Sports & Recreation


  • The clock is quite OK, the chest strap is not  

    Ultra Sport heart rate monitor with chest strap Run 50 (equipment)
    A heart rate monitor with minimal functionality, made for the occasional recreational athlete who puts on statistics and training history of no value, but simply wants to monitor his heart rate. The clock itself is properly processed and served its p
  • Great castle!  

    ABUS bicycle lock Catena 685/75, 75 cm (equipment)
    A cool, stylish castle! So far, my bike was so not stolen ... But let's see what the future brings ...: -D
  • Good to wear running shorts  

    Men's Running Short Tights / James & Nicholson (JN 302) SML XL XXL (Sports Apparel)
    Good to wear running shorts. Good quality processed. Good fit. Even after umpteen washes still very good. Good workmanship. The slide fastener of the key pocket also works as before.
  • For the price certainly ok  

    TGLOE (Tm) -wf-501B UV LED UV Flashlight + Holster ultraviolet black light + 2 * CR123 battery (Misc.)
    The lamp does what it should. She's pretty bright, you should daily directly on any case. You can find my children very funny and play CSI and "looking dirt". So housewives and men's pay attention! :-)
  • Super price-performance 58  

    Coleman Tent Coastline 205110 2 persons with living area green (equipment)
    We use this tent now been a few years. It has already survived a few festivals and camping weekends. It can be, once you get out, build up quite quickly. The place is absolutely sufficient. In the sleeping area a 130x200cm air mattress fits in perfec
  • Good workmanship, not optimal with me fit.  

    Gregster men cycling pants, black (Sports Apparel)
    Normally I wear size XL. I ordered the pants in L. In contrast to the already tried out 3/4 pants these pants are completely long, but at the same time from a relatively thin material. For a long trousers I would prefer thicker materials in order to
  • Just good 7  

    Sports glasses Alpina Twist Four VL + Shield in div. Colors model 2015 (Equipment)
    What should afford a bicycle glasses? You should protect against wind and insects, it should be easy, they must fit well ... And if they still protect from sunlight and looks stylish, you can actually say anything more. Good ... The sunscreen also of
  • Practical baskets, much better than a basket on the luggage rack  

    BASIL rear bike basket black CARDIFF (equipment)
    I have a Ebike with seat tube battery and follow me. When we go on tour, I'll always loaded because Mama has indeed baskets and can since cram everything. Then still depends on the Lütte Follow me. From the load distribution which has been quite impr
  • High quality t-shirt, ideal for sports  

    Under Armour Men's Fitness - T-Shirt Armour HG (Textiles)
    This Under Armour Armour functional shirt is a high-quality processed and comfortable to wear men's t-shirts that make them particularly suitable for sports due to the so-called. Moisture Transport System, because it diverts the sweat from the body.
  • Useful tool case for bike wrench  

    Kenley Multifunctional 25 pcs. Bike repair tool set tool set with a compact carrying case (Misc.)
    Looking for an affordable toolbox for bicycles in our household, I came across this set. In the stable case there are a lot of useful tools for the bike. Besides a complete repair kit set can also be found some special tools for repairs for chain and
  • Good Universal lamp, not consistently thought through  

    Fenix ​​TK15C Cree XP-G2 R5 flashlight red + green (Misc.)
    I try a bit too brief (I will not succeed anyway) more than flashlights there in my review for Fenix ​​UC35; as read. Every real man loves flashlights, like any real woman loves shoes. Why, we will never understand in both cases. Let us live with it.
  • bought zweimak which probably says it all ;-)  

    Anlun halogen headlights, black (equipment)
    Do what you want for a good price. Buy recommendation from me, have now 2 bicycles equipped so that both work without complaint.
  • Beautiful fun  

    Wedding Bubbles Campagner glass - blowing bubbles for the wedding - 24 pieces (Misc.)
    The bubbles work. It just needs to be refilled once because it is not sooo much in it. One point deduction because one of the bottles had leaked ... beautiful mess, everything had to wash only.
  • Quality and price ...  

    GoPro Accessories tripod mounts, 3661-073 (Electronics)
    The quality tripod mounts are fine for the price but I did expect a little more than a piece of plastic and einkleines piece of metal. Price and quality go with GoPro not appear to go hand in hand, at all the original accessories is very expensive mM
  • worth 21  

    James & Nicholson Men's Softshell Vest (Sports Apparel)
    Vest seems to me from the material and in appearance-grade as in the description and in the picture. It falls slightly larger than expected (ordered at 181cm / 71kg Size M -. S would probably fit better - to buy even after the here and post according
  • Very nice pants!  

    Bench Ladies Jerseyhose Matsya B (Sports Apparel)
    The pants looks just like the pictures! Super fit and finish, as one would expect from Bench! The material is nice stretchy and very comfortable to wear! Great color, great to combine! Strong buy recommendation!
  • Good product does its job  

    Omron Pedometer Walking Style IV (equipment)
    Does exactly what it is supposed, without much complication steps, without complicated set up and to use one reliable very easy.
  • Good entry level  

    Omron Pedometer Walking Style One 2.0 (equipment)
    Omron offers a wide variety of pedometer, the Walking Style One 2.0 is a spartan equipped entry model - number of steps + distance, he can not! Unlike a smartphone, the handy pedometer lets unobtrusively on eg the belt loop (retaining clip, holds ver
  • Unbelievable .... 24  

    Ballistol 29765 Spray 200 ml (equipment)
    but true! What this all remedies can! Or can no longer allowed, since it is no longer approved as a drug .... But it tasted quiet of itself. What it still can is allowed on the packaging. Very versatile! What it was time, a search engine can tell you
  • Body-Conscious  

    Bench Ladies Sweat Jacket Nolie (Sports Apparel)
    I'm not slim and am not figure-hugging clothes. Since my jacket like so much I'm keeping it. What can you already tell Bench :-) Beautiful fabric and comfortable to wear. Recommended.