• another commodity was delivered as shown  

    Half Mask Black (Toy)
    As the title says, was delivered first, a mask, a different, albeit similar form had and that could be tied with two strips of fabric that were glued to the mask with hot glue (mind you from the front, not the back (?) ).
  • The most real guinea pigs, which I've seen so far  

    Teddy Hermann 92641 guinea pig black / white 20 cm (toys)
    There is only one word: great! The guinea pig looks really after guinea pigs and is wonderfully cuddly! I'm totally in love!
  • Very nice plug game for the very young  

    nic - wooden toys in 2122 - breadboard, large (Toys)
    The breadboard by nic us and our little ones absolutely convinced. The breadboard is very high. We have no objections if the little one (has now become a year old) takes the parts in his mouth. The plugs in 2 sizes and 4 colors he finds very interest
  • Not enough content for a relatively high price  

    Knorrtoys GL7517 Glitza, Design Studio, Glitter Tattoos (Toys)
    In the package there is a storage box and the small jar with glitter, plus. Tweezers and brushes and magnifying glass and a small hair band. Here a flimsy leaflet is attached, which is contrary to the operation in teeny font. One can decorate clothin
  • Scammers ..... goods never arrives !!!  

    SYMA X5C Quadrocopter Drone White 2,4Ghz with HD camera 3D + Replacement Battery (Toys)
    I'm waiting since 03.20.2015 on the package and still nothing has arrived. Since my appointment the seller is changed constantly and you will only put off. There was money only on Amazon back because Uoften (the then seller) only have the package bac
  • Quick learned and played fast  

    Kosmos 692 339 - Ubongo - New Edition 2015 (Toys)
    Although I love games evenings with friends and family, I cringe at first getting a little back when I myself see a new game over. And I thought at first that it might overwhelm me eventually, I was a better but taught. Ultimately, it was not only un
  • Badumtss  

    Dland green laser pointer Full Star, 1 point laser pointer for teaching, meeting, traveling adventure, Sky Pointing etc. (Toys)
    Meets definitely its purpose, but is not better than anyone else Flomarktlaserpointer. I had also hoped for a slight laser beam. Therefore only 2 stars.
  • Great little experiment!  

    Kosmos 659 219 - prehistoric crabs breed itself (Toys)
    My twelve year old son has now bought this set for the third or fourth time, now even of his own money. He likes to watch the little creatures grow and cares very lovingly his pets. Plenty of space does not require the hatchery and is otherwise quite
  • Colourful and relaxing  

    Ravensburger 16608 - Gelini: kitchen, cooking, passion - 2,000 parts Puzzle (Toy)
    For avid puzzle a must. Witty designs provide fun looking (and finding!). 2,000 parts fit nicely on the table (with appropriate support) ... and it is not always immediately ready; o) Just lovely for gemeinsammen fun, from which one would hardly leav
  • In the new game of "Istanbul" author Rüdiger Dorn we jump on treasure hunt in a temple ruin  

    Kosmos 692 285 - Tschakka Lakka, craps (Toys)
    In Tschakka LAKKA we plunge into a temple ruin in order to scour for valuable treasures. For this purpose we put at the beginning of our train raccoon Jones to one of the temple entrances or in an accessible free treasury, then we roll the dice first
  • Brooch in Chanel style  

    Always fashion and chic style brooch / Brooch (Toys)
    Chanel bouclé style and are currently yes again very "in" - but finding a matching brooch was not easy! My concerns about the precise selection of the 4th of four selectable in a range brooches were in vain - I got just the right brooch and also
  • Great Children Scooter  

    HUDORA 10280 - Big Wheel Flex Kick scooter, 144 mm (equipment)
    My 9 year old daughter and I have fun with the scooter. You can adjust the suspension to the body weight, which is really great.
  • Super fun game with addictive  

    Klatt's - Drinking Game - Probably the best drinking game ever (Toys)
    The game is indeed a lot of fun, but the packaging was unfortunately torn down and the cards are in the slipped "envelope" partly free rum. Mach but nothing for the fun all wet again.
  • nice game Draw  

    Kuenen 42414 - Mini Zoom microscopes (toy)
    is for my niece - 10 years - interressiert on beetles and plants. For just right - especially if it takes them ... because the part must ever fall down .. Plastic is more forgiving than glass
  • The cannon fodder of the Empire  

    Heidelberger HEI0402 - Star Wars X-Wing - TIE Fighter expansion pack (Toys)
    Come with the Startpket already 2 TIE Fighter with, so you need as soon Imperialist even a few of these pretty Fighter. I love playing with massive ships and that gives me the TIE Fighter with its favorable cost very accommodating. I own mittlerweile
  • Great Gift Decoration  

    Money bag with dollar sign 23 cm x 16 cm (toys)
    I bought these bags in order to make a nice wedding gift and alluding to the upcoming honeymoon in the USA and can decorate. Sacks with the dollar sign look really good and with the tab at the top, they can be really good tie up that the contents can
  • Looks great, plays excellently  

    Heidelberger HEI0411 - Star Wars X-Wing B-Wing - Expansion Pack (Toys)
    The model is made very detailed and painted. Admiral Akkbars fighter / bomber project works in the game just as well as in several books and comics. With values ​​are & Upgrades it provides at any time is a serious threat to all Imperials. At the mom
  • Very good Survival game!  

    Flight Games HE735 - Winter of the Dead, playing with the fate (Toys)
    I bought the game until a few days ago and played equal time with 3 friends. We were all very pleasantly surprised! A Game description I can save time (other reviewers have already done well enough;)) and list only my persöhnlichen pros and cons on:
  • Been Suuuuper offer !!  

    Mattel Mia and me BJR48 - Yuko, Doll (Toy)
    This doll we bought in the offer and are very satisfied with the quality ........... The delivery was fast. Our daughter was thrilled about the Yukopuppe ................ Now we're just waiting on the Mopuppe :-).
  • The X-Wing, the workhorse of the rebels and the iconic fighter par excellence  

    Heidelberger HEI0401 - Star Wars X-Wing - X-Wing expansion pack (Toys)
    The painting and the model runs are on top Niveu. I like to play and often (also from nostaligischen reasons xD) with the X-Wing. I have a total of 3 X-Wing and always find a reason why I take him in my Fleet)