost all products from Bench, which I possess turn out slightly smaller previous speaker. However, this effect is relatively small in this jacket. She sits like a similar jacket of TNF in the same size. I also