Sports & Recreation


  • Socks that do not wear out  

    PUMA children sock Lifestyle Quarter 3 pair (Sports Apparel)
    These socks come out slightly larger, but does wash with and dry. Feel very soft, elastic are good, do not wear out and value for money fits
  • Well ... It's better  

    Nite Ize Doohickey multi tool steel, NI-KMT-11-R3 (tool)
    The tool is just to use as an emergency spanner still so, but unfortunately, due to design intended only for easily accessible places. The bottle opener is pretty meager. The bottle caps are more bent than levered. The unit on the upper part of the t
  • Motive is awesome, quality is better  

    PENNANT GARLAND Wimpelkette PENNANT 6m FC Schalke 04 S04 (Misc.)
    Yes, for Schalke worth every Euro. However, the pennants have outdoors can survive a bit longer than four months. Well, climate change and so ... blue and white for a lifetime, even if they are not pennants accompany a. Correction: Priced at 5 Euros
  • Cheap products and poor service  

    mirrored Caripe Wayfarer Sunglasses - SP (Misc.)
    I ordered 2 and 1 Wayfarer Clubmaster glasses. Unfortunately, both Wayfarer glasses were deficient: - Glasses 1: Significant abrasions on the bracket and the other bracket was extremely stiff and could not completely close - 2 glasses: Ironing etc. o
  • Does what it should, however, some changes have made!  

    Wall bracket for 2 Swords (Misc.)
    Hello people! At that time I decided to use this wall bracket as it was quite cheap and a simple holder handed me. Now to the holder ansich. The holder is its price ensprechend. The finish is black and know me no gaps, although you can see here and t
  • Great sweat pants 1  

    adidas Men Trousers Command (Sports Apparel)
    But Beware! Typical Adidas here everything fits. Prefer to order one size smaller. I am 110 Kg and 1,86m tall. XXL but was much too big.
  • Solid Bank, with minor limitations  

    Body-Track ® Impulse BT413 Massive combi bank, bench (Misc.)
    I staggered to the end between 2 benches. The Taurus B900 liked visually better and would be big enough for me (192 cm) have been. However, the body-track has the advantage that it can be expanded (for example, leg curl) and an (adjustable) leg fixat
  • As expected! 5 Stars  

    Bench Girls Sweater Girls Bonded Fire B (Sports Apparel)
    This jacket not only looks good in pictures but in real. ! The quality is just great and my daughter is happy! Could not be better!
  • Small, fine and sharp enough! 4 1/2 stars!  

    Silver Cell self-defense weapon Tactical Knife Outdoor Karambit ring diameter (Misc.)
    The Minikarambit fit for the very reasonable price more than you might first suspect. It was already usable sharply by mail to me. Supplemented with a paracord lanyard it can even be quite good with the remaining fingers grip around more strength exe
  • Excellent knife at the current price!  

    Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife GE31-000751 (tool)
    The Ultimate Survival Knife offers everything should bring an outdoor / survival knife. A sharp blade factory. Solid construction. A few nice Survival Gadgets (Firesteel, Survival Guide, sanding belt & Emergency whistle). The handle provides very
  • No Intuitive operation  

    Sigma Bike Computer BC 16.12, black, 06120 (Equipment)
    In order to anticipate a: The processing and display is good. But that is the only positive thing I can say about it. Other bike computer have the basic settings (24h, wheel circumference) on the back. This concept is applied here and brought to the
  • get special bracket, then it works well  

    Eagle Creek Pack-It Originals Pack-It Garment Sleeve 53 cm (equipment)
    The garment bag requires at larger sizes (probably from 106 upwards) 1x additional wrinkles. Then the garment bag fulfills its services and can possibly. Also be taken in hand luggage (Lufthansa currently still allowed in addition to hand luggage a g
  • Innovative camping lantern  

    igadgitz 3 in 1 Pop Up LED Camping Lantern + Flashlight + flash
    The Camping Light / Tent Light of iGadgitz can be stowed away. Although the design is unique, the price is set very low Through the foldable design they can be easily stored in a backpack The power button on the side has the following functions: ligh
  • Super !!! 1230  

    Chariot baby seat (Misc.)
    Fits perfectly and my son likes to sit in it. Have him bought used and mounted without screws. Is also wonderful in single-seaters. The previous speakers have written very witty reviews. The straps are inserted through slots and thus are not behind i
  • Very good 53  

    Dragon Sport camisole set (10 pieces) (Sports Apparel)
    Have the camisole every weekend in the game announcement for 2 years it holds everything from no blurring or cracks. Bought 10 pieces and after 2 years as new only recommended
  • A bit disappointing  

    Novi Reel Case Trolley suitcase 100-135 liters Black - XXL (foldable - space-saving)
    After almost 6 months and not too many inserts the bag on the ground has already holes. I shall return to my own expense and checked the bag now. *** The return is checked for general wear / abrasion or rough handling, as is given here is no claim to
  • Already my third role  

    Blackroll Blackroll STANDARD 30cm (equipment)
    Have now my entire family is supplied with the good pieces. Very nice, I think the crack when you roll over with your back, then I'm very relaxed. The price is natürlch steep, but you can probably use a lifetime.
  • Good quality at a reasonable price 8  

    Vetra volleyballs soft touch balls size 5 officially Yellow / Blue / White Or Green / Blue / White beach Outdoor Indoor Gymnasium Game New (Misc.)
    Caveat: I am not really at home in the world of volleyball and games only occasionally in leisure time, usually in the garden, with a few buddies or even with my little daughter, finds pleasure in the sport. For this reason, it would not make sense i
  • Price supi and alls deco perfect  

    Kill Bill Tanto Letter Opener (Misc.)
    Have the package grade get so from äuseren quite alright and stable the blade is very bent, unfortunately it was trying to Schleiffen only the iron is somehow fragile or of bad material no matter the price is very good and it should alls act deco and
  • Beautiful and handy Chalk Bag  

    Mammoth adults chalk bag Roughrider, Sand, One size, 2290-00780-7047-1 (equipment)
    This chalk bag was a gift to my friend who loves to climb, both in the hall as well as the rock. He is very excited about the appearance, the design and the pleasant form! That too small side pocket he finds great because he can keep it while climbin