Toys & Games


  • No hesitation! 5  

    Playmobil - A1502700 - Building Game - Fire Des Pompiers (Toy)
    After a long assembly time (but guided by the manual), the result is up to lattente! The numerous accessories (fire, office, broom ...) effectively complement the barracks and allow the child to imagine themselves many stories.
  • My son loves 71  

    Buki - 7126 - Construction game - Mini Cubes Animals (Toy)
    My son can spend hours, it does not get tired, the cubes are easy to make and break, and you can do many different figures.
  • Tip top 171  

    Bandai - 38620 - Figurine Cinema - Flying Baymax Dx (Toy)
    Very happy with my purchase and my son was delighted and it made noise and everything works perfectly, I recommend
  • painting by number 3  

    DIY digital canvas painting decoration oil Kit number Pottery female 16 x 20 cm. (Toy)
    very nice product it is simple to do and very nice I recommend it to all I am very satisfied
  • Good buy 643  

    Playmobil - A1502702 - Building Game - Van De Pompiers (Toy)
    Great product as usual with PlaySchool: the truck, very solid, very well equipped and very realistic. My son is delighted.
  • costume quality  

    Cesar - D279 - Costume - Female Pirate Disguise Red and Black (Toy)
    Set of quality and well tailored for a .Prices disguise very reasonable compared to a rental in a .Livré store with a nylon bag for protection in the wardrobe.
  • Suitable to host a birthday  

    Amscan - 398270 - Games Society - Games Pirate Party x 4 (Toy)
    Nice little game to host a birthday ... Easy to install and explain to the children ... (children 4 and a half years 7 years) ...
  • Pretty caskets  

    TOOGOO (R) 12 x ecrins for pendant, bracelet, earring, necklace ring random color Dimension: 5x8x2.5cm (Toy)
    Very nice gift caskets. Little more, they are multifunctional: they can go both buckles, pendants, necklaces or rings.
  • Small but very aesthetic  

    TOOGOO (R) Faux Leather PU Bag Cool Design Ring-shaped black skull (Toy)
    Small bag (refer to dimensions) but very nice effect. Plus: a shoulder chain. Nice look.
  • Storage Problem  

    Fireman Sam 4-in-1 Jigsaw Puzzle (Toy)
    I bought this for my daughter puzzle of 3½ years fan of Fireman Sam. At first she loves but regrets that Sam is on one of the 4 puzzles. The parts are lightweight carton as an adult puzzle, and therefore not necessarily very strong. The fact that it
  • Beware my delivery  

    Assorted beads Silverline (Toy)
    The picture corresponds to the product, but it arrived broken, the box and removed all mixed beads. Too bad ... Attention they are not all the same size.
  • Very nice for the right price  

    Smoby - 451000 - Folding Scooter La Reine des Neiges 2 Wheels (Toy)
    This scooter was enormously fun to my 4 1/2 years. Certainly, the handles are blue ... but it remains beautiful anyway! Then for the theme "Snow Queen", color is "blue" ... so it's not shocking.
  • Consistent with the description 216  

    TOOGOO (R) magic accessory to make the coin disappear (Toy)
    Product according to the description. Not tested but seems to perform its function. Small, discreet and looks solid. RAS
  • Difficult to climb 2  

    Nanoblock - NBH-004 - Building Game - Banks Of The Seine In Paris (Toy)
    Product conforms to the announcement, the assembly was however difficult for a child but was happy with the result
  • paint numero 4  

    DIY digital canvas painting decoration oil Kit number ice 16 x 20 cm. (Toy)
    very satisfied and pleasant to do the paintings are very beautiful and I recommend thank you very much it is not necessarily great
  • A professional model  

    Dragon - D6572 - Sample - Panzer II AUSF B - 1:35 Scale (Toy)
    This is a very complete model. You can love the fact that the tracks are self-assembly même.Elles are in two separate bags (left track and right track). In addition, the firm directly attached cutouts image for details. It is therefore a model of a v
  • My son is really happy  

    Figurines Disney Planes Jet Set - DUSTY, SKIPPER, Ripslinger, EL CHUPACABRA CHUG, DOTTIE (PVC Plastic) (Toy)
    This is the most important. It is super happy with his cars Cars. True, cars are a bit small but who cares :)
  • perfect! January 1232  

    Geisha Girl - Child Costume (Toy)
    My daughter is conquered! Bravo for this kimono! Just a caveat .. I would have thought the decorations were also behind .. but this is not the case, it is a shame to have everything black. hence my rating to 4 or I would have put 5 again! No complain
  • Beautiful! 17 January  

    Goki - 2041466 - Knowledge Of Game - Mikados Game In A Bag Cotton (Toy)
    Wooden sticks are very large and consistent with the picture! It's very original. I just can not wait to play as a family this summer !!!
  • Very incomplete  

    Splash Toys - 30493 - KIT Crafts - Weavy Loops - Big Set (Toy)
    This new method tries to take over the famous Rainbow loom. Here many opportunities for who master the basics of braiding. The box itself is fairly provided, but we notice the presence of a single elastic yet used in many basic bracelets, but the big